March 16th, 2005

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What are the chances any of you have or can get a cap of the scene where Roy does his miniskirt rant and Havoc clings to his leg? ;_;

Desperately needed. As long as the dimensions aren't itty bitty, I'm good. I just need a clear shot of Havoc on Roy's leg. For... completely practical reasons. I assure you. >>;
Sensei is sleeeeeeepy!

Hughes Wallpaper

I whipped up a Hughes wallpaper last night- while making a Hellsing one, I just got in the wallpaper-making mood!

Maes Hughes Wallpaper

Anyway, just wanted to share the Hughes Love! (there aren't enough wallpapers with just Hughes! *pout*)

EDIT: link fixed- i did that to try and SAVE my photobucket bandwidth, but i guess it just wasn't meant to be!
KRF - Gen & Kengo Magnet

Episode icons?

Hello! A couple of weeks ago, someone posted a batch of icons, one from each episode, but since I hadn't watched the entire series at that time, I never looked at it. I wonder if you guys remember that post, and if you could please direct me to it? ^_^;; I would be ever so greatful...
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anime!Wrath fanlisting

The anime!Wrath fanlisting is back up after I finally figured out how to get it back up. Unfortunatly, my host has deleted ALL THE MEMBERS INFO so I'm starting from scratch.

So if you were an old member (or a new one), please go sign up. I'm really sorry about this. T___T

Scorned: Wrath fanlisting

Must I say that this contains spoilers for the anime? If you don't know who Wrath is, don't look since he's plastered all over the layout and such.

And on another note, I made this icon a long time ago but never found a way to introduce it for people to snag. So here it is:

Credit to wabisuke. Kthx.
[seal] I'm an egg

[pic] I'm going STRAIGHT to HELL for this.

Okay, so there was that drabble challenge, right? The one that I put up for the three Scar/Al pics that I drew?

Here's a sorta back-story...I got one entry so far (I'm hoping we'll get more X33) by jade_pen where it was REALLY steamy and sexy and all that stuff...and I got inspired.

This is not a prize pic, this is just a (lionhead) bunny that bit me in the foot while I was reading the fic cuz it kept mentioning that it was Mustang-sensei who shoved Al into the fuku, and Scar-sensei was all thankful for

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Alright, we all know how pairings have different names, like Yami x Bakura from YGO is 'Darkshipping' and stuff, well, I think that Fullmetal Alchemist has specific ship names too, right?

The only one that I've heard of is Razorblade-shipping, which is Roy x Riza. But what are some other pairings, like Maes x Roy, Ed x Roy, Winry x Ed, Winry x Al. You get what I mean, right? :D

Lain ♥
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AlxWinry - Summer Fun [by nalavashi]

Smexy!Roy picture

The other day I posted a bigger picture of the Ed card from the White Day handkerchief set. Went browsing through Y!J auctions again tonight and found the Roy one. Sadly, this picture isn't nearly as big as the Ed one. ;_;

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