March 26th, 2005


FMA loses 11:30 timeslot in May

With the announcements of Samurai Champloo and Paranoia Agent premiering on Adult Swim at 11:30 and 12:00 respectively, starting May 14 and 28, also respectively, FMA might be taking a rest. With Episode 20 airing this week, the pivotal Episode 25 is scheduled to air on April 30. This leaves 1 week before Samurai Champloo moves into FMA's timeslot. I don't know if they'll go onto Episode 26 on May 7. (No, I've never seen the fansubs, so do not spoil anything for me please.)

I know Funimation hasn't finished dubbing all the FMA episodes into English yet, so now it makes more sense why the DVDs are being put out at such a slow pace. It also makes sense that FMA would be taking a rest, as it were, until the fall. It's likely they might rebroadcast Episodes 1-25 at maybe a faster clip (2 different eps per week?) until Cartoon Network sees fit to continue with new episodes. It's also likely that they'll just give FMA a rest for a couple months or so. Still, I'd rather have them repeat 1-25, 'cause any FMA on TV is better than no FMA on TV.

So will FMA disappear from the lineup for a while, or will they run repeats, or what? Let the speculation begin.

Soundtrack Question

'Fraid this is kind of a newbie question--but does anyone know if the FMA soundtrack that comes bundled with the special edition US DVD has the song that plays in the background of the trailer on this page? (No, I don't know the title of the song. Sorry.)

Dumping of Icons~~

Uwagh...and I still have more to do...>.>;;; If you've been dying so see a certain crack icon, feel free to ask me to do one ^.^"

Warning: Some end of series spoilers~!

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I have a Winry winamp skin for you all~. I was actually searching for an image to put on the background for an Ed skin and came across this one, and I thought it would work. I did a horrible job on extracting the image of Winry, though. XD I tried to mask it by using 1834708347^3 different filters, but oh well. Click the preview to download the zip file. If you're having any trouble downloading, give me a shout. Enjoy, comments and crits appreciated, please don't claim it to be your own. <3

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*pushes fingers together* ^^;; Just posted my first entry for 100_themes and figured 'what the hell?!' and decided to post here, too. *coughs* It's a sketch, which surprised me, but...^^ I suppose it's alright!

Title: Meteor Shower
Author: swivelchair
Disclaimer: Not mine! Except for the sucky stars in the background.
Theme: #007: A group of shooting stars/falling stars
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist

Pairing: Jean Havoc x Kain Fury
Rating: G

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Hello, Everyone~~!

I have decided present this in this way. <3

I'm doing a full storyboard for Proud Of Your Boy from the original cut of Aladdin, using Edward as the focus. The song was written by Howard Ashman and the music was written by Alan Menken. The demo is sung by Alan as well, and is much better than Clay Aiken's cover of it.

Anyway, as I said, I'm doing a FULL storyboard of this song, but at this moment, I'm posting what I actually have done.

Beware, slow computers. These are thirteen large images, each about 1000 wide x 780-something tall. If you use an 800x600 resolution, I suggest changing it.

At the bottom left of each page is the time at which the line ends. The right is just the page number so I can keep track of all of it. O_o


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I kept giggling at the "Some Pride" frame.

Edit: I forgot to mention! Please, in your comment (if you comment) what is your favorite frame? <3
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