March 30th, 2005

[ME2] Beautiful Shepard

Define 'OTP' please?

Yes yes, I know, you're all going to hate me for not actually looking in the FAQ first, (but I'm too lazy to sort through the memories for this community and find what I'm looking for)

So, those of you who do know, can someone please define what 'OTP' stands for? (I'm aware of what it entails: Pairings of characters that normally would not pair up, like a Hughes and Izumi pairing)

Thanks in advance for all help given ^^

Mini icon batch

Hello~ Long time lurker member, first time poster (I think? *is forgetful* If not first time, definitely "rare"/"once in a blue moon" type. XP)~~ And I come bearing a very mini mini two batch of icons (one of Ed and one Al). It's been a very long time since I worked with anything graphics-related so I'm pretty rusty you can be sure they aren't spectacular =_= and spent many hours wrestling with image editing programs I haven't touched in years. >_> But I just wanted to make these ever since I saw the images, so~~<3

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Re-Uploaded PVs

LoA - Matt

Alu Art ^-^

Just an ubberly cute fangirled up image of Al! (spoilerish for those that avoid anything after the series)

Alphonse Elric

P.S Also the Easter pic I posted Saturday. It was stuck on safe mode. If you care to look at it's glory you may go back and look now ^_~
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Supersizers: Stayin&#39; Classy Since 1954

Fanart Dump- Greed and Kimberly, mostly

I have six drawings today. I hope you enjoy them.

The first three are anatomical studies -Yay, art school!- that turned into FMA fanart, because FMA has eaten my brain.

Greed's Back 1 (Rated R. Warning for full-back male nudity. Not intended to be sexual, but probably not worksafe.)

Inspired by a conversation with swordage in which we decided that whenever Greed feels depressed, he should walk around naked. Because naked Greed is good.

Greed's Back 2 (Rated G.)

Inspired by a drabble by swordage.

Kimberly's Torso (Rated PG-13.)

Inspired by "Deadly Weapons" by laylah. (Warning: Fic contains m/m content.)

This one is just a somewhat-quick sketch.

Greed Sulking (Rated G.)

These last two are comics.

Knowledge is Power... (Rated PG.)

For miss_arel, in celebration of her getting accepted into a crapload of colleges. Remember to use the comic's message well... (Please excuse the bad cropping, too.)

I Own the Moon (Rated PG-13. Warning for langauge and crack. Greed should never play video games. Dialogue courtesy of swordage.)

Please excuse all the DevArt links.
wrong turn


Hi, I'm a long time lurker...I feel bad that my first post is a request =/ but...I guess, about a month or so ago, someone posted a link to an article about real life chimera. I'd like to use that article for an essay, but I'm not too sure when it was posted. If anyone has that favorited for some reason, can you post it here? Thanks =)
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Can I?

Just thought I would share some chibi love giftart I made to suprise my RP Ototo ^^ (I told everyone the chibi's weren't gone X3. Wallpaper is also up on DA if you want it)

*looks at song that is playing* LMAO!!! XD!! The gate has a remix song!! Here's the song if anyone wants it E Nomine - Cosmic Gate Remix
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Fic Dump: Verisimilitude IX

Authors: Uneasy Moon, Shuki Ai, and Sockren
Genre: Romance, Angst, Yaoi.
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ed x Roy.
Summary: Edward turned towards Roy and said carefully, "Did you or did you not know ahead of time that that place was a brothel?!"
Word Count: 74, 648.
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Cross-posted: fma_yaoi, fm_alchemist and sockren.
Employee Ed

[pic edit] The way it's *supposed* to be...

So, that new movie postcard pic of Roy bugs me. For several reasons, but that's another thing. The point here is, that after making a depressing wallpaper out of it (that I didn't plan to even use, just made it for the sake of making it >_>;;;) the urge struck me to do a little editing to the image instead. And this is the result. Post-series Roy as he's SUPPOSED to be. *glares at Bones*

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The Alphonse Diet (Fullmetal Alchemist)

FMA Game on [Adult Swim] Website:

[Adult Swim] has put up a FMA game on their website. It's called "Fullmetal Alchemist: Iron vs Flame." It looks similar to the FMA GBA game but more simplifed. Basically, you go as Ed and Al and hunt down chimeras (renments of Tucker's research) that are are running loose in the countryside. You need shockwave and probably high-speed internet to play it properly.

I only gone as far as the second level. Damn chimeras...>_>;

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[ME2] Beautiful Shepard

My opinion on the ending of Full Metal Alchemist and the Broken Angel game

I just beat the game Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel, (yeah, belated, it sat on the shelf for a lot, but could've been beaten faster).

I'm not going to spoil anything, but I'm just going to share my feelings.

It sucked.

Apparently they were trying to make it a weepy ending, but still, it rather aggravated and annoyed me. Figures a FMA ending would be crapful and 'depressing'. Though they do try to cheer it up, it still sucks.


Yeah sorry had to rant, >_<

wait wait!!

After the credits, they had to give you a FULL SUMMARY in the form of a long monologue of Hawkeye's report... ¬_¬ *sigh*

And then they try and end on a "Oh we're sorry we made it sad, here have a dash of happy to make it better!" note. It still dosen't cover up the sucky ending. Blech.
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crazy in a bad way



Original manga series that inspired popular anime program to be the first of several unique related offerings due for release this year

San Francisco, CA, February 18, 2005 — VIZ, LLC, which recently announced its upcoming merger with ShoPro Entertainment, Inc. to form one of the entertainment industry's most innovative comprehensive manga and animation licensing and publishing companies, has announced the highly anticipated debut of the manga for FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST, due for release in May 2005. The graphic novel by Himoru Arakawa will be rated "T" for teens with an MSRP of $9.99.

FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST is one of the most successful and popular on-going manga titles, selling more than 12 million copies to-date in Japan. The mystic blend of art, magic and science that is alchemy is the basis for FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST. The story begins with two young brothers named Edward and Alphonse as they try to use an alchemy technique called "human transmutation" to raise their mother from the dead with tragic consequences. As a result of a miscalculation, fifteen-year-old Edward loses his left leg and fourteen-year-old Alphonse loses his entire body. Immediately after the accident Edward sacrifices his right arm to save Alphonse's soul, which is transmuted into a suit of armor that becomes his new body. Edward replaces his missing limbs with a biomechanical technology called auto-mail that gives him a new bionic arm and leg. The action begins as the pair heads to Central City in search of the Philosopher's Stone, an object of immeasurable power and the only thing that can return the siblings to their natural states. But in this futuristic alternate world, the use of alchemy is widespread. Evil forces seek the magical stone and will use any ruthless means to try and thwart the two brothers from reaching their goal.