March 8th, 2005


FMA IRL... OMGWTFBBQ. Peektures!

You know you're obsessed with FMA when...
1. You draw arrays all over your desk at school (pictures forthcoming, as soon as I remember to bring my digital camera to school)
Edit: Here. ^_^ My desk is now prettyful!
2. You draw Kimblee's tattooes on your own hands and go around whacking people and telling them they've just exploded,
3. You have a sparkly Hagaren choker (I bought it at night market. It was the DIY, pick-the-letters-yourself kind of booth.)
4. When your mom allows you to paint the walls at home, this is the result.

And also... does anyone know where to find transcripts or sound clips of the FMA dubs? (If there are any at all... >_>;;;) I live on the wrong side of the planet. ;_;
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Sorry about this

Heh, I'm really sorry about this everyone, but around Valentine's Day someone posted a link to a free layout they were offering. It had little pictures of the manga characters at the top and other characters along the side. I replied to the journal and made a request, but I lost the link and never got to thank them for it. I'm so ashamed and I feel really rude, and I didn't get a response e-mailed to me because my email has been down since Feb 5 and I keep putting off fixing it ^_^;

So, I checked memories and nothing showed up; I would have just gone back manually but the entry page gets quite messed up after a few days back. I apologize for the spam, I just never found out who to thank.

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Subliminate much?

This week is state standardized testing for us on the East Coast, and yesterday we had the science portion of the test. I was filling in the little multiple choice bubbles, la-dee-da, when, lo and behold, I come upon a question that sounds similar to this:

"Hundreds of years ago, alchemists tried to make common base metals into gold and silver. Why is this impossible?"

ALCHEMY! I spazzed out. I do believe that the NJ Board of Education watches FMA; otherwise, why would they include that particular question? Sublimate much, NJBOE?

(I would also like to add that in one of my open ended, I managed to sneak in some FMA: ".....thus, explaining that which is lost. Not exactly stand-outtish and very subliminal, but it amused me nonetheless that I could manage to sneak FMA in there.)
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Needing Help

well i'm looking for an icon by pdutogepi, it was from "The Other Elric Brother's Part 2. Edwards i like i haven't killed someone in awhile wanna watch. really funny, sorry to take up, but when i tried to look back the pages were always messed up. thanx
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Hagaren bag

Since all the Florida high school kiddies are taking FCAT and I don't have to until tomorrow, I made my day off useful and filled it with Hagaren craft making! I had this totebag thingie laying around so I decided to spiff it up. Here's a picture of my creation:

I like it! It has Edo and a bean on one side and Alu with a kitty on the other. Hopefully, if I can get another bag, I'll do one of Roy and Riza. I'm thinking Roy and a miniskirt on one side and Riza and Black Hayate on the other. ^-^ Then I'll do one of the sins, maybe two XDD and the other military and...*keeps rambling for hours*

Anywho, if anyone likes it enough to want one, I'm considering selling some with the characters of your choice on it. I haven't thought of prices or anything yet, but it won't be too much. So leave comments and such and let's see what happens!


Inspired by the EnvyxEd fic Namida, by essenceofmalice. It's been lacing itself through my mind for months now, so its only natural that I would want to illustrate.

<<...>> This will be cg'ed later by her, I just don't know how to do it myself ^_^;

Collapse )

Desk arrays :: A little bit like fanart?

My entire desk plus a random paper crane.
Random pretty, complicated details. The last pic was outlined by my artist friend, who sits next to me on that side of the table. (But I drew the lightbulb. She didn't get it. ;_; I am surrounded by FMA-ignorant people...)

Random crackish moment:
My mom cooked shrimp for dinner a few minutes ago.
I'm going to go downstairs to eat dinner as soon as I post this. And I'm going to be thinking "Ed... Ed... Ed..." with every bite.
O_o;;;;;; FMA (potentially) ruined my dinner!
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Cosplaying as Sloth and... FMA brushes?

Hey, Megan here. <3

I'm planning on cosplaying as Sloth in an upcoming convention, but I don't really have a lot of pictures to work from. ;; Anyone have any good, cosplay-worthy images of her (preferably her outfit/dress)? I'd really appreciate links or whatever.

Oh, and on a different subject - I think I saw some download-able FMA brushes somewhere before. You know, with the ouroboros symbol and etc? Does anyone know where I can download them?

Thanks in advance. :3
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MegaCon photos

Ok, I promised y'all that I would post pictures of my friend and me with Al at Megacon...well, my friend beat me to it so I'll post HIS pictures! The first one features me (as Winry) and my friend (as Edo) with Al. Yes, I am under his loincloth. *grin*

This one has me lifting up Alu's cloth so that his glory may shine to all!

I'll probably get more soon, so enjoy these for now! ^-^
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super serious arting

(no subject)

Icon offerings. 8D

Rules? Comment if you take/like/whatever. Credit isn't required, but love your icon makers and we'll love you back.

01. 02. 03. 04.

If you like these, you can find the rest here.
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:D - Deadpool
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Hi all,

I made a picture, just now, and I want you to click on the link and see, and tell me your opinion. (Here, in comment, or in deviantart, if you've an account.) It's the first time I draw anything for FMA, so pls, be nice.

Its rating is G, and the character is Greed. Go to devART!
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