April 5th, 2005

Kuroshitsuji - Ciel

Not to be a bother...

A little help please...

A while ago, there had been an artist on the community that had posted a pic of an art project (if I remember correctly) that had something to do with a T-Shirt design. I believe Roy had been at the bottom...practically being flattened (could be wrong) and the others climbing up to a pocket....Winry could've been in the pocket...but I don't remember

Could the artist/someone with the link give it to me? I thought it was so cute, and I'd like to ask the artist if I could use it and make an actual t-shirt out of it...

Thanks! Much love!
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Sakura Silk - refreshisama

Fic dump, "Etude," "Blind Date"

A few short fics I've written recently. Both are inspired by other people's work! *laughs*

Title: Etude
Author: kaitou_marina
Beta: kalikamaxwell
Rating: PG (for a nekkid reference? Even though it's artistic nekkid?)
Genre: Very light m/m, angst(?)
Pairing: ScarXAl, but it's so light it almost isn't there. XD
Spoilers: Takes place during episode 51 and contains vague spoilers for the end of the series (41-51, approximately) and for the Gate.
Notes: Inspired by this pic by youkofujima. Written for her <3 Titled "Etude" because that's what I was listening to as I wrote it, "Etude For Piano No. 11 in E Flat Major" by Fredric Chopin.

( 'You are his life, breath and blood. He lives for you. Your brother will come for you. Older brothers always do.' )

Cross-posted to fma_yaoi

Title: Blind Date
Author: kaitou_marina
Beta: chiba_yuriko
Rating: G
Genre: Gen (barely), fluff, het, bordering on suggestion of romance XD
Pairing: None (unless you count the vague, vague suggestion of AlXWinry)
Spoilers: Takes place a bit after the end of the series, but contains no spoilers.
Notes: Inspired by hime1999's Familiar picture series, thus, it's het! OMG! XD The original idea of the fic also came from chiba_yuriko.

( An exchange of threats with Winry and a waved wrench later, Ed was out the door and on his way, deciding that another concussion wasn't worth avoiding eating dinner with some girl. )
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(no subject)

So basically, Tsuki did this photoedit of the J-rocker Miyavi as Greed (even in his shield version, *sporfle*), and I made a comment about how Makoto from /\ucifer would make THE hottest J-rock!Roy.

Here's the original post.

Pay particular attention to this conversation thread HERE, because this is where the super-fun-happy hilarious image time starts.


Not two seconds after I had commented to Tsuki about how much Makoto looked like Roy...we found THAT. *roll* That image. Of him in the coat.

...WTF. Makoto wins.
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LoA - Matt

(no subject)

What I have written is a Ficlet. A narrative of how I see Edward seeing the events in FMA that have happened thus far. (Yes, I'm an Adult Swim watcher)

So cretique is welcome, I enjoy comments as well. Enjoy ^.^

Edit: There were a few typos they are fixed now ^_~

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Madoka ¤ Hurt

(no subject)

I'm sorry, but ever since the first time I've heard this song it's ALWAYS reminded me of Ed and Al. Anyone else agree? It's 'The Clincher' By Chevelle. Honestly, read these and TELL me this song doesn't sound the least bit like them. ^__^

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Seriously, guys, this is due tomorrow; it's gonna be late as it is. And no, this isn't spamming, it has to do with manga. If you don't have a Gaia account (or if the servers are still being bums), just post the answers here. Please?

Find it here.
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Unoa moan

Two Requests

Okay. I'm looking for sites with a bunch of hagaren screenshots and official artwork and such to make some more icons with, so I figured that this might be the place to ask if anyone had any places to recommend.

I have also been following the manga, and have read to 34, but I can't find anyplace to find the rest of it. Could anyone here direct me to issues 35+?
Unoa moan

Yup. The RPG needs members.

Okay. A few months back I started a Hagaren Yaoi RPG on GJ, and posted here to get some members... well, some time has passed and some mmembers have left us, so I thought I'd post again to see if anyone is intresting in joining.

The RPing takes place on AIM. You can read all the old logs and basic here on the GJ comm. Warning: The RPG is FULL of spoilers for the anime.

We currently need the following characters:

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Anyway, IM me on AIM at MahouBunnyBell, or our Al at Selvin9502 if interested in joining.