April 4th, 2005

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Need a little help

I was wondering if anyone had any information on the Hagaren fan game over here: http://www.ocean-x.com/hagaren/index.htm
I've seen some screen shots and it looks really interesting. Unfortunately I can't read Chinese (At least I think it's Chinese >.<;;)But I was wondering if anyone knew how to get a hold of a copy- or if it's even still possible. Any help or information is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

And just to make this not to terribly spam-ey, I'll post this silly little doodle I made a while ago. Cut for crappiness spoilers for the movie.

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mTAC Hagaren Cosplay

A while ago, someone came up with the idea to have a Hagaren Sins group for mTAC (the event took place about two weeks ago), so we all came together on the Sunday with Envy, Gluttony, Greed x2 (it was BYOG: "Bring Your Own Greed" day XD), Lust Pride, Sloth, & Wrath.......and an Ed, Roy, and Riza. ^_^ mTAC is one of those "make-your-own-fun" cons, thus in the afternoon, we took over a small area to have a lil photoshoot<3

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More images from our photoshoot can be found in the following albums (all links open in a new page) so be sure to check them out<3:

Photo Album 1 courtesy of viewpoints

lelola's Photo Albums 2, 3, 4, & 5

And also stray_wind's Photo Album 6 (mid to bottom of page).
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Now THIS is crack.

Did anyone else notice that practically right after I posted that particular fanfiction listing, DT posted a pic involving FMA!Shakespeare!crack (same scene, same Al, same head; look at the "Alas" fic), and Lego pasted a pic entitled "An arm and a leg"? D: Coincidence? Perhaps!

I think crack is scariest when it's unintentional. XD

Now back to my essay. Yay for Chinese alchemy. *shuffles off*
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Little amusement in the afternoon.

Yatta. These are pretty good, so odds are most of you've read them already, but I figured I'd put them up just in case. Have fun. All are work-safe. :)

Child's Play -- Hughes started it.
The Perils of Coffee -- Edward's first foray into sexual education...rated for explicit clinical language. Ahem.
Internal Affairs -- Are they doing what we think they're doing in there?
An Arm and a Leg -- This came to me when I saw a billboard on the freeway. This is not to be taken seriously. Very short. :D
Alas -- 100 word silly drabble. No pairings, spoilers, or anything else. Alas!
Family Man -- Roy had been having a good day, up until that moment. And then Ed showed up. Revenge is sweet.
A Short Incident -- A (hopefully) humorous short in which Winry tries to do a good deed, and Al worries. Poor Ed.

I might post up non-humor later. x3
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APH: Beneath a blue umbrella sky

Character Analysis: Is Ed Dynamic or Static?

A lot of the times I tend to do character analysis in my head, and something has been bothering me. Is Ed a static or dynamic character? He strikes me as static for some reason, although I haven’t seen the entire series. (Have read all of the translated manga available though.)

What bothers me about this is the fact that usually the protagonist will go through some radical changes during the course of a story. Admittedly, Ed goes through some heavy stuff, but I never see his personality waver. If this is a result of a psychological thing, I’d like to hear people sound off about it. The idea being that despite everything happening, Ed has one clear goal, or because of his one clear goal he doesn’t allow these things to affect him in the long run which could lead to problems in his future. (Psychological disorders.)

So really, is Ed dynamic or static and why do you think that is?

Crossword puzzle help...

So my grandmother called me earlier and she asked me a question about her crossword puzzle.
The clue was "An Alchemist's life prolonger."
At first I was thinking philosopher's stone, since it was an actual concept/legend. However, she told me that it's 6 letters and she's pretty sure it stars with "R."

Any ideas? ^^; If anyone knows it, you guys do, haha.
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Something funny and something to make you go Awww

Something funny & Something to make you go Awww

Enjoy as always ^^

Edit: Ok, I thought I would put this out for everyone to comment on. I'm planning on doing a chibi FMA calendar and I thought I would ask for some input as to who and what should be drawn for each month (Sometimes you can't do it all alone). Keep in mind these are chibis, so pairings are fine as long as they are clean. The only month NOT open is December (That's my birthday month, and I'd like to keep that as a personal thing to myself). So have at it, and maybe we can all vote or something on what month should be what ^^. Thanks in advance to everyone who contributes.
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(no subject)

I KNOW this probably doesn't belong here... but I'm posting anyway assuming SOMEONE knows what a Divx player is.
I tried watching BLEACH and Fullmetal on my Divx player.... but it's not working...
I thought it was the file, but it works fine on windows media player...
I tried reinstalling Divx completely, but it's STILL being buggy (buggy as in, won't play the file).
The weirdest part is that it WAS working a few weeks ago... and it's NOW randomly deciding not to work..
Korra Fire!

just how close are they related

I read the Manga first and have started to watch the series (am at ep 25 right now) and was just wondering.

Since the Manga isn't over yet, while the series (save for the new movie) is, my question is, did the creator of it all have this grand scheme in mind and the ending of the manga will be like the ending of the series, or can you look at them almost as two seperate things.

There are a lot of things that are different when you compare the two, and was just wondering if they said "okay we have this much down.....go do your thing!" for the T.V. show :D

I like insite! and Hughes :D