April 25th, 2005



I have a request for y’all who are more design inclined than me.

My friend sent me:

(click for full-sized image)

My laptop is a wide screen (resolution is 1280x800) and it winds up looking like:

(click for full-sized image)

while not *bad*, it doesn’t fit well on my screen. Does anyone know where I can find a wide screen wallpaper of FMA (particularly Ed) *or* can someone make me one? I can offer to make you all the icon bases from FMA eps you want :D

oh, and speaking of FMA icon bases:

45 FMA icons/bases by me. use as is, or customize, I just ask that you share your customization job with me and 10 FMA icons/bases by me They’ve been posted to unplug already, so if you follow that community, you’ve seen them.

Thanks in advance!!
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New icons from this weekend. I finally got my hands on a good bit of the Naruto anime, so there's plenty of those to come.

[3] Naruto
[6] Shikamaru
[3] Fullmetal Alchemist

(This fake cut has been human transmutated)

Two of the icons are spoilers I guess you would say. Images of Dante, end of series.

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That Old Black Magic
Genre: Humor/Crackfic
Rated: G
Summary: Roy's first encounter with Schiezka has unforeseen consequences.
Spoilers: None. Ignores the events of episode 25. I've also transferred Hughes and Schiezka to East City, just because. And Roy gets totally OOC, which is kinda the point. :)
Disclaimer: FMA not mine.

Fake LJ cut away!

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Intro Post!

I come out of lurkersville to bear icons! Spoilers for.. um... past where the dub is, I think, 'cause I've never seen the dub...

Most of them are animated; two icons from ch. 46 of the manga.

Sneak peak:

Collapse )

Comment, Credit, and Enjoy! =D

EDIT: Added one icon:

inspired by this post. ^_^
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the madness

um, layout mod post? not really a mod, but still, attn!

Layout is back up again, with huge thanks to kiraqueen for hosting. One of the buttons in the sidebar is missing, but we're on that. :)

As a side note, mods, please, when there is an issue with bandwidth and you change the layout back to generator, don't delete the overrides. We're lucky I saved them, else we would have lost them and I'd have to recode. T____T;
So, next time we have bandwidth issues, just go to customize and change the layout setting from s1 to s2. That leaves the overrides in s1 so I won't have to freak out and wibble over if I saved the updated format or not. T___T;
As it is, I don't remember how I coded the date/time stamps last time, so they have a new look now. >____>;

And my mom told me anime was stoopid....

This dose have to do with FMA... Im sure of it...

Im eating supper with my mom telling her about my Ed cosplay this week at anime boston and the news comes on just as Im getting to tell her about chimeras and other stuff that happens in the plot when the news launches into this...


RENO, Nev. - In ancient mythology, chimeras were part animal, part human — imaginary creatures that took many forms. Now scientists are actually creating them. The new creations may look like sheep, but they are part human.

More at the site, but I thought that was really strage and odd that THAT would come on just as I was talking about it....
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Need some help with soundtracks ^_^

I hope this question's alright to post here, if not then I'll delete it.

I've got the first OST and Edward Elric Song File CDs, and I want to rip them to my computer, but they're both copy protected. I know that there are instructions included for downloading a special player and using a registration key to access the songs on a PC, but it says this is only available to residents of Japan, and besides, this may not be suitable for what I want to do.

I was hoping to use some of the songs in some AMV projects I'm planning to do in the future, and I'm planning to get an MP3 Player soon too, so I'll need the songs in MP3 or WMA format in order to transfer them to the player, so does anyone know how I can get around the copy protection, or at least find downloadable copies of the CDs in MP3 or WMA format?
If you could help me out here I'd be most grateful, thanks. ^_^
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FMA cosplay at Animeboston 2005

Hello! I have a couple questions. Hopefully they aren't too off topic since they have to do with FMA cosplay.

First of all, I was wondering if anyone from this community was going to Animeboston(it's a rather large New England convention) this year-- and if so, are you cosplaying FMA? ^^

The second question... Err I guess it may have a spoiler so Collapse )

Also, if anyone's going, look out for me, my friends(Hughes and Riza) and my little brother(Moofy)! ^^
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