April 10th, 2005

What the HELL?

Okay. I was on board for the Funimation train as far as FMA went, and then they went and left out stuff in my favorite episode. The fact that he did not say "mother" at the end when Ross hugged him, really bothered me. I'm very distressed and refuse to buy any more dvds.....

Episode 22 soundclips (DUB)

I bring with me several soundclips from the dubbed episode 22 :D yippie!
Yes, I have no life; thank you for asking <3.
Btw, obvious spoilers behind the cut, if you haven't watched ep. 22.. Blar.

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Total of 12 clips! If any stop working let me know!

EDIT: ZIP file added. (last file)
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Well, my mom gets this religous newsletter every month (From the UCC I think...) And I was looking through it, and they had a website name:

Hughes For America

And that is why I need some crack with that XD...But yeah...my random FMA reference...*runs*

Post-Series Fanfiction - Chapter update ^_^

... I haven't plugged my fic in a while.

Title: "Flow of Changeover" (from my 'He Who Searches For Himself' series)
Chapter: Chapter 14 of ?? (aka - Ch. 65)
Previous: "Contrast Blue" - Chapter 13 of ?? (Ch. 64)
Author: daidoujisan
Characters: Ed, Al, Winry, Rizembool families, Military posse, Hoho-papa, Klose, Lyra, Dante, Nina, some characters I threw in + 2 new guests old faces this chapter and I can't remember if there's any more o_x
Pairing: No outright pairings, just straight-forward plot progression. Mild implications of Roy/Riza.
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG+
Word Count: 'Lots' ... trust me ^^;
Summary: Post-Series story (takes place where episode 51 ends off). The summary is spoilers... mostly... but the underlaying purpose is to get Ed and Al's life back to some resemblance of status quo.
Warnings: You need Episodes 1 through 51 under your belt, the whole thing is spoilers and I refer back to events in the series. If you haven't read before, I highly recommend you start at the beginning, because you'll probably be quite lost.
Extra: Very important extra. This story has absolutely no movie basis what-so-ever, this is strickly my version of the FMA series ending. I started writing before we had any information on the movie, so much of the movie's information is either different from my own or not included in the story (just my own take on the situation). The movie (no matter how much luv) will not be altering my bunnies in any way, shape, or form.


( Chapter 14 (Ch.65) - Flow of Changeover )

^ Fake LJ cut of doom
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Girl - Naughty Girl

Drabble!Fic: Forgotten

Title: Forgotten
Rating: G, and General
Pairing: None!
Genre: Drama/Introspection
Summary: Roy sees a ghost.
Author's Note: Post-Series and Movie Spoilers! The translated scans from this morning sicced this little rabid bunny on me. A little different than the rest of my stuff, but hey, it was fun. ^_^

(Fake Cut!)
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Pixel Trina

DVD subtitle probs?

Hey I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem....my boyfriend was trying to watch my 2nd FmA dvd in Japanese with subtitles. Well, we can get it to run in japanese, but the subtitles never work! I have tried about every combination I can think of in the audio menu and nothing has worked. I can't get the subtitles on the english versions either.

Am I doing something wrong?

I also checked both dvds (1 and 2) and I have the same problem with both.

Any advice welcome! Thank you!

ok actually...it probably is the DVD player. I just tried to play Fruits Basket (also by Funimation) and the subtitles didn't work. Then I put in Chrno Crusade (by ADV) and the subtitles didn't work. Now I KNOW all those these can't be broken.
So....stupid cheap DVD player!!! >.<

OK I just found the "subtitle" button on my dvd players' remote. You have to push it to make the subtitles work. kinda stupid but YAY! At least it works! :D Sorry to bug ya'll...but thanks for all the suggestions! *MWAH*
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Tecnicolor Crack

I bring you just one piece of Crack this time. This is my alternative to the colorbar FMA style. It's the first time I did something like this so excuse the graininess of the gang. I shouldn't have done the little touches on them in Paint Shop first. If you want I can attempt a better version of it that won't be as grainy looking.

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Lj therapy


Title: Brothers (part 1)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Ed and Heiderich so far.
Lenght: 11, 111 words total.
Warning: SPOILERS for the end of series and some movie trailer information. If you don't know who Heiderich is, stay away.

Note: Fic is in two parts, but the first one(these 3 chapters) can stand on its own.

Links to my writing journal. 1. 2. 3.
Or FF.net link.

x-posted everywhere! I'm spammy today.
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This image came out of the RP tonight, which I'm posting that part for everyone to read (this was all written by me for the RP, and I still want to cry ;_; ):
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