April 28th, 2005

Writing - Regina waits

The Re-Education of Colonel Mustang

Ok so I'm finally delurking to link you lovely people to the FMA fic I've been writing on-and-off for goodness knows how long. It's completely spoiler-free thanks to it paying absolutely no attention to the timeline in either the anime or the manga. I've just taken the characters and... gone a little crazy to be honest!

There's barely any plot, a healthy serving of angst and numerous attempts at humour (I really am selling this so well aren't I?). It'll be RoyxEd eventually but I won't be writing the smut, Tayles will cos she's trying to protect what's left of my innocence. The first three parts are up in my journal, parts 1 and 2 can be found here and part three is here. Part one is also up on my website and will be joined by more when I get around to updating.

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blue swirl


Wolf's Rain-13
FO Banner- 1

woot, second icon dump. A lot of the Wolf's Rain ones contain images from the final four episodes, so beware. There is a lot of the 'same icon with mild variation' here xD Also, there are three icons from the HagaRen movie, but they aren't really all that spoilerish. No teasers because I'm a lazy bum, so just click the damn link and look at 'em xD

{ Clickuu =D }

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roses wither away

Happy Fun Secrecy Time

All right... I did one of these before, but I figured it was time again. So, without further ado...


Thank you. ^_^

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Riza is the sex. <3

Riza goodness, as drawn by my best friend Dea.

She'd like to mention too, the following (I am her slave u_u;;): "I'm taking commissions! YES. I WILL DRAW ANYTHING. Hentai, Yaoi, Yuri, as explicit as you would like or... as normal as you would like. I will do any pairing or any character from any anime (just show me reference pictures), my own characters or your own original characters, it doesn't really matter to me ^__^ All contact info can be found on my Deviant Art site!"

Apparently she drew some crazy BDSM action of the Saiyuki boys on Sanzo at her last con. She has other FMA works that I will send along when she uploads lovies! Peruse her arts, they're gorgeous.
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natsume- yep!

The Flooding Dark is Yet Again updated!

... yeah, that's my Ed/Scar slash.

rating: NC-17
spoilers: many! infinite!
summary: Sometimes it's just enough to know that there's going to be lots of porn, right?

Disclaimer: Am not responsible for any brains that might explode through the reading of this fic. It DOES involve Scar, after all. You have been warned.
[seal] I&#39;m an egg

First, a doodle dump.

Okay, here's a doodle dump, since I finally managed to get a scanner hooked up at my host family XDDD YAY.

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Dante/Al. I like this pairing, for some reason. XDD

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Papa and Hoju XDD Spoilers, of course.
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Elricest. SPOILERS for end of series.
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Hime's Recasted!Series Pride.

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Hoju with grapes.
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Pic post later.
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Lovely Dean

Well, it's all the rage, and you know MY FMA must be fashionable!

It's the iPod revolution yo! Think you're up to it? Check it out yo! *snort, pulls up britches* Well, we'll just see about this!


rulz homies! Comments are APREE-SHE-ATED, Credit is totally not necessary, DUDE! Not hotlinking, whussup wit' dat?

I wonder what they're listening too? I bet Ed listens to MCR. Armstrong is conducting, see? He must be listening to Wagner. *nods*

(FMA is Random (but they have iPods and not iShuffles)
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(no subject)

Okay, I'm back again. And not yet with complete results of the poll, because I haven't gotten around to it yet. Soon, I promise! ^^;

I am actually here to promote alchemist_rp again. Last time we got some great players, but we still need more! (You know you wanna play!! XD) I hope no one minds me posting about this again, but it has been a while since my last post.

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Okay, that's all! XD
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Because I have nothing better to do with myself..?

Only 4 right now.. because I'm lazy, uncreative, and only had ten minutes ._.

TAKE THE BAIT, FEWLS! (aka, here's a teaser kthx)

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I started delting all the screenshots I took that I already made icons/bases of, and then I thought that maybe someone else might have a use for the screenshots -- either to do their own icons/bases with (although, you are more than free to snag any that i've posted @ flutterbydesign for your own customization). I have the folders organized by episodes here. since I alredy started deleting files, there's only shots from 10-13 up. 17-21 have been shot so far, I just need to make icons from what I capped. I've been deleting them off my computer as I watch (my friend has them archived on his external) and I'm only up to 21 so far, but if anyone has a specific shot request from 1-21, let me know the episode and I can get it the next time I visit him.

I'm also thinking of making a mood icon set of FMA, but my friend told me to wait until I see the entire series before I start picking pictures to use. I'll post that for general use as well, after I figure out how to set it up ;)

*edit* for some reason, the link won't show up, so here's the actual URL: http://www.beccajanestclair.com/FMA
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Riza as Sango

I got bored the other night and did this...never posted it until now...I tried to match the colors up the best I could...since the picture I used was sort of blury. I was also thinking of adding Roy's head on Miroku's body...but I couldn't find the right angle for the picture....well anyway here it is...

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