March 19th, 2005

Requesting: FMA Song File - Roy Mustang

I've looked at a previous post with the torrent link to "FMA Song File- Roy Mustang", posted a while ago, but unfortunately that and the many other torrents which I've found doesn't seem to work anymore.

Can someone please send or tell me where I can possible get the song file?

Thank you in advance.

-muffins for everyone-
Let's be Bad Guys

FanArt and Reminder

Woosh! I bring y'all some Edo-sama fanart! Please be gentle...or not. It's not my favorite piece of Ed fanart but I still like it. I'll probably try to draw a better version later. ^-^

And just a reminder: I'm still taking orders for FMA bags. ^-^ Yes, you can still order one! I need money so please buy one and make me a happy person XDDD
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LoA - Matt

When Dogs Attack!

It was the funniest thing! Last night my friend and I were singing Paku Romi's cracktastic version of Melissa from the Radio Show, and my dog Cassie, litterally attacked me! She jumped, growled, and bit my arm! O_o

I guess dogs don't like craish songs.

Birds Crack

I can't believe I found the picture a few days ago and only had the idea to do this today! I edited 3 posters for "The Birds". If you seen the orignal picture you would see why I did these....

Collapse )

Sorry about the sizes on the last two...seems photobucket resized them >_< ....

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HI! ^^

My name is Ice and I am 19 years old. I love FMA and I am excited about this community so I have a question:

What happens to Edward and Al at the end? I am very impatient and i want to know sooo bad.

I sorry if any has already said...sorry...really..and I meant to give ocrapixel-san credit for this icon that makes me too happy.