April 9th, 2005

the madness


Right now, the UN-debugged version of the layout is up. It works fine in Mozilla and IE, but it's having issues in Safari.
I've been unexpectedly busy this spring break, so I haven't had time to go through and debug things. (Shoot, I haven't even had time to start my AP calc hw. T____T;) I've put this up for the time being just because I'm afraid I'll lose the overrides if I don't.
Anyway, I'll be back to debug it, really. Sorry!

Also, note about free user layouts & overrides:
You can set how far left the entries start and how wide the entries may be, but if the subject line is too long or a link is too long, that entry will pop out of the bg image lines. T____T So yes, I'm aware of how funky it looks when somebody has a really long subject line/whatever and the entry extends past where it ought.
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Hey there, guys. :D I found a site a long time ago, and I kept forgetting to put it here. >D;

It's an image gallery with all textless opening and closings, and they're pretty good quality. It's a pretty decent variety that I think you guys might find useful. It has Melissa all the way to I Will. :D The owner states that you can use them without permission, and their only request is to not hotlink!

Enjoy it. :D

The Image Gallery
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Crack. XD

Wow. If you want a really unique experience, try looking at a horde of FMA pics while a Chicago CD is playing in the drive. Someone ought to make icons with those lyrics . . .

But, yes, I was frightened this afternoon. Because I never noticed it before, but on my dad's Oath of Allegiance, the signature of his attesting officer is signed Captain Hughes.
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I only bring 7 icons, and they're all cosplay!Al. And the same pictures. Credit goes to hime1999. You gotta admit. When he has Ed's grin he's--

MOVING ON, this is spoiley! So back off if you don't wanna spoil yourself.

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EDIT: I added two more 'cause I LOVE YOU ALL. <3

+credit is optional. :D
+enjoy them. XD
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