March 28th, 2005

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Plug him in and turn him on!

Ladies, gentlemen, and beans of all ages.

Firstly, I would like to apologize. I’ve always thought I really was truly above and beyond these (as in cloud-like status), but then it snuck up, stuck out its claws, and proceed to practically hang off my back since approximately nine this morning. Much like Greed, really, 'cept it didn't try to steal my Cadbury Caramello Chocolate Eggs (TM), and didn't pull at my hair upon wondering off to do more constructive things.

Personally, I think it would be an extremely nifty product to have. The sheer implications in the title. The number of products it could be plugged into. You could walk around with him/it in your pocket, and pull him/it out at all the wrong moments. Imagine the pain you could cause your friends! Imagine the torture you could inflict upon the general public!


Dear Macintosh Corporation, or The Electronic Apple People,
As an extremely valuable potential customer, you are not allowed to sue, as I am cheap and incredibly... cheap. I suggest you go with it and cosplay as Edward on weekends like the rest of us.


With out further ado (or my inane rambling), I present to you:


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For the record, murder is illegal, so please do not carry out your urges. I am tall small, only sometimes alone and not really penny-less, so I need all the love and support I can get.

If anyone needs me, I will be hiding under the dog in the hallway, said dog thankfully lacking in automail, but not puppy-slobber.

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Inspired by the recent influx of movie scans and so on and so forth, especially the post of the bloody great big giant postcard scans by sycia, I made this wallpaper (in two sizes! ;p )

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MS Gundam | always believed in futures

I bring fanarts. Lots of them.

Albeit uncolored. ^^;; Cuz I've already posted my cged and complete fanarts before. Hopefully my linearts will please a small few?

Be duly warned, the 7th pic is spoilery for the end of the series. So's my commentary for the 6th. XD;; So please proceed with caution.

( this way please~ )

C&Cs would be immensely appreciated. And hopefully, maybe I'll get working on cg-ing a few of these soon. ^^;; Thankyou~
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raiel upsidedown
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fun with cameras and FMA figurines

"Roy! My chicken nuggets are cold! Reheat them!" is what I thought.

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THe night I had that thought, I had this conversation:
Zra: *runs off briefly*
Zra: *returns, pulls out new bought Roy figurine, and puts in next to nuggets* Heat 'em up, flame man! XO
MW: *laughs*
MW: Have you noticed that Roy tends to use his pistol in clandestine situations in the manga, as opposed to the anime?
Zra: because anime is only so many eps thus roy must take every chance he can to show off =D
MW: True. =D
Zra: *just realizes* I have a Snapple Element fruit drink here... and it's the 'fire' flavor >.>
Zra: ...and Roy figuring is next to it. It's made of DragonFruit! (and other juices)... Collapse )

*and thus Zra shares something meaningfull as she sits around in her spiffed up Ed cosplay* It's amazing what a small detail like a belt can do it improve a cosplay outfit... You can look at the new pictures I took here:
[Bakura] i see what you did there
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[FIC] Isotope : Dideuterium Oxide

Title: Isotope : Dideuterium Oxide
Rating: PG??
Pairings: Elricest quite probable in the future, but I promise nothing.
Spoilers: Ep. 4 so far
Note: 'Nii-san' means 'Brother'. Splits from canon around episode 3.
Theme song: "Qu’est-ce qui t’amène" by Carole Fredericks (lyrics forthcoming)

Chapter 1

The more I think about it, the more I think everything that happened that night was wrong. I mean, obviously what we did was wrong, and the results were wrong, but it was almost like that much was supposed to happen, like it was a lesson—not to cross the line into forbidden territory, not to play with fire, because it will burn. But everything else—no.

No, that wasn’t supposed to happen. I can’t believe that.

I wasn’t supposed to lose Al. I
know that. We were in it together, the two of us, just like we’d always been. Whatever happened, we would always have each other. Losing him—wrong. That was seriously wrong. For a while I could still see him there, faintly, and I thought I could still save him. I would’ve given Them anything, but it wasn’t enough. I missed my chance. They took my arm, I let Them take it, but Al…

Two failed transmutations in less than an hour. I’m really sad, aren’t I?

Feeling Al slip away, that was wrong. Fainting at exactly the wrong moment.

I know it shouldn’t have been Lieutenant Colonel Mustang who carried me, bleeding, retching, sobbing, to Winry’s house, explaining in his calm voice that I had lost two limbs and that Al had… had…

Wrong. It was all wrong.

I knew it was wrong when I woke up alone.

(fake lj-cut cut. opens in new window)

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the madness

ATTN: new layout!

The new layout is mostly done:


I have a few concerns though, so please reply with any comments about:
1. header image loading time
2. compatibility in Opera, Safari (there's a horizontal scrollbar in Mozilla, that much I know... Ada, willing to help out?)
3. is there anything especially you'd like in the sidebar?
4. anything else.

Thanks, everybody. :)


Thanks for the input, I'll get to it now. :)
FMA (Happy - Hughes)

Teaser Trailer #3 Screen Shots

I went through and took some screen shots from the teaser trailer, you can get them here. I'll take some rapid fire screen shots of any specific scene if anyone wants to make an animated gif, just ask.

Added a bunch of ZIPs for animated GIFs, Enjoy!

  • An Al in Ed's clothing.
  • Edward Lawnmower Hand
  • Patty Cake Armor Al (Transmute)
  • Claps, just the claps... (Eds arm to Sword)
  • Envy!Dragon SMASH!
  • Run Eddie Run!
  • Envy..vore?!? (Dragon Eating Ed)
  • Envy!Dragon Vs Red Baron
  • Go Go Gadget bad guy!
  • alert the medic

    Quick question,

    Has anybody made any screencaps of the movie trailer? I'd be taking some myself only WMP won't let me, I don't know how to screencap in RealPlayer, and it doesn't work in QuickTime (clearly, this leaves me all out of options!)

    If anybody could point me in any directions, or give me any tips, it'd be much obliged. D:

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    Promotional Videos

    scypEr is new to the community and LJ's.. And.. scypEr have the PVs of FMA's OP 1-4 and ED 1-2... YouSendIt hates scypEr.. But scypEr got Kesenai Tsumi uploaded..

    (Raw)Kesenai Tsumi - Link 1:
    (Raw)Kesenai Tsumi - Link 2:
    (Subbed )Melissa:
    (Subbed)Tobira no Mukou:
    (Subbed)Ready Steady Go:
    (Subbed) Rewrite:
    (Uploading the others, but it takes so long..)

    Credits: Got it from through bit torrent.

    EDIT: Eh.. Melissa is in low quality. But it is still cool o_O;
    [Birds - Koko Pondering]

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    Full Metal Alchemist Slash RP!


    I would like to invite you guys to the newly created Full Metal Alchemist Slash role playing community. This community includes two types of role playing: First-Person blog entries, and third-person descriptive role playing. A community-wide third-person role play is held in the community blog; each member makes a post that somehow links their character into the plot and timeline.


    Meanwhile, each character has the responsibility of writing down personal responses, comments, and thoughts in their individual blog, while other players are free to comment and read those entries.


    This community contains shounen ai and/or yaoi, however, if you do not wish to engage in male/male relationships and you simply want to role play, then you are free to apply for a female role!


    We are still a new community, thus many of the positions have not yet been filled!


    So, are you interested in joining? Then visit us at for further information!




    (no subject)

    Someone uploaded this song to yousendit, I saw someone post a link awhile ago to this song.

    Fredric Chopin's Etude for piano No. 11 in E flat major.

    I was wondering if someone could upload it for me? X.x I can't find it anywhere.. and unfortunetly, I don't remember when it plays x.x;; But anyway, could someone upload it for me?

    Thanks in advance!
    APH: Beneath a blue umbrella sky

    Crack Posting

    Hey, I'm Meg. I'm new to this community, but I'm fairly active around envy_lightbulb. I write a lot of spoofs, FMA!Python for the most part. I did take a hand with my friend stumpthegreat and co-wrote a spoof of the musical Avenue Q with her. We're also working on a bit of spoofing classic literature at fmaclassics

    Collective Works
    FMA!Avenue Q
  • Complete Song Listing
    TV Show Sketch Based Spoofs
  • Defense Against Fresh Fruit
  • Alchemist Inquistion
  • Argument Sketch
    Holy Grail Spoofs
  • Sins Who Say Nu
  • Killer Rabbit Sequence and the Puke Green Monster/Castle of OMGWTFBBQ
  • End of the Quest (Bridge of death and the Short Taunter
  • Sheep - Insomnia
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    Title: Exploitation
    Author: Chauni
    Pairing: EnvyxEd
    Warnings: Maybe some light spoilers, but nothing truly major. If you know all about Envy, you're fine. Doesn't really follow any set timeline.
    Genre: Drama. If 'Lusty' was a genre, it would certainly be that.
    Notes: This took me forever to write, and I don't know why! I would start it, get a paragraph done, then growl and rewrite the same paragraph ten times. I wasn't even going to post it on these communities, but since it's received such a following, I went through with it all.
    On the bright side, I might write another installment to this later. Maybe two. But it can stand alone (which is what I originally intended, but after talking to someone and thinking about it long and hard, decided to continue on).
    Thank you for reading! Comments are loved!


    Crossposted to fm_alchemist, fma_yaoi, envy_x_ed, and fma_fiction
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    The Mark of Lust

    I am planning to do a Lust (or Sloth, the costume is still in the plans) and I was wondering to anyone who has done either or any of the Sins, how do you put on your tatoo? I just want to know what do you use for the tatoo, where I could possible get it (somewhere not on the internet), or if if anyone knows of a way to make the tatoo that will stay on without fading too much or smearing.