April 8th, 2005


lots of fanart. O_O;; random jack when i should be doing research. o_o; Sorry, but most of them are sketches >_>; I plan to CG them later, but when I plan, it probably means it will take a long while, so...

Thumbnails lead to bigger images *nodnod*


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Need posse. T-T

*bounces along to Chumbwumba*

*cough* Sorry, too much natural sugar.

So, yeah, how many people are Canadian (or not) and planning to go to Anime North? I'm probably going, but whether or not I'm going to bother making a new costume or just wear what I wore last year for CNAnime is up for debate. ^^; My sister is planning to cosplay Ed for CN, but she can't go to North because it runs over on a school day for her.

But, yes, I need a posse, so if anyone's going they're going to have to arrange to meet me. :O

Sorry for the crossposting. XD
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Quick AMV

I have to stop making AMVs and do something productive. Like updating the you-know-what-site. But this song called out to me. I swear, it did and it wouldn't let go until I did this last night. (I still have 3 other videos waiting to be made and this one cut in line!). It's kinda cracktastic and it makes baby Hughes cry.

Name: The Naming of Men
Song: Partical Man
Length: 1:58 min
SIze: 31.2 mb (if someone knows how to get this smaller without making the video look unbearable to look at, please share your secret? =P )

WARNING: Contains major spoilers. How major? If you don't know what happens to Edward at the end....yeah, THAT bad. I think everyone will kill me for using it. So yeah, comments might be spoilerific too. XD;


No little bean boys were hurt in this production.
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I-Con ~ Meet Up? ~

I know it's a bit late, but is anyone from the community going to the mini-con, I-Con today? It starts at 5:00 PM
It's on Long Island, New York; on Stony Brook's campus.

Anyways, just wondering if there might be a mini-meet up. ^^
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Black Hayate Colourbar

Because everyone loves puppies.

(Actual colourbar is much bigger)
Niall - sunglasses

My experience...

Thought I'd share. ^^

My e-mail to HotTopic:
Hi. I'm a long term fan of Fullmetal Alchemist, and have recently noticed that your online store offers t-shirts for sale. However, upon reading, I noticed that you have "Full Metal Alchemist", while the true title is "Fullmetal Alchemist"... I know it isn't something huge, but for the hardcore fans it's something we've grown tired of seeing. If that could be changed, it would be wonderful! Thanks a lot! ~JKaizer

And this is the reply I just got: (Formatting included, just because it's humorous)

Oooohhh, that is not good!!!!!!!!! We will change it ASAP!! Thanks for the heads up!!!

Is there any FMA merchandise that you are looking for? We are working on more items so if you have any input that would be great!


I found the font color and the many !!! to be quite amusing.

I haven't replied yet... is there anything you guys want? I can add it to my reply~

Edit: Wow, they actually changed it on the site. Cool. XD Edit2: I got another reply. o_O

Hi There JKaizer:
I am not sure where you saw the incorrect spelling for Fullmetal Alchemist, but we have it correctly spelled on our product pages. Was it in another location other than the product pages?
Let me know and thanks for taking the time to email.
Kind Regards, Mary Fisher
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Nodame cute, Daaawww

(no subject)

leelas said:

I have no idea what this song is, it was found among the multitude of my dad's cd's, all I know is that it's a parody on a popular Russian song. If anybody knows the artist or the title, please don't hesitate to tell me.

And because I know that this comm is so damned large, I've provided 3 different mirror links for the download. Please use the Geocities and Angelfire ones before the yousendit one.

Now then, the story.

Emily was riding in the car with my dad and I, so she could finish her costume at my house, seeing as she doesn't have a sewing machine. This song suddenly came on, and Emily wanted to know who it was that the guy in the song reminded her of. The first thing out of my mouth was "Barry the chopper?"

After a giggle fit of seismic proportions later, I mentioned that I could see barry dancing around into that tune, utilizing his knife as a microphone and singing into it. Emily mentioned she could imagine what would happen to any background dancers that happened to be there.

And on came another giggle fit.

I'd translate the song if my ribs would stop hurting every time I hear it.

Geocities link here.
Copy and paste this URL into your address bar for the angelfire one, if geocities doesn't work:
And now the yousendit link.
nyanko cherry biscuit


Is anybody going to Sakuracon? (I suppose some people are probably already there...)

I'll be there tomorrow. I'll be wearing the red FMA t-shirt with the flamel on it, as well as catgirl ears/tail. I hope to meet Travis. XD;
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Hot Topic Selling FMA Figures (?!)

Today a friend and I were generally being mallrats, and chose to wander into Hot Topic. We're both FMA fans, and while browsing through the action figure section...LO AND BEHOLD. FMA (in)action figures of Al, Ed, Winry and Roy. Does anyone else's hot topic have these figures, or is it simply ours? I don't see the figures on Hot Topic's website, so I can't be sure.

Also, the bit of fire Roy is supposed to be producing the cheesiest effect I have ever seen. And is it just me, or is Roy lopsided? We can't get him to stop falling over.
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(no subject)

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Everyone take a look at that and if there is anything else you want me to send a head to Scott, give me a heads up. I'm not sure if they'll listen to us at all, but, you know, it's always worth a shot right?
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Lyric Search/Knock Knock

Sorry if anyone's posted this some where ages ago, but I am looking for the lyrics (in Romanji) for Things Left Behind by Nana-sama. I needed something to do for the next few weeks (up until after my Spring Break last week of April) and decided that, if no one's done it, translate (kinda) the romanji into English... And why? I'm a nerd. XD Why Romanji? I'm a nerd that can't read kanji and has to use guides for the katakana/hiragana. :P

Anyway, random knock knock jokes in case it's too short for one and, two, so it's kinda entertaining... One's a definate yaoi-ish, another is just weird, one's a kitty!crack and the last one's an LotR/FMA mix. :3 Knock yourselves out? ^__^;

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Well, ja matta ne to oyasumi!
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