March 5th, 2005

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Pocketwatch Question

I am looking at buying one of the pocketwatches on ebay (I don't have the money to get the real thing for $300 T.T) but there seems to be like three diferent versions and I was wondering which was best?

Theres one that comes just the watch in a case, one that comes with the watch and a necklace in the case and once that seems to come in a tin can o.0

Anybody buy and of these any what did ya think of them?

Sankyu in advance!!
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Out of Random

keylah and I have throught up of a new here it is.


v. mus·tanged, mus·tang·ing, mus·tangs


1. To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness. 2. To procrastinate.
"I have mustanged my thesis. And now it's due in three weeks and doesn't exist."

v. tr.

To postpone or delay needlessly (see procrastinate).

[From a character who fits this meaning on Full Metal Alchemist.]
mus·tang·tion n.
mus·tang·or n.

Posted in a few FMA comms I'm in.

Credit sannask for the example sentence.
KH; OT3; its simple & clean.


A friend of mine sent me a gift in the mail a few days ago, I finally got my fingres on it this morning and seeing as how she wouldn't tell me what it was ( only that it was BIG ) I now know why. I took some pictures of it and they're under the cut. XD ~

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FMA manga edits o_o;

Manga edits.

(It's written on the first page of the edit, but just for the heck of it...)

DISCLAIMERS: Art (c) Hiromu Arakawa, scans from Toriyama World and
This manga edit is done with the aid of arranging panels around. All panels from somewhere in volume 2 of the manga. Only a few are actually edited (actually altered the image) and those have captions. And theres an "All your base" thing which you probably wont get and wont care about XD

WARNING: Crack pairing. o_o; RoyxEdxARMSTRONG?!??...!?! *IS BLINDED* T^T But at least its spoiler free XD
OTHER: Reads right to left.

An Alchemist's Anguish (Editing by Kaori, thought up by both Akari and Kaori, the title is somewhat irrelevant......)
then... Al is concerned.

Other (unrelated oneshots...) Hawkeye is concerned. Edward is concerned. (right?)

...Since a lot of the stuff going on is random, I dont know if you'd get it all. As for the second extra... Hope you get the sneezing thing. "You Sneeze When Someone Talks About You" is some sort of a Japanese culture thing which you probably saw in anime several times, I think. If not, just think of that edit as a Naruto thing. Overused phrases: "Ano hi... Ano hito... Ano koto... Ano jutsu... Omoshiroi... Naruhodo! Masaka!"

-Kaori who was [most] probably on crack when she did this.
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A call for submissions!

Hi all! I'm more of a lurker in this comm than a poster, but today I'm out soliciting fanfics. :P

I'm creating a Royai-only (Mustang/Hawkeye, Roy/Riza, Royai, whatever you care to call it) fanfiction archive. If any of you have ever written this pairing and would like to submit a fic or three (as many as you like!) please direct them in HTML format over to along with a 1-2 line bio of yourself, e-mail address, and a link to your website/FFN profile/whatever. ^_^

Hoping to see some of you contribute! The site should be operational within the next few days. :)
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(no subject)

cherryfoi: Me: What are you going to do when you find the Philosophers Stone, finally?
cherryfoi: Ed: I'm going to Disney World!


God bless the FMA Dub room.
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(no subject)

Uh...I apologize for this, I really do. XD

I have a cold, and the other night, I was very bored. So I read fairytales. It came to my attention that in this ILLUSTRATED book, the Hansel in Hansel and Gretel looked very much like Edward...SO I WOVE A BEAUTIFUL STORY. <3
WARNING: It may seem normal at first...but then it all goes horribly wrong. XD That was also around the time I took some stronger cold medicine, so everything looks kind of squiggly as well.

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