April 13th, 2005

Ed cosplay!!

Been meaning to post this for awhile, hehe. This is me in my Ed cosplay outfit at MegaCon 2005. It was sooooo fun! And also Funimation being there with the life-sized Al made me so happy! So anyway, here' a pic from it, a lot of people said I made the best Ed they have ever seen...especially since im really short..*mumbles*....

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A few questions...

Man, I havn't been on LJ in a while. Really busy in all honesty... with prom last weekend and testing coming up... ^^;

Anyways, question 1: Does anyone know where I could possibly find patterns for the Military Uniforms... I kinda wanna go to the next anime con as Riza... and Ed one day too of course. I kinda wanted to attempt to make the uniform myself, although I've seen them on E-Bay decently cheap (decently cheap considering how long it takes and quality.. $160 really wasn't bad for what it was.)

My second question: Does anyone know where I can find some good reference pictures of London!Ed? Or at least I think it was London. I'm a dumbass at anyrate... I kinda wanted to try something a little different with my Ed cosplay ^^;
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big gun!

(no subject)

Am I the only one that's seeing those bandwidth exceeded bars? Because they went up late last night and they're still there this morning.

Do we need a better pic host than Photobucket?
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Tutu - A Sorta Fairytale

Looking for translation...

Quite a few months ago (in fact, sometime in 2004), someone posted an MP3 of 'gag' next-episode previews for episodes 12-15, that I think were extras on the Japanese DVDs. I believe they also posted translations, but I can't seem to find the original post. Can anyone help?

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best cosplay evar, Al cosplay
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Cosplay progress spammage~

I like sharing. Bwahahaha.

I'm in the middle of working on a military outfit.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
That is what I worked on last night. *Plots to make a mold and learn to mass produce them*

I made a ugly gif file with the rough concept of pattern for military shirt and 'butt cape' (that term is more amusing than 'skirt'). Image is here: Click Away!

ANd here's my Uniform (unfinished still) and the image I'm modeling it from:
I Salute You!
Ed Salutes You!

And my spoilerific movie cosplay progress only needs a black shirt to complete, because I already have the gloves done. See them here.

Or you could go to my Cosplay.com gallery.

PS: I sound like a 12 year old, but I sang part of Returnable Memories in a phone post anyways.
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APH: Beneath a blue umbrella sky

FMA/Divine Comedy Metaphor: Past 'The Inferno'

Warning: Spoilers for both The Divine Comedy and FMA. Also, this may get confusing because of conflicting Dantes.

I’ve been flipping through the community’s archives for several days, generally amusing myself, and have throughly enjoyed reading people’s thoughts on the series and it’s connection to outside sources and different interpretations of the themes presented throughout the series, as well as speculation to the symbolism found within the series. One item that particularly intrigued me was the idea that the story of Fullmetal Alchemist was akin to the story of The Inferno, the first half of the divine comedy. Also, the discussion of the
homonucli being opposite of what they were in life really got me thinking.

Although the idea of FMA being similar to The Inferno is a good idea in theory, I believe the series relates more to the overall Divine Comedy in which The Inferno is only one third of.   But it helps to go through the series and the poem carefully.  Let’s begin this analysis by looking at Dante’s Inferno, the first third of The Divine Comedy.

The Inferno begins with the pilgrim Dante wandering in a dark wood when he is attacked by three beasts; a panther, a lion and a she-wolf. These animals represent Lust, Pride, and Avarice.  This is significant because in the first several episodes of FMA we encounter Lust in Lior, and of course Pride in Central. However, their current motivation for being interested in Edward are unknown at this point in time to both Edward and the audience. However, the beginning of both Fullmetal Alchemist and The Inferno are similar in many ways.


Having Lust, and Gluttony and appear in the first part of the series is extremely significant because of the fact that in Dante’s map of hell, circles 2 , and 3 are reserved from the lustful, and the gluttonous respectively.  But what of circle one?  The first circle of Hell is reserved for Ignorance, those that lived virtuously, but didn’t believe in God. We get a good insight about ignorance during episode three, which reveals how Edward and Alphonse were raised, how attached they were to their mother, and the blind ignorance that they showed when they attempted to resurrect their mother. So far, we have The Inferno beginning during the Elric Brother’s childhood.   To me, The Inferno part of the brothers’ trials has already occurred.  We know of their sin, it’s now a matter of repenting.

So then, logically, the majority of the shows’ episodes would be not The Inferno but The Purgatorio, the second part of the Divine Comedy.
To begin the passage into Purgatory one must first cross the mouth of the Tiber River. However, before that occurs, reeds are tied around the person’s waist to symbolize humility. If we consider the beginning of the Elric Brother’s journey towards repentance and through purgatory to begin upon Ed entering the military, then traveling to Central and taking the state alchemy exam would be the “tying of the reeds” so to speak. Then begins the climb up Purgatory’s mountain, or the biggest chunk of the series if you will.

Here I would like to make two notes. The first note is from my readings of alchemical texts, in which one states:

“Alchemy is an ancient path of spiritual purification and transformation; the expansion of consciousness and the development of insight and intuition through images. Alchemy is steeped in mysticism and mystery. It presents to the initiate a system of eternal, dreamlike, esoteric symbols that have the power to alter consciousness and connect the human soul to the Divine.”

Applying the idea of The Divine Comedy and the fact that it is a spiritual journey of sorts, this begins to make even more sense. The second note is this idea that the homunculi are opposite of what they were in life. In The Purgatorio, the sinners in the mountain’s different planes are to do the opposite of what they did in life. (See this thread for information concerning the homunculi’s lives vs. how they are in the series.)

At the very end of The Purgatorio, Dante enters the mortal paradise (Eden), and then transcends his sins into another realm. (Heaven.) His guide, Virgil, disappears. It’s important to remember that Virgil has been beside Dante from The Inferno, and his departure shocks and upsets to Dante. We know what happens at the end of the series to Ed, and that Heaven is most certainly not on the other side of the gate. However, it makes you wonder who exactly is representing “Virgil” here. I would say Al, but Al is not a guide in the series, as he shares in his brother’s sin and is equally guilty. I would say Alchemy itself, as on the other side of the gate, Alchemy is not used. We also know that it was Alchemy that has guided Ed the whole way through this journey.

Very well then, we have nearly completed our metaphor. Our Inferno has already occurred, and is contained in a series of flashbacks; our Purgatorio is the series itself. So then where is Paradiso? My best guess would be the movie, as Shambala is indeed another word for “paradise”.

I bring crack!fiction. o_o

Title: The Great War (Completed; Oneshot)
Author: sinalchemy
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Crack galore, hinted yaoi
Genre: Silliness
Pairings: Hinted RoyxEd
Length: 1545.
Criticism: Not welcomed. This piece is for amusement only and is not to be taken seriously for a moment.
Summary: "The Flame Alchemist pulled his shoulders back, sitting up perfectly straight as he glared down at the plate below him for a moment before slowly reaching down and grabbing the fork that lay beside the plate. A slight turn of the head, an eyebrow arched almost challengingly, and he picked up his knife with the other hand."

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Spread the love!//D.Gray-Man

Fanart and Link to Icons

I have 3 FmA icons for everyone today! mildly spoilish images from the last episode, but it doesnt really give anything away

3 FmA icons ^-^

Ok i bring Fanart!! i needed to design a skateboard for art and i choose to do this, they're sketches, really rough sketches, ill scan the finished project when i get it back! ^-^ hope you all like them!! and they are on my *gasp!* new DA account *gasp!*
Edward Spoiler Fan Art!
Alphonse Spoiler Fan art

I also got a pillow from I-Con its very very spoilerish, i dont think its official, theres no markings and stuff on it so yea just wanted to share! ^-^
Roy and Riza have their own side WARNING SPOILERS
Ed and everyone else, SPOILERS FOR THE END of SERIES!
[Birds - Koko Pondering]

(no subject)

I know this question has probably been asked a thousand times, and I did (believe me) try to search through the community, trying to find the answer; however, I must ask again.

I heard someone mention a 'how to make cosplay automail' tutorial somewhere. Back then I didn't think I'd ever be cosplaying Ed, but recently it occurred to me that he'd be insanely fun to cosplay, and being obsessive about accuracy, I want to make automail.

So, if you have the link to the aforementioned tutorial, I'd worship you always if you shared =3 Arigatou!
The Alphonse Diet (Fullmetal Alchemist)

New FMA Mythwear Bag - Edward Pose

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[ME2] Beautiful Shepard

Silly Misconceptions you had when you started watching

I just thought, Hmmm, good discussion idea:

Not sure if you guys have done this before or not...

But share your misconceptions (or things you didn't at first) when you first started watching the anime.

I'll name some of mine that are quite absurd, and shouldn't be spoilerific cuz after a while of watching you get the hang of the show ^^

1) I thought Scar, who showed up in the opener before he made his anime debut, was possibly Ed and Al's daddy... OMG the crack that you could make from this misconception...

2) I was quite confused for a while, but I thought that Envy was a girl... (but, we know he's really a guy ^^)

3) I thought Alphonse was a State Alchemist too...

Come on! Admit that you thought some wrong things!!