March 12th, 2005

Stupid question but...


I'm new to the community, but I have a few questions XD Please bear with me~

I'm a bit lost to the translations of a few terms (I'll worry about chemical/tool stuff later XD). What does 練成/rensei mean in the dubbed version? I got it translated as training or drilling but that makes no sense when talking about changing/alcheming stuff。 I heard "trasmute" but I don't know what that means^^; Also, Roy said that all the state alchemists get the watch(?) and a nickname- what's everyone else's nickname?

Thanks for reading~
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(no subject)

Yay, I finally can contribute to the community! ^^ Being the crack head I am, I made 46 icons of this great series. :D E

Enjoy. Someday I'll have a actual post.

46 Fullmetal Alchemist
19 Inuyasha
7 Family Guy

(OMG fake cut!)

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FMA Game 2 Song

I don't know if this has ever been asked before or not, but I am pretty sure it hasn't.


Does anyone know what the Second Hagaren game song is called? Or even where to download it? I appreciate this greatly. Jya!

Manga search help

I've managed to track down pretty much all the chapters of FMA. My previous collection got deleted. The only chapter I can't track down is Chapter 42. Every time I do find it it doesn't unzip propperly. Can anyone get this to me? My email address is

And of course I'm perfectly willing to help others find the manga. Here's all the sites I used to download it (torrent for some):

Thanks in advance for the help
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(no subject)

Since sailormac Wanted to know if Fury was Austin Powers, I give you...."The Sin Who What Me?" I found out that "The Spy who Shagged me" Poster was easier to edit then the others even if I couldn't find the right font and that many pictures of Fury. But non the less I hope it's okay....

I also have a proto type edit of the first movie poster with Hughes called "International Family man of mystery" But that ones sort of stupid....But I'll post it if you want to see it....

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too sexy [by neko90]


Made some new icons this morning so I thought I'd share them. There were also some older ones that I never posted here so I added those in too.

18 icons - Warning: some contain end of series spoilers Collapse )

Since I didn't see anyone else mention it, I also thought I'd point out that the official FMA site updated a couple days ago with some new pictures in the gallery. And if someone did point it out, just ignore my stupidity. ^_^;
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fullmetal alchemist on ds

I was checking my gmail and i saw "Fullmetal alchemist comes to DS" on the side and I was like WTF! i didnt notice that before.

so, i dont know if this has been posted her or not but heres the link

There is going to be a DS game based on the series.

and while i'm at it, would anyone like a gmail addy, i have 47 invites, leave a comment with your current email addy
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Envy fig. anyone?

I have an extra full color Envy figure from the second series of the Trading Arts series, so I'm offering it here. $10 plus $5 shipping. Ethier reply here or email me at if you are intrested.  Will go to the first offer. Thank you ^^
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3 Icons

I come bearing iconage! Only three. Fuery-fandom('cause Fuery needs more love<3), Havoc with a report, and the all-loved Star Wars line gone wrong!

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+Credit is optional. But remember, love your icon makers, your icon makers love you!
+Enjoy. ^^
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