March 9th, 2005

Murasaki Shikibu

Random drabble.

It's really short. I just needed to veg out my brain a bit. X-posted to my personal journal and fma_sanity. This is also my first FMA fanfic-ette (it's not big enough for fic. Definitely drabble), so, whee.

Not really spoiler. OK, yeah, it could work as "foreshadowy" if you kinda squint really hard, but not spoiler.

Title: In dreams
Rating: This is pretty tame, so G, I guess, only...not. Yeah. Uh...I dunno, A for Al!Angst?
Pairings: None
Summary: Al dreams.

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KAMINA ✰ All the things that you never


This entry goes along similarly with This post.

Scientists at Stamford in California have gotten the okay from their ethics board to begin an experiment. They will take stem cells from aborted fetuses and grow a human brain inside a mouse. This has raised (obviously) many ethical questions in the general public. The ethics board did stipulate, however, that if the mouse shows human behavior, such as problem solving, then the experiment must be terminated.

My immediate thought was, of course, OMGWTFBBQ NINA TUCKER O_O. I then got over it. Your thoughts?

EDIT: [10:56Central]
It has now been said that the reason for these experiments is the hopes of finding a possible cure for parkinses disease and/or alz theimer's (Damn my spelling).
And also, yes. This subject does lead to the inevitable "Pinky? Are you pondering what I'm pondering" line. The people I heard talking about it made so many references to it. XD
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(no subject)

Studying math…

“Marco is four times as old as Lindsay (Ed..? XD). In six years, he will be three times her age. How old will Marco be in six years.”

There’s nothing like cross-referencing anime to schoolwork to brighten your day. XD
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[Fanart] Namida Ch 13 Title Page

It is done!! XD

Characters: Envy & Ed
Rating: PG
Original art: by auronthefallen; found here.
Warnings: None with the exception of mild angst. XD

This was done as an illustration for my ficcie, Namida. And since we both love how it came out, it's now the title page for chap 13 whenever I finish that. ^-^; Anyway, here it is, and hope you like!

(Follow the Fake LJ-cut...)

Comments very appreciated. ^-^(::shamless comment whore::)

x-posted to fm_alchemist, envy_x_ed, and my own journal.
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Sakura Con

It's coming up! The Sakura Con! Yaaay

Who's going? I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I'll be going as Edward Elric. I'll probably be the only Edo hanging out with a Naruto group (Assuming there's more than one ), being carried around/near by the Anko of the group. XD

I'm also going as Uchiha Obito, too. But that's unfma related.

FMA Ceramics

I'm taking ceramics class and we're getting ready to do a teapot project. Thing is I asked if I could make two mugs to go along with the teapot as extra stuff (not in the same theme, but still), my Prof said sure... If you know where I'm going with this, I'm going to be making a BIG Al mug in the shape of his Chibi head (using the pompador as the handle) and a "small but not too small" Mug of Ed's chibi Head (using the braid as the handle) X3... I can't wait cause we start the Teapots next week XD!!!

And yes, I will be posting pics as soon as I get the mugs home ^_^ (Which should be around the end of the month)
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Mustang...Roy Mustang....

I got the idea to do this from this post. The little saying at the top of the poster also came from the same post. But the rest I came up on my own.

The only reason I named it "Dr. Marco" is because it's a "Dr. No" poster and the title from the post wouldn't have worked....

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What do you think?
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Help with finding alchemy arrays

I looked around on the community and the net for about an hour, but I couldn't find anything. So, I have something to ask you guys. :O

Does anyone know where to find a HUGEASS picture of the human transmutation circle? I'm trying to draw it on the cover of my sketchbook, and I know what the text says (I've read Ripley's Recapitulation of The Twelve Gates many times XD), but I need it in better detail than a measly 300x300px jpeg.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Edit: Someone found it for me. Thanks, guys! ^^
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