March 31st, 2005


AMV question

I'm bored and watching AMV's and I have a couple FMA ones that I don't think have been posted here (they aren't in the memories section). I got them off my college file sharing hub, so I don't know where they originally came from. I'm just wondering, is it against some sort of rule for me to put them on yousendit to share them if anyone is interested. Would I be stepping on someone's toes or pissing someone off? I would not be taking credit for them at all. Anyway, tell me what you think, and if anyone is even interested.

PS: Even though I'm wide awake, I'd better get some sleep for class tomorrow. I'll check back about this tomorrow. Goodnight all
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FMA Special

I noticed this whice I was browsing the l33t raws torrent page yerterday. It's a tad bit old, but I went back a few pages in the community's archive and didn't notice a mention of it: It's a special that packs all 51 eps of FMA into an hour. 0.o And then interviews afterward.
You definately don't want to download this if you haven't already seen the whole show.
Most of the humor is verbal, so a lot of it escaped me, but it was still pretty fun to watch. I think itwas mostly made to get people riled up for the movie.
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AMV talk again

I asked about AMV's last night and one person expressed interest. And that one person matters damnit! So since doubt was expressed about the legality of my sharing the AMV's in my possession, and because I have too much time on my hands and no life, I found them on I double-checked and these have not been mentioned in the community’s memories, so if someone has posted them, I am unaware. Anyway, here's some AMV's I stumbled across in my boredom. And just to be safe, these could very well contain spoilers (like for example, ep. 25).

Ed centric, song is "The Reason" by Hoobastank
This is the user's first AMV, and I think it's pretty good :)

Angst-tastic! Song is "My Immortal" by Evanescence

Humorous Ed/Winry AMV. Song is "Right Now" by SR-17
The last 2 were by the same artist (inverse). They made 2 more FMA AMV's but my internet connection is really really slow this time of day, so I shall have to download them later :(

EDIT!!!! OMFG watch this one! It's beautiful! Go! Go now!!!
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Trip to Japan

Mods, please delete this entry if you find it to be completely irrelevant.  Gomen!  Personally, I think the result of this post may benefit others who may do this in the future.

I’m visiting China this summer, and I found out today I’m going to stay in Japan for three days in August right before I come back to the US!!!  I’m so psyched!!!  I've never been there, so I have some questions for those of you who either have visited Japan recently or live there.
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I will take lotsa pictures of any FMA thing I see and post it on this forum. ^_^

Arigatou! Arigatou!

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Pointificus Trafficus


Long-time lurker, first-time poster; you know the drill. XD; Anyway, I bring icons.
1 each: Scar, Lust, Roy, Tucker, Envy, Dorochet, Havoc, That Cute Xingian Girl's panda (Little Mei, I think?).
2 each: Fuery, Winry. 3: Ed.
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[ME2] Beautiful Shepard

(no subject)

I remember a while ago after I posted some screengrabs of some of my FMA sims wreaking havok, some people asked for links as to where to download said sim skins.

This is the one where I got all my skins at first. But then I found another site with better skins (but not as many characters).

But both of which were found using this WONDERFULLY HELPFUL database with links to websites that contain ANY anime skins you want! (BTW, they have links to the first website that I removed the link to.)

However, I warn you, the two FMA skin websites are in Japanese, but are navigatable even if you don't know any Japanese at all. Because both have just enough english text to browse through, (I mean, it's insanely helpful if they put 'Sims' 'Download' 'Skins' 'Enter' and such)

However, some of it might be a tad hard to navigate if it's fully Japanese. If you're using IE, just pay attention to the address in the bottom of the browser, those at least are written in english, and should give you clues as to what is within. Or, just click all the links and try and find it the hard way XD

LOL Just posting in case anyone gave a flying crap ^^. If you have The Sims and don't have any FMA skins, I suggest you go and revive the game :3

Second PS2 Game Torrent? (and some fanart)

Hello. I've also been a lurker here for a long time, and I've finally decided to join this community. (After seeing the latest movie trailer, my fangirl side got the best of me, but that's beside the point.) I'm just another obsessive fan of FMA, having been hooked since June. Having read the manga, I quickly got addicted to the anime, and it went from there. ^^;;;

I have a bit of a request... You see, I'm not sure if this was talked about already, but I was looking everywhere I could for a working torrent for the second FMA game for PS2. Thus far, I have been unsuccessful, and it's really frustrating. If anyone knows where I might be able to find one, please tell me! I'll totally owe you. (I just got Tobenai Tenshi recently, and I don't think I can wait for the American release of Akaki Elixer no Akuma.)

On an unrelated note, I also like to do fanart. Most of my earlier stuff hasn't been that great, but I finished this fanart wallpaper recently: Please tell me what you think. It has a spoiler from episode 51, but if you haven't watched the full series, you probably won't even know what the spoiler is.

Anywayz, thanks so much!