April 24th, 2005

The Alphonse Diet (Fullmetal Alchemist)

FMA Festival -Tales of Another- DVD coming April 27, 2005

The offical japanese FMA website has finally put up the cover for the FMA Festival DVD. As a reminder the DVD comes out in Japan this Wednesday on April 27th, 2005.


You can order here:

Is anyone here planning to buy this?
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I'm trying to find a bunch of FMA mp3s, but so far I haven't had much luck. I checked the Memories under "Songs/Lyrics" but couldn't find the ones I'm looking for. Any ideas on where to find the 3rd and 4th openings? Or the 3rd and 1st endings? Or any other background music?

If this is breaking the rules, go ahead and delete it, but I'm wondering, "What if you can't find what you're looking for in the memories?" >_>;

Poll... thingy.

I hope this is allowed. o_O!

Okay, after running a couple of test polls, forgetting characters, adding joke answers and generally overdosing on crack, I have finally made a poll that I think is decent and I would entirely appreciate if you would take the time to fill it out for me.

Only three questions are asked, and I tried to include a variety of possible answers, so that everyone could be happy. (Of course, not everyone will be. If you're not, comment on the entry and let me know who I should have included!)

Questions are:

Who is your favourite male character?
Who is your favourite female character?
Who is your favourite pairing?

There is no real point to this, I am just curious. ^^; If you're interested, it can be found here. Do it and I will give you a cookie. A COOKIE.

Okay, that's all. ^-^

Edit// Pleeease! If your favourite character/pairing isn't included, just add them via comments to the entry! I don't mind adding them up that way. ^^;

[X-posted, sorry!!!]
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By joruri

"Butterflies," a Martel/Al drabble.

Here's an FMA drabble I've been working on. I can use any constructive criticism on characterization and narrative pace, if possible. ^_^ But I hope you guys will like the drabble.

Author: Havana
Pairing: Martel/Al
Spoilers: Nada!
Rating: G
Summary: Al was a lot like the butterflies he sought … [ Martel-centric, painfully TWT, heavy symbolism ]

Martel felt an unusual peace whenever she watched Al out in the fields, sitting in the thistle and flowers beneath the dome of cerulean, waiting for wanderlust butterflies to grow weary and kiss his skin with their tiny little legs. She was never one to be fond of children but watching him, being with him swelled a warmth in her chest that she had thought had gone cold. Always would she feel a foolish, giddy yearn to ensnare him into his arms. He was an adolescent boy, tainted by the world, yet he still sustained the eager eyes and the jubilant, unstrained laughter of a child. He was very much like the butterflies he sought, matured but frolicsome, a rare sort of person in the world she was used to. Collapse )
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  • ivan

Flash movie? lolz.

(Now, after validating my email for the 4709581751098475213405924th time...)

Because I have no life and need to practice my 'leet flash skillz0rz', here's an interactive FMA flash movie for you.

With a "cat".

And a finger.

And I don't even want to know how many people's minds went 'click' just now.

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Okay...I was bored a few moments ago, then I thought of doing a poll referring to the Seven Sins. This poll has to do with intelligence, and is rated on a 1-10 scale. Basically, you go through all seven homunculous (or however many you know of, if you haven't seen the entire series) and rate on how intelligent you THINK they are...10 being extremely smart and 0 being a total idiot.

If I have enough time, I might average out the numbers and post em later. x3
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Sort of a follow up/update post....

Last night, after watching the Replay of FMA, a lot of Ideas started to go through my head for the gender switch thing. I thought of a new look for the Female Scar....hope fully it's better then the first version...

Collapse )

I also thought up some new names!

Carrie the chopper (It was either that or Mary the Chopper. I like Carrie better.)
Su Tucker
Dr. Pam Marco (I'm keeping last names...Although it's too late for Queen Brandy.)
Lea - Leo
Vicki - Rick

Eliot - Elisa
Clark A.K.A Odysseus - Psirin

And since I'm keeping last names....I was thinking Breda could be something like Harriett or Hailey....

Collapse )

I still need names for the following, continue your brain storming here ^_^:

Basque Gran
Black Hyatt

Also during the brainstorming I had last night, I came up some ways to get around some of the plot holes that may surffice over the corse of trying to write these things. You alredy know about the 'Leather pants = Miniskirts' one I also mentioned above how I believe that Lea and Vicki's father got the locket. But the rest...you will have to wait to know them ^_~ . Also...I'm still a little confused on Mae and Eliot....but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

(NOTE: In my last post I had 'Ray' for Roy. That was a typo...the female Roy is still Rae....sorry about that ^^; )
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I went to the Animate in Machida today with a couple of my friends. I had seen an ad for new FMA merchandise to be sold. Low and behold...I come to you with two pencil boards. I took pictures of both of them with my cell phone's camera. The quality of the pictures are kinda crap, but I didn't feel like digging out my actual digital to take the pictures. Sorry 'bout that.

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*Edit* I completely forgot to add the clear file I bought as well...
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natsume- yep!

Scar Slashy Fun

(perhaps, the most misleading way to advertise a fic ever)

So, the next chapter of my Ed/Scar fic is up here. All previous chapters are linked from that post, so check it out. (I'd give you a summary, but any summary I can think of will contain major series spoilers, and you all don't want that... right?)
Lovely Dean

Sunday Night Icon Fight!

WWFIM, baby!

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was great! =D Behind the cut are my contest entrants this week, and now, since it's sunday and way after the voting deadline, I'm posting them. Plus 4 others I made while futzing around today.

Oh my gosh they all appear to be FMA. Big shock there. 8 in all. Mostly Al and Ed. There is one lonely little Greed thrown in.

Taking requests and suggestions.

Da rulz: Comments adored - credit not necessary - no hotlinking


(Erase and Rewrite)
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