March 27th, 2005


I have a question, which has PROBABLY been answered, but...Where can I find fansubs...with this "FMA might be taken off of AS" rumor, I think that I will just go ahead and watch the end by that way. The thing is...I've never done the whole 'fansub' thing before. I have seen all the anime I've watched through the old toonami block or buying them on DVD.

This will help so greatly if someone would guide me. I have read up on HOW to do it, now it's just finding them. Gomen, if someone in a past post has asked. BTW, Ocrapixels made my icon *points to it*.

Oh...and has anyone ever sang Mustang Sally in their head whenever they see Roy-san? My nii-san makes fun because my cousin and I do...


Much FMA love.
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brian/justin gundamnook

New Community Pimpage!

Hey all! First I'd like to say, HAPPY EASTER to all! Next I'd like to pimp a new community. Some have either posted or said that they would like to see more pre-series fics, fan art, or discussion. Well, we've come up with a new community that will hopefully will help that!


Please join us for fics, fan art, icons, and discussion of anything that happens pre-series! ^.^
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Let's be Bad Guys

More Edo fanartness

I've been sick this past Spring Break! *cries a river* But I did manage to doodle something. And of who else other than ED! Now I am feeling a lot better, I guess Ed did it! *laughs*

Anywho, it's just lineart, but if anyone wants to color it, be my guest! I'd love to see it finished. ^-^
Not sure if it's all anatomically correct but whatever. I was lucky to hold a pen. ^-^ Enjoy!
No, I don't think so.

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Envy, Wrath and Ed friends only banner

Don't click if you don't know/want to know who wrath is or somesuch
and there's some other icons too; including ones of the Death Note fandom meaning some slight spoilers for that fandom or somesuch. I don't think they're too bad but ok.
happy days are here again

The saga continues!

My random Mary-Sue parody is starting to have a plot. O_o
Sparkles of Passion:
You Blow My Mind(Out)

The Seven Chapter Long Flashback Summed Up In One(er, two, but when I put it on FF.Net it's going to be one) 1/2
Genre: Parody/Horror (gave up on calling it a romance long ago, heh)
Parings: One sided OC/Edward and OC/Hohenheim
Warnings: One or two mild British curses, references to little kids playing doctor, vague insight on stakes, creepiness, demon children, lisps, Edward being cute
Spoilers: Only there if you look really hard/have already seen the series, unless you count Hohenheim's personality
Word Count: 1028
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Manga Crack

Yeah, I'm slow... just finally catching up on the Manga... this is from Chapter 44... and I know not everyone has read the manga...

Felt I should share, amazing what they'll say in these mangas XD

Behind the LJ-Cut is a one-frame excerpt from the actual FMA Manga, (scanlated of course :x)

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Everyone should read the manga... there are some hilarious bits in there... :3
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[ME2] Beautiful Shepard

Manga Manip CRACK

Okay, I pretend to have a sense of humor some times...

I took this from Chapter 45... Again, definately should not be spoilerish...

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I swear this was funny in my head when I thought of this while reading this page...
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