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19 April 2005 @ 12:11 am
Im in search of a picture of little/baby Ed. I remember looking at an icon of Ed around livejournal when he was like 1-3 years old (Im pretty sure it was a screenshot from the anime, because it looked like it was). He had a red shirt on and his hair was really short...he looked very kawaii. I must have this picture as a icon ~ XD
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So unoriginal...
19 April 2005 @ 12:45 am
The Reflections Special has been subbed by Nanashi. I'm downloading it right now. Once again, I would warn against anyone watching this special if you haven't seen the whole series. It's just one big pile of spoilers.
Here's the linkCollapse )
19 April 2005 @ 12:55 am
*delurks* Hello! I'm currently working on my Shadows of Sin series, and I finished a third of it which I thought I'd share with everyone. ^^

( Shadows of Sin Part 1 - Envy, Lust )

Finally, some non-Elrics fanart. XD;; *needs to practice more variety* Part 2 and 3 soon to follow! C&Cs greatly appreciated, thank you~
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19 April 2005 @ 02:14 am
Oh, I am a dirty-minded thing. I am. After sky_dark posted those cracktastic Right Said Fred icons....I got a little bent.

I need a really cute pic of Armor!Al with kitten, kittens, etc.

All I can say is that it involves Lords of Acid.

And I am so evil.

(Oh, and edited note. I am not asking for a pic. Just making a semi-random statement that, oh yes, this will happen.)
Küchenhexe (formerly Zanne Chaos)
19 April 2005 @ 03:03 am
Finally finished a picture I've been working on over a few days. The Flame Alchemist and his top aide - this is one duo you don't want pissed at you for anything.

DeviantArt : Preview link // DeviantArt : Fullsize link

Please Note: I rarely draw in anime style unless I'm specifically getting the visual of what I want to draw in that style - I do fanart to practice for characters in my own original writings, and it's additional fun practice to 'translate' anime style appearance into more realism-based art, playing with faces and features and hair.
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Number One Spoon
19 April 2005 @ 09:34 am
Chapter two of my epic 70,000_ word story, The Flooding Dark, The Evening Strange is posted here.

Current rating in PG, but expect it to get to serious NC-17 territory before I'm done publishing all the chapters. Also, let me just reiterate the important fact that there are SPOILERS in my story. It's a post-series AU, so all 51 episodes can and probably will be spoiled at some point. Dub watchers, please proceed with caution.
19 April 2005 @ 12:04 pm
I promise you crack out of this as soon as I find the appropriate pictures. >D
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19 April 2005 @ 12:17 pm
Hey guys! I've got a bunch of new icons I just updated at my icon journal, gnicons! Plus I made my first Friends Only banner! ^.^

Fullmetal Alchemist - 14
Cardcaptor Sakura - 2
+ 1 FMA Friends Only banner

WARNING: 1 icon contains a spoiler for the up coming FMA movie!


(Follow the fake cut for more icons!)

Textless icons are as is. Please DO NOT alter the icons!

If you decide to use:
- comment before taking
- credit either gundamnook or gnicons in your keywords

Thanks and enjoy! ^.^
19 April 2005 @ 01:40 pm
Yes, I'm a complete dork and absolutely LOVE to sew. So shortly after New Years, while school was still out of session, I decided to make one of Winry's outfits. Took two days without a pattern. (because patterns are eeevilll.)
(inore the horrible horrible camera angle... >_<). I might add that I get a lot of attention when I wear it out, lol. Miniskirts are meant for anime, not the real world. :P

And I must share my first commission with the world! Edo's jacket and shirt (-sleeves for heat issues). Happieness! :D
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19 April 2005 @ 02:21 pm
I have not visited this community in a while. Hopefully I can be a little more active in the future. I have only two edward icons to share (more like 2 variations of the same one). If you take, please credit since they took a while to make.

I'm a costume/character designer at heart. It's my number one joy in life. Therefore, the upcoming FMA movie has been giving me aneurysms over Al's restored design >_x So I've been trying to fix it. This one is my favorite so far:
Alphonse Elric, as designed by Kat.

And follow the LJ cut to read what I have to say about the design. (Also, you can see some of the older designs)Collapse )
And in conclusion, I think it would be cute if his eyes glowed when he got mad, the same way the armor's eyes would glow when he got mad XD
Thank you all for your time. Comments? :3 Hope my analysis wasn't boring!

[x-posted to my personal journal with less coherence and more ranting, and to the Elricest community]
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19 April 2005 @ 04:03 pm
I've been listening to "Brave New World" by Iron Maiden a lot and now bring forth about 17 lyically inspired icons. Credit.

Blood Brothers, Ghost of Navigator, and the MercenaryCollapse )
19 April 2005 @ 07:29 pm
Here's what I do while I get paid 6.65/hour to sell lawnmowers, flowers and dirt.




Hope you like!
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Nico Robin
19 April 2005 @ 07:47 pm

I got a random shounen-ai urge a while ago >>;;
19 April 2005 @ 08:42 pm
Found an interesting article in animedia (if memory serves right) and thought about sharing it here. Since I only checked the last three days I'm not sure if someone else already scanned this one, so sorry if that's the case.

To save my very limited bandwith I only upped the smaller versions. If someone needs the better one tell me and I'll upload that one in school.
Anyway, on to the pics.
The first one is about the Hagaren exhibition that is in Osaka at the moment (and that I wanna go to so badly *envious of all who can go* >_< ... ;_; *dies*)
Hagaren Exhibition

The rest is behind lj cut since there are minor (?) spoilers and I wouldn't wanna spoil people who don't wanna see anything just yet.
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19 April 2005 @ 08:54 pm


Could be considered pg or so for mentioned things.


Pillows...Collapse )
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19 April 2005 @ 10:19 pm
hi^__^ it's my first time posting in here^^;; i have this question i wanted to ask about the last episode or so^^;;

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Rappydappydappy McTappy
19 April 2005 @ 11:18 pm
WHEE for rushed photoshopped crack!

Heehee... I have a feeling that if left unhindered... Alphonse will end up picking up every cat off the street.... XD

FMA Movie spoiler link:

Alphonse the Cat Collector Alchemist
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