March 29th, 2005


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Major update over at i_consent so head over there now for some shiny icons :), also if you want more updates please friend i_consent for more icon goodness!

>> credit [please credit to filipinoz_rule, and not i_consent :)], comment, enjoy
>> brushes provided by 100x100_brushes
>> images from, ANIMEGALLERIES, Some are images screencapped by me and some found over cap_it, TEXTLESS ARE NOT BASES!
>> Aladdin x3
Bleach x1
Cardcaptors x2
Chobits x3
DNAngel x12
Escaflowne x7
Evangelion x2
Final Fantasy x2
Fullmetal Alchemist x15
Inuyasha x1
Lain x1
Naruto x3
Slayers x3
X-Men x2
Zelda x1
Misc. x2

>> total; 64

1. 2. 3.

(if you want some come get some.. of icons that is xDD *lame* )

Alchemy in bio class?

Today my cell biology teacher was talking about alchemists. I wanted to snicker or at least share a knowing look with someone, but no one I know in the class watches the show *tear* I was sad. So I had to tell someone. Kinda random and pointless, sorry. Um...I made an icon. I'm using it now. It's not fancy, but I've never claimed to be an icon maker. Also, I have a question about the 2nd OST. I saw that there was a link to get it with bittorrent, but is there any way to just download it the old fashioned way? Bittorrent and I... don't get along.
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I know this has been posted up before, but I guess I didn't add it to my memories section. Can someone please post the translation of "Boku wa koko ni iru"? ^^; Thanks-- much appreciated. Sorry if this is spamming the community. Oo;
sven in bathrobe

A (not so new) Community...

Yeah, I know I advertised this when I first formed it, but I feel there are enough new fans to warrant me doing this again.

The maes_hughes community is a (mostly) friendly bunch of people who all share one thing in common -- a love for Hughes (and his family)! Got a fanfic involving him? Got fanart of him? Weird photomanips? Icons? Wallpapers? Doujinshi scans? Theories? General discussion? It's all fine at maes_hughes, as long as it involves Maes Hughes (or his wonderful family.)

I know, I just (mostly) copied that blurb from the community info, but I feel it pretty much describes the community's purpose.

But hey, come on down and check us out! I just started a layout contest, and more contests and fun things will be coming, but it all depends on participation. :)

Thanks for your time. <3
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Cool Bag...sorta

well...I got really bored the other night and made this out of some stuff I bought at work. (I work at Wal-mart). Anyway, it started as a cute picture of Alphonse, then a bag...I think it's cute


Apparently, the lawnmower!ed jokes have been running rampant...and I would like to say..I work in Lawn and Garden at wal mart and they were putting together lawnmowers on Sunday. Not just any lawn mowers, but those adorable chibi red ones.

Let me tell you, I about died.I knew about the jokes and all I could think about was Edward.
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Hello to all!  I finished making an AMV a couple weeks ago and would really like some feedback.  Plus I would like some people who actually know what FMA is about to share in the joy (my friends just think I'm crazy...)

It's a video of "Tribute" by Tenacious D (featuring FMA of course!) and is available here...

You do have to be a member to download anything, but even if you don't check out my video, you should check out some of the other videos on the site...  ^_^  There's a place on the video page to leave an opinion so please let me know what you think!  I want to improve and the only way to do that is to know what the people want.  So feel free to tear it apart or...whatever...

'Kay I'm rambling now...  Hope you enjoy!!!

(I know the Inuyasha bits are not the greatest quality. Sorry! Could you let me know what you think of the technical stuff [transitions, timing, etc]?)


I did this funny Fill in the Blank thing but with names from FMA..XD It turned out kinda weird.

LJ Friends Meme by coolerq

• You must tell 4 people about this game.
Ed is the one that you love.
Roy is one you like but can't work out.
• You care most about Winry.
Envy is the one who knows you very well.
Lust is your lucky star.
simple and clean is the song that matches with Ed.
Heaven is the song for Roy.
Boulavard of Broken Dreams is the song that tells you most about YOUR mind.
• and Take it Away is the song telling you how you feel about life
Take this quiz

this is all 'dub's fault. All of it.

and the bunnies are chewing at my throat..

Soup Alchemist: Coffee called earlier, and said a parody movie called "Saving Private Roy" would be funny, so I said a movie called "Saving Roy's Privates" would be funnier :D

well, here ya go. crack goodness, no spoilers. Oh, yeah, bad language abounds, sorry about that. It seemed to fit the context.

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The Alphonse Diet (Fullmetal Alchemist)

FMA Attraction at Universal Studios Japan Website UPDATE!!!

The website for the FMA Attraction at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka has been updated with an video interview with Paku Romi (Ed's japanese VA) and merchandise tie-ins. The attraction has already been open since last week (March 18, 2005) and will run until May 8th, 2005.

FMA Attraction Website:

FMA Attraction product tie-ins: WTF?! Philosopher's stone LOLIPOPS!!! >_>;;

Paku Romi Video Interview:

Sadly, there's are no pictures of the actual attraction. :(

I don't know any japanese, so anyone fluent in japanese are welcome to translate.

Gee! I sure hope SOMEONE can go to the FMA attraction and take pictures of it.
*People living/staying in Japan. I'm looking at youuu~~~*
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Some scans. These are of last month's issue of Animedia. I didn't connect the pages this time because 1) I'm lazy and 2) they're usually crappy connections :(

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Scans of Tsubasa and One Piece can be found here.