April 27th, 2005

Attack of the lazy subtilers!

This was supoused to be in This thread...But it was too good to not post alone. I have not had to deal with crack-tastic subtitles myself (seeing as how I buy everything when it's released in the US insted of downloading stuff.) But for some reason this just crossed my mind after reading the above post....I couldn't help myself.

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Anime North

just a question.  If it's annoying and such, tell me and I'll remove this, but I feel I have to ask. 

Who all is going to Anime North 2005? 

cause I'm going and I want to keep an eye out for people.  

edit: just a note, I'll be in and out of a costume that's not really a costume. But I'll be around with my roomies, an Ed and Al cosplayers, and I'll be wearing a blue hat with kitty ears all weekend. So you can find me, and I'll be taking pictures
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I was wondering if anyone has a nice quality large picture of the Uroboros tattoo? It's for my Envy costume and since I suck at drawing it, I was planning on making a stencil.