April 18th, 2005


FMA all over again from Episode 1

From this FMA site:

"I thought this was worth mentioning, reruns of FMA will start airing, no not in Japan again.

Reruns will start from Episode 1 and will air weeknights [Monday-Wednesday?] at 1:00am [and 4:00am] starting May 16. Also, Episode 26 will air on May 7."

"Weeknights" in this case may possibly mean just Monday - Wednesday, because Sundays are reserved for the comedy Adult Swim stuff, and Thursdays are reserved for the rebroadcasts of the episodes first broadcast on Saturday. At three episodes a week, it will take approximately 9 weeks to complete one lap of episodes. If they wait until November to pick up from where they left off, they will have aired 3 laps of episodes. :)
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art dump!

For some reason, this computer won't go into my server, so I have pics uploaded on my LJ scrapbook.

Find them here.

There is a Maria+Martel, a Papa/Hoju (SPOILERS to who Hoju is, but at this point, I think most of you know...), and two Kimblee/Al. All are worksafe.

Sorry about the quality, though, I don't have a scanner here, and I had to just take photos of them.

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Madoka ¤ Hurt

School. >.

Hello! I had a request for everyone.

Basically, I have to do a calender for my school graphics class (it's due by friday) and I wanted to ask if anyone had any nice pics. ^__^ Preferably pictures from doujinshi, fanart, or the manga. Anything yaoi would make me extremely happy. But any picture that you guys like would be good. I don't have much time to search for anything really good, so any help would be much appreciated.

....Fanfiction drabble or two of any character/pairing you want if you give me a picture I really like. <3 Only thing I can really offer. ^__^;;

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[Fic Contest] Kotoba-de's Spring & Summer Contest update

Due to the Spring theme running late, both Spring and Summer are running together.

The Spring theme is Injury - The interpretation is up to you.
Deadline is Midnight, 30th May.
The Summer theme is Change - The interpretation is up to you.
Deadline is Midnight, 27 June.

Rules and such can be found here.

X-posted to fma_contest, shido, fma_yaoi and fm_alchemist. Sorry if you see it several times!

random doujinshi..?? comic..?? .......???

I took a break from drawing my serious comic and so THIS happened.

...It's random. It's disturbing. It's RoyEd. It's plotless (Well, there's "run-from-rampaging-dinosaur"...) It's not a doujinshi because there's no Japanese, but it's a comic and it has panels and reads right to left. It actually lasts for 11.5 pages. And so...

...*posts it up anyway* There has to be SOME freaks out there who'd like it :DDD

Warning: No spoilers. RoyEd (although since this is crack--yes, it is crack O_O;--it could be...not RoyEd.) Links to images. Random lack-of-plot-ness/makes-no-sense-ness...

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No, I don&#39;t think so.


A few animations for those that have animation programs but can't/are too lazy to cap.
or for people that just like looking at them.

before you click the fake cut, my apologies to the slow connection/low memory people.
Some of the animations might look like they lag because I'm putting so many of them on one page.
I'll post the links underneath them for easier/better viewage.

SPOILERS for FMA, I guess. 'tis wrath, so if you haven't gotten to around episode 29ish and don't want to know moofy, don't look

[x] Wrath - 4
[x] Havoc & Roy - 1
[x] Havoc & Breda - 1

and 1 furuba and wolfs rain

(fake cut)

Gender swich Character discriptions and more!

Here are some descriptions on how the characters will look. The references to other anime characters are there because I didn’t know how to describe the outfits or how they would look better then comparing them to the characters that are closest to what I would think they would look like. Sorry about all the Saiyuki comparisons...it was the only thing I could think of comparing them too when I did this ^^; . They were the first characters that came to mind...

Well I hope you like the way I did this. I was thinking of taping the reruns so I can start work on it. That’s probably why I did this. To give you the Idea of what I had in mind.

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There you have it....do you have anything better or do you like what I have?

Also there are some name changes to report:

Al is now Alison, Not Alyssa.
Hughes is now Mae not May.

A few NEW names too! :
Daisy Brosh/Block
Marcus Ross
Kimberly (you Had to know that was coming -_-; )
Fran Archer
Clark A.K.A Zeus (the Male Psirin)
Mish Tringham

As for the animals there are:
Pen (Den)
Alexia (Alexander)

I still need Names for the following characters:
Elisa (sp?)
Basque Grand
Black Hyatt

I don't know if I did this before...But Thanks for all the help You guys gave ^_^ !
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Pensive Bones

Singing Vic Video Clips....

Since I got back from Kunicon STL I have been hounded by fangirls to find and pass on clips of Vic singing.

However, I had none and could find none.

Thus, I began my quest... my never ending quest to find singing!Vic clips.

Yesterday, with Vic's permission and John Lentini's amazing video filming skillz, my quest has ended.


One big problem.

John can only send me a VHS tape... and I have no way to transfer the video footage from a VHS to the computer.

So.... I need your help!

Is anyone out there able to help me out???

I'd love you forever... and so would the fangirls. =D
Lovely Dean

I came here by Running Frantically!

Did you miss me? Good. I have icons 4 you.

Return/Attack/Revenge of the BRIGHT icons.

rulz 4 U: Comments as always Adored, Credit is not necessary my good chaps and please, for the love of god, no hotlinking. See how many icons I got on my freakin' server now?!


FullMetal AlchemistX (please don't make me count them all.. rough guess? 50 or so?)
Fruits BasketX3

(FMA is Too Sexy for your TV)
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Hagaren Homework! :3

Alright, I'm sure I am not the only one who does this so it's not totally original. But... combining school with your fandom makes it less likely to fall asleep during classes (in my case, anyway... >.>).

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As I said: I can't be the only one! Show off your crack FMA schoolwork! :D
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OST 2 sticker scan

Here's one I haven't seen posted yet ..a scan of the sticker that came with my OST 2. It's the smaller version, my connection is so slow I didn't even try to upload the really high-resolution scan. I hope I got this LJcut right!!

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You all have inspired me to try making icons/avatars on my own ...
I hope it shows up!
Yay for Pinako!!

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[ME2] Beautiful Shepard

Rappy Brand FMA icons!

Yar!! I was in the mood for an icon change! Made some for myself...

And some to share...

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Ack... sorry if you can't see them... means my bandwith went kaput for today/this week... x.x;;; I need to get a second account... :/
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I want some spoilers! XD

Weird, huh? A person actually asking for FMA spoilers?

Anyway, what I'd like to know- what happens to the Sins? All of them, what happens to them in the end?

If someone has a helpful spoilertastic link on hand, I'd gladly read that too~ My own searches have been failures, since I haven't found any that helped answer my questions.



Edit: Yeah, I meant the end of the anime, since the manga hasn't ended yet :D

Edit 2: Oh, and can I request some juicy spoileresque background info on Envy? Thanks!
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My first time CGing!!!

Ok, well... yeah. I never CGed, before. This is my first time, ever! I tried to remember everything that my friend told me to do, downloaded the program, and tried to figure out as much as I could. I hope I did ok for the first time! Please tell me what you think. ^__^ By the way, I didn't draw the picture. I had found it on the following site: http://dp04033894.lolipop.jp/


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<3 <3 <3 @___@;
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