March 14th, 2005


Huzzah, another piece from kawaiimae.

Title: Father
Author: kawaiimae
Rating: NC-17 for naughty, naughty things.
Pairing: Not what you think it is.
Summary: Ed has a father who does very bad things.
Feedback: Always appreciated.
Archive: Just lemme know.
To: devils_devotion, for ideas, beta, and the last line. I LOVE YOU.

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Girls Suck!

(no subject)

I would surely appreciate it if someone could take this beautiful pic ^_^ god i love it, and make it into a Friends only banner. Comment to be added thingy!

Lol Sigh i like wrath he is cooli and tell me that pic wouldnt be a perfect wallscroll. Ay let me calm down: P. So Anyways thanks People. I appreciate it!

love, Solo

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eh?  (adaneko)

More Movie News

This info is from

2nd Movie Ticket Sales Phase, Limited edition postcard set included

The 2nd phase of pre-release ticket sales will start in Japan on the 26th of March (Saturday). This time, any ticket purchase will include a postcard set. Stock is limited. Price of tickets: 1.300 yen for adults, 800 yen for children.

What is really strange about this is the postcards themselves. Check it out...

WARNING: Spoilers for the end of the series! DO NOT click if you haven't seen the whole thing!

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Murasaki Shikibu

Blah blah icons yeah

So, I've made lots of FMA icons. I'm not using a lot of 'em, so yeah, whatever enjoy if you want; just give me credit. ^_^ And warning, some contain cussin'. Oh, and? I have no *idea* where I got any of the original images from at this point. Alas.

1. 2. 3.

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mascot vote for Erie Con

Question: vote for your fav. mascot(s) (Voting closes: 16-03-2005, 23:42:34)

click on the images to see the bigger images, the images shown are small to save space.
the reason behind some being grouped as a pair is they go together so you have the chose to chose just one of the set or the whole set please vote honesty.

AlxWinry - Summer Fun [by nalavashi]

Smexy!Ed picture

I don't remember seeing this, but if it's already been posted let me know and I'll delete it. ^^;;

A couple weeks ago someone posted pictures of Ed & Roy handkerchief/candle/card sets. I was looking through Yahoo Japan auctions this morning and found a bigger picture of the Ed one. There's a glare in the corner of the pic, but it's still larger and nicer than the small one.

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Kuroshitsuji - Ciel

Play time!

Yay! I finally beat the FMA game...rather easily being level 32.

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If this doesn't belong here, feel free to delete it...or if it was posted before o.O
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Murasaki Shikibu

See, this is what happens when I'm too sick to go to work but not sick enough for bed.

I make icons.

Here are seven new icons--five I made today, one I just forgot to upload yesterday 'cause I'm a tard like that, and the one I'm using now, since as soon as the next bright, shiny object flashes before me, I'll change it. Anyway, genk if you want; credit is always nice, 'cause ego-stroking is Teh Yay. Some are slightly spoiler for the end of the series...if you are, that is, a wuss who hasn't been online or gone to image galleries, like, at all.


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Fanart ^^;;

Don't know if anyone has done this before, well it probably has been done already, but here's a FMA fanart modern, er, high school style: link. ^^;;; critique welcome!
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Spread the love!//D.Gray-Man

Sheet Music >.

Does anyone know where i can find sheet music?? i wanna play a song for an up coming concert (we're allowed to play whatever) Im not sure what song it is >.< but it plays (in piano) whenever Ed and Al have like a reflection/ past thing... thanks to anyone who knows where i can find it! ^_^
nyanko cherry biscuit

FMA Card Game announced

A FMA CCG is apparently in the works! Just what I don't need: another money-drain.

"This year, the United States market can expect to see English-language manga, novels, DVDs, toys, apparel, accessories, plush, figures, and now a TCG. " Article here.

(I didn't see any other announcements about this but I'll delete this post if it's old news.)
PH: Vincent manga

Somethin About the U.S. DVD's =)

I don't know if anyone else pointed this out yet or not, but I finally got the FMA Starter set thing today. So I was messing around with the DVD menus and stuff...And so...did you guys know you could view...alternate next episode previews by going to Episodes and by going down to the IV'th chapter of every episode and pressing the right button and an Ouroboro shows up and press enter! And voila! Let humor be~ :D I found them to be humorous, hee~ XD

Again if anyone has already mentioned this already it can be deleted. ^_____^;;;

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(no subject)

O_o I can't quite figure out where this idea came from. I think my brain exploded into crack or something. I tried to stop it but...but......

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*sobs* I'm sorry! I couldn't stop it!
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It IS possable

Hehe if you go to Gaia, you can even create FMA avatars (within reason of course... It would be too much to ask to get Ed's actual coat lol. Though they DO have a nice looking one that would work for Greed) X3

Lookie!! My Gaia Avatar:

I ish a female Edo XD!!

If you ever wondered (or if you haven't) how many colors I use to color Ed's hair (and most other hair I do), then here you go Damn Blonds ><
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