April 29th, 2005

Stinkface Spazzy

more fun with cameras :D

Just got this Edo figure today (finally! After four months of waiting! *twitch*), so I was taking pics of him, and...

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Also, I'm planning on getting an ourobouros tattoo (yes, a real one) sometime soon, but I haven't decided if it should be on my wrist or lower back. Here are a couple of photoshopped pics to give you an idea-

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I have a scary obsession with tattoos, and this'll be my tenth. (and I'm only 18! Got my first one on my 16th birthday X3) My parents both have them too, but i was the first to get one. :3

So yeah... just thought I'd ask here and get you guys' oppinions. ^^
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Spread the love!//D.Gray-Man


Hi everyone again! I'm taking a trip to the city *cough*chinatown*cough* and i need a opinion... I really want to buy a FmA artbook and i know there are well, more then 1... like the TV animation artbook and the manga one, as a birthday present my parents said they would get me one.. but i cant decide which one! now for the question, which one (in ur opinion) would u get? and for people who already have the artbook which one do u think is better? (apologizing in advance if this is not allowed >.<)
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[Arashi] let the rain

(no subject)

Hey guys, I'm fairly new-ish here, and to the series. I watched the entire anime, but haven't had a chance to read the manga yet.

I need some help. I'm an icon maker, and I want to make some FMA icons. Trouble is, I'm having a heck of a time finding images. I'd really like some of the color manga pics, but good quality anime pics are great too. I've gone through the memories, and I couldn't find anything.

Can you guys reccomend any image galleries that AREN'T fullmetal-alchemist.com? Thanks in advance!
Sweet transvestite

(no subject)

Hi everyone!
I'm just curious if anyone would be interested in a Maria Ross and Denny Broche fan community.
I'm also wondering if it should be a shipping community, general fan community, or both. What do you think?

Even if there's not a lot of support, I'm going to make it anyway, 'cause I love them!

Spread the Ross and Broche love! Yay!

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best cosplay evar, Al cosplay
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Hagaren gathering at Anime Central

It's only a couple weeks until Acen in Rosemont, IL (Chicago for those who need a better idea of where it is), and I want to know who's all going and if you're cosplaying from FMA.

I've trying to organize when a gathering for picture will be. From the Acen forums alone, I know there will be ALOT of FMA cosplayers, including the occasional more obscure characters. And then there's some people I know from LJ and such that are cosplaying FMA people too.

Already on the Acen forums my initial time suggestion has conflicts. So I had the bright idea of TWO gatherings! =D

3pm on BOTH Friday and Saturday. I'm not sure if this idea will work out or not, but hey, it's worth a try. (And then I can wear more than one costume for gathering pictures! =D )

I just wish I had time to organize a Hellcon gathering. Ah well.

Stained Glass Flamel

Hi everyone
I lurk here a lot, but I thought I'd take a quick pic and share it with you guys. I work in a glass art studio and do stained glass work. Well, I took the flamel and created a replica of it in stained glass. It's an artistic rendering, I'm going to do another one in the true colors of the flamel. I'm pretty happy with it, and I just wanted to share. Enjoy :)

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FMA Manga 1

My boyfriend just told me he found a copy of the Full Metal Alchemist manga at our local Books-A-Million~ :D

I'm going to get mine tonight, when mom comes home <3

Just giving the rest of you manga-lovers a heads up, since Viz is notorious for releasing their manga a wee bit early.
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Looking behind the words


This is the first time posting something like this in the community. I don't know if this isn't allowed or whatever, but I wanted to post this. I created a board titled: "The Elric Brothers: Edward & Alphonse Elric" for them. XD I couldn't resist making one, so far two of my friends joined the board. I need more members at the board to make it grow. Well you know. Here's the link:

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Default 7 - Kaya

Random connections of twisted brain power...

Yes, that header makes no sense, like I'm about to! :D Oh, and watch out. There's spoilers for BOTH series. lol

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That's all my FMA!crack for today. Maybe I'll be back tomorrow with some icons... I dunno though. XD; I might be hitting the festival in town again for more free candy. :P
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hxh // kiru // the internet is for it

[Sketch] Movie!Alphonse.

For this meme (that has been opened to the public on my journal,) I drew Movie!Alphonse (for Cai). And as it IS for the movie, there are SPOILERS.

...And since the meme is a sketch-meme, this is a MOVIE!ALPHONSE sketch. So, cheers.

[No preview picture due to spoiler nature. Apologies.]

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Comments and/or critique? ...Eh, nevermind. Sketches, bleh. Sketches.

My poor Envy is feeling neglected...I've drawn two Al pictures so far, and another meme-pic says ED!ED!ED! My poor Envy...
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