April 11th, 2005

new comm announcement: brothers without sibcest

Plenty of people want to read about the Elric brothers. Fewer people want to read about them having sex. So where's the comm for people who want to read only brotherly fics? Now, it's here: brotherselric, a community devoted to the platonic relationship between Edward and Alphonse Elric.

Please note that this comm is intended as a supplement to, not a replacement for, the elricest comm. Lots of Elricest fans -- including myself -- will also be posting on brotherselric, so please keep things polite.

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big gun!

My first FMA fanfic

So this idea came from an FMA dream or two I've had in the last few months.

Title: Frozen Burn
Chapter: 1 of ?
Author: purplevix (my usual s/n, taken on here)
Characters: Ed, Al, Roy, Havoc, A little of the regular military crew, and a bunch of original characters.
Pairing: Lotsa one-sided stuff going on.
Genre: Action/Drama/Mystery
Rating: PG 13
Word Count: 'Lots' ... trust me ^^;
Summary: The situation in the North has gotten worse. To try to fend it off, the military has been forced to send numerous troops out of less volatile areas, and to the Drachman border. Ed is among these troops. He meets his new Colonel, the Freeze Alchemist. Obsession, espionage, and where would our Fullmetal be without some danger?
Warnings: At least seen through ep 25, and read through chap 40 or so of the manga so you know what I'm talking about. Also, basically caught up so you know why I like Havoc so much so as to throw him in here.

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This is my first FMA fanfic, but I've been doing it in various areas for quite some timenow, so be nice as far as my translation of the characters, but not too nice as to all the other stuff, including the originals, they come in pretty soon.
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[ME2] Beautiful Shepard

FMA and FFXI crossover

I found this a while back, and decided to dig it up and share! Not sure if this has been shared before... if it has, lemmie know and I'll delete this...


The following link contains spoilers

you've been warned -_-;;;

Use FFXI character models to re-enact the 4th FMA opener?! Brilliant!!!

You'll probably only really get this if you play/have played/know something about Final Fantasy XI...

(and my own personal note... since they were obviously using a model-viewer for this... they should've used Adaman armor, and not the Iron Muskateer stuff... cuz um... the Adaman stuff ish blue... and Alphonse's armor is blue... :x yes... geek rantings...)
big gun!


Title: Love and Revenge
Rating: PG 13
Words: 1861
Pairing: RoyAi all the way! Little bit of Elricest!Angst and maybe some RoyXEd, if you wanna have fun with it.
Inspiration: I realized that Ed owes Roy for what happened at Pinako's house after the transmutation, so I decided to do a RoyxEd thing, but it turned into RoyAi. Not that I'm complaining at all. I rather like how it turned out.
Notes:Italics are in Roy's head, cuz I love internal dialogue, and it's from his POV.

Cross posted to fma_fiction
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Anyone here who's an Elricest writer and would be open to some inspiration for a fic might want to read How the Blessed Live by Susannah M. Smith. The situation is very similar to the brothers, really, just make one of them a girl and replace a mother with a father. o.O
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APH: Beneath a blue umbrella sky

Art Post + Silly Videos

A few days ago my friend Erin and myself took our FMA inaction figures, found a stand in Al, and managed to produce two very silly videos.

6 in. Ed vs 4 in. Roy
Ed Considers why Al Smells Terrible and I Don't Know When to Turn the Camera Off.

(Our Al stand in, for those who don't know, is the Golgathan Shit Demon from the film Dogma.)

(Fan Art Post of Characters juxtaposed with Phantom of the Opera and Treasure Island)) (I don't claim to draw anime, so it is a bit of a different style then you'll be used to.)

I'm back with more spam-ness

Here's a little one-shot that was born-ed after watching episode 22. Created Humans. Now... don't read it unless you've actually seen the episode.

For a Little While
by Lain Blackchurch
Rating: PG
Summary: Taken place towards the very end of the episode, OMG! Don't read! Spoilers for episode 22. Created Humans. You have been warned (why must I repeat myself? I know I don't have to)

Collapse )

It's pitifully short... *cries*
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Let's be Bad Guys

Envy Fanart (wow, it's actually not Ed!)

Here's another anime totebag I did. I stupidly got sick a week after I amde my first one so it took me awhile to catch up on orders, so sorry to those people that had to wait awhile to get theirs. *hugs and cookies*

This bag features both Ed and Envy but since I already posted a bag with Ed on it, I decided to just scan the Envy side.


P.S. Is anyone here going to JACON this weekend?? I'll be there Saturday walking around with a FMA Singles Wanted sign on (probably) and with an Envy cosplayer (and it's a male cosplayer!). So if you see me, don't be afraid to say hi or annoy me! ^___^ I can't wait to meet Travis in person. Yay for me! Hopefully I don't annoy him TOO much...
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Pensive Bones

(no subject)

I got two emails back from Scott at Hot Topic today, one in reference to the email that I sent over the weekend with the compiled request lists from various forums and another from a similiar list of things I had forgotten to add or that had come to my attention after I sent the email. So, I've compiled all the new merchandise information for you guys here.

New Hot Topic Merch Info:

  • "We do have Samurai Champloo tees coming in the next two weeks."
  • "We are working on a lot of the smaller accessory items as I am typing this."
  • "I can tell you that we've already been in talks with ShoPro (now VIZ media) to carry Naruto exclusively when they launch it in the states. They want to grow this show slowly but it's been our most requested new ANIME so far."
  • "Trigun tees are in selected stores right now also."
  • "Our accessory people are working on the Flamel pendant and stopwatch* also. Hopefully we can get them."

*I can only assume that he means the pocket watch</font></font>

Any other requests or comments on this stuff, I'll pass on to Scott. He's definately glad to hear from us and they're doing a great job trying to get more anime stuff in.</font></span></span></font></font>

Also, I will hopefully have pictures of the Flamel Hoodie "Prototype" for you guys to look at by the end of the week.FONT>

Lovely Dean

To Colonel Mustang with love, the Mini-skirt brigade

As if I'd be caught dead in a mini-skirt.

FMA Crack brought to you via sleep deprivation, pain medication and FMA overdosing.

da rulz are simple. They be: Comments are adored - Credit isn't necessary - No hotlinking,siryessir!

All FullMetal Alchemist

And one of my infamous song sets for Roy Mustang making a total of 8XRoy


(Heating it Up)
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Morning person

Several icons and two banners

Hehe, Icon post :D

Some of these are fairly old and so they are not up to my current standards, but I figured someone might want to give them a home :)

In this post you get a total of 33 icons

x [11] Full Metal Alchemist
x [8] Gravitation
x [2] Fruits Basket
x [5] Naruto
x [3] Last Exile
x [3] Gankutsuou

and 2 banners

x [2] Friend and Not-Friends Naruto Banners

Preview (Icons at moonbeam_icons):

(Follow the light of the moon beams)
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[hagaren] edal heart!

Kitty Death!

After a few months of not playing much PS2, I decided to have another go at trying to get Izumi on Dream Carnival. (Still can't-- I have her item, but I'm constantly rated "F", so I can't transmute it. T_T.;; How the hell are you supposed to get an "A", anyway?!!)

...and despite playing the game a thousand times, Aru's special attack still cracks me up. Thus, I decided to share it with anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of playing this game. <3

Mind, this video is taken with my Digital Camera, so it's not the best quality. But you get the idea! XD


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