March 20th, 2005


White Sand (yeah... a couple more Hagaren toddlers...)

I feel like I'm spamming the comm... but I'm kind of amused at the corspe pile I'm collecting. This is the last one for the weekend, I have to shed my secret identiy as an artist and return to my struggling college studnet life... until I get sick of that and think of something else cute to scare everyone with.

In the meantime... tho not as cute as Al in pink lipstick... even human Al can still sink...

( White Sand (Toddler!Ed, Toddler!Winry, Toddler!Al) )

^ t'is a fake LJ cut *runs away*
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Anyone know where I could find a vector image of the flamel on the back of Ed's coat? I need one for a graphic arts project. I know I've seen someone with a black and white version of the flamel as an icon...that would be PERFECT.

Just needs to be vector so I can resize without pixelation...I am lazy and wish not to redraw it ^_^;;

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

FullPiece Naruto

Wondering about the title? It's a little crack cross-over I spent 8 hours working on *ish dead now* staring Edward Elric, Monkey D. Luffy, and Uzumaki Naruto. Take those three character series and mix them together, and you get the title of the crack cross-over. So please enjoy and I am not held liable for any chibi-resulted dealths (Or crack-related either)

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

*dies from the flu*
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FMA Manga


I hope you all know that the (English) Fullmetal Alchemist manga is being released by Viz on May 3rd, 2005.

You can even check here:

In addition to the manga, the FMA Artbook will be released in November.

... I checked as much as I could through the community's entries to see if this was already posted... so if it was, blame me for being stupid and missing the post. XD;

Oh yes, and happy spring. ♥
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Hagaren Colour Bars

I knows there's enough Fullmetal Alchemist colour bars out there to make a list, so I decided to make one so we can add it in the memory section and everything XD!

Comment with the link to your colour bar and I'll add it on! If more people make it in the future and post it on the community, I'll add it to this list myself without you having to comment on this entry ^_^

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Attack of the Teddog

Yet ANOTHER Colour Bar.

A while back I made a little Fuery colour bar for myself. I've been too shy to post it until now, but after some (okay, a TON of) arm twisting from my friends and sister, I've finally posted it to the public.

The duller colours and small bar size were planned. I can't stand ultra-massive, flashy bits of insanity 'cause I'm stupid like that.

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Boredom on Gaia

Heh If you remember I posted about a week or so ago my Gaia avatar, well bordom set in a little while ago and I ended up editing it (further) into a banner:

Thought I would just share the Edo love ^^
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croc: a striking resemblance to the sun
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Fullmetal Alchemist AND Gundam Wing crack! :O

I was locked in my room for a few hours and had nothing better to do. I mean, REALLY. I have no flicking clue how this thing came together. o__o oh lord, don't hurt meeee... it was the bunnies! *runs off crying*

NOTE: This includes my toys doing some NC-17 things. You have been warned. >.> There is also quite a few images, might take awhile to load.

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And now for a break from the insane mess: my Izumi coat is finally finished! This will be worn at the Ai-Kon 2005 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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ReccaCon 2005 Photos!! ^__^

Hehe! Finally uploaded some pictures us that Tim and EurobeatKing took. ^^ We didn't take that many pictures, but here's what we to show so far. I cosplayed as Edo, and Andrew cosplayed as Fuery. TimTim was just... there. XD TimTim is so cool. He keeps his hood up all day, and he does cool L poses with the thumb in his mouth and whatnot. ^__^; [L from DeathNote, for those that don't know.]

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Well, I hope you enjoy! ... XD AH HAHAHAHA!!1!... We're such losers. ._.;
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natsume- yep!

Scar/Al "Drabble"

I love Scar so much. I love the recent Scar/Al fanart posted by youkofujima. SO MUCH. In thanks for all her hard, hard work, I wrote fic (link leads to post in fma_yaoi; story posted in my fic journal lukassa as well).

Basic info: it's in two parts. The second part? Fairly naughty. Don't click if the term "NC-17" has any negative connotations for you.

Summary: What if Al was a sophomore student in a non-alchemical high school? And, say, Scar was his math teacher? WOULDN'T THAT BE CRACKTASTIC?
[seal] I'm an egg

[pic] (Scar/Al) Getting sick and tired of me yet? XD;

If that's the case, then this is the last pic that I'll be posting up for some time. On Monday (tomorrow, that is) I'll be leaving to study abroad in Japan. I'm not sure if I will get internet/scanner access for some time.

But worry not, people who have entered the drabble contest! I will go and mooch off someone's scanner even if I have to stand there embarrassed as hell scanning porn with their scanners! Or I'll draw the pages with oekaki if I have to (though, I'd feel like I'm cheating you).

Anyway, that's another Scar/Al pic. This one is rated R/NC-17, depending on your preferences.

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