March 3rd, 2005

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Hot Topic meets FMA

I don't know if this was posted before but you can delete if such was the case. Just wanted to let people learn that what I learned from the Katsucon Funimation staff was true and that Hot Topic now sells FMA shirts. From what I saw, there are two types. A black one with the array and Ed and Al on the front, and a red one with the array on the front and Ed's symbol on the back.

Happy shopping, alchemists!
Evil Genius

Almost forgot - Magical Style Generator

I appreciated folks liked my Alchemist Title Generator, and actually forgot to post this when I released it - despite the fact FMA had provided me some of my ideas!

Magical Style Generator - Creates styles of magic, usually with a fantasy-standard twist, but I thought it may work well for folks trying to whip up Original Alchemists.

(And, Original Alchemists would be a GREAT name for a band. And no, no plans for an album cover).

Anyone Want and FMA RP?


I have something of a strange question. I created an RP for FMA over on yahoogroups with the full intention of getting it going. I've managed to recruit a couple of members who are anxious and ready to start playing -- the only problem is I've just recently had more responsibilities given to me at work and I am no longer able to run the game. I don't want to close it down, so my question is : does anyone want to run/own the RP? I would be more than willing to transfer all control over to whoever would like to take over.

If you're interested, please reply here or drop me an email ( for the plot or whatever else you would like to know.

Thanks everyone.
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KAMINA ✰ All the things that you never

Only 2..

So, I was rewatching some episodes, and saw some things that HAD to be made into icons. I've only got two of them unfortunately. But, since they aren't spoilerific, I shall leave them without cut.

1. 2.

think what you will of the Al/Bunny one. If you want the base, I can post it up here tomorrow. (I don't have much time today) Also, number 2, I did NOT edit that image. At all. Rewatch the episode and see for yourself if you have it. It's episode 28. So yah.
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Sakura Silk - refreshisama

More pics...

Someone posted a few scans of trading cards from an auction site the other day on the community, and I was looking on ebay last night and found that there are a few more cards that belong to that same set that we didn't get to see...

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And now that my fangirling is done for the day... *bows out*
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^__^ I am back with another question today.

I bought the FMA DVD Vol. 1 the other day, and saw the lovely little insert book they added. (FUNimation surprised me muchly. O_O)

I dunno if it's been said, but has anyone scanned the book yet? I would myself, but I don't have a flatbed scanner, and I'd have to tear the book apart to scan it. ;_;
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DW - Eleven

Ed comic

I was debating on posting this. It's more of an inside joke between my best friend and myself. However, if you're in college or even high school... I'm sure you can relate.

It's a quick, sketch comic I did to illustrate this joke... Ed's hands are a bit off in the "boom" panel, please forgive me ^^;; Also, the class in question is Theories of Literature. Ed strikes me as one who would know how to deconstruct Faulkner, no? lol.


ETA: If the above link doesn't work for you, a smaller version is under this cut. It's the biggest I can get it, though, so ideally you'll want to see the link instead.
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Hope you enjoy - :3
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(no subject)

So, I was going to get some food yesterday and I walked past my college's performing arts building and noticed that the name of our theatre is the Louis Armstrong Theatre. I cracked up laughing and I think several people passing me thought I was crazy. I can't believe I walk past that place everyday and just noticed that.

EDIT: Yes, I know that Louis Armstrong is a real person...
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Let&#39;s be Bad Guys

Curious but possibly stupid question

I don't exactly know how to ask this but why do some people put a space between full and metal in the title? I don't get it. If memory serves me correct, the original logo has fullmetal as one word, as do the manga title and merchandise tags. Is it just a mistake in knowledge along the line from fan to fan, or could it go either way? Sorry for such as obsessive and possibly stupid question, but I must know. ^-^;; It really bugs the hell out of me XDDD;
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Fullmetal Folly

To whom it may concern:

A small group of dedicated FMA fans have begun a roleplaying game on Greatestjournal. It is meant to be the FMA roleplaying game to end all. Why? Because we are collectively /tired/ of RPs that overflow with lame Mary Sues and Marty Stus, players who can't spell or stay IC or even stick with a plot, and have no storyline or direction.

Fullmetal Folly is a post-series roleplay that follows its own timeline, taking what information we have so far about the movie and running with it in its own direction. It is planned to be finite, with a definite plot and an ending. And it is looking for talented, dedicated writers to flesh out the ranks.

Interested?
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Kuroshitsuji - Ciel


I decided to be random and attempt to make an icon...mind you this is my first time making one.  Be gentle...

Oh...and leave a comment if you want to use it...(not like you'll really want it sucks...)

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Pensive Bones

(no subject)

Two days until Kunicon. My friends and I are running around with our heads cut off panicking, trying to figure out what is going on. My parents are angry about having to take us, we have no idea how we're picking people up and Liz is dying of some kind of coughing sickness (::quietly goes to see if it is not too late to change her name for someone else to go in her place:: 0=D)


Here are the pictures of the jars I promised:

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They look much better from a distance.

I'm so never using glass paint EVER again.

Somebody on asked for this...

Title: Shadowed sunlight
Authors: kira_k & okami_hu
Rating: R
Genre: hetsmut
Warning: rape
Pairing: Kimbley & Hawkeye
Summary: "Oh, I thought it was clear, what I wanted... A body, not necessarily willing. And you're pretty enough."
Word count: 8600

Shadowed Sunlight

x-posted to kira_k & okami_hu & fma_fiction & fma_het & fm_alchemist & probably _rizahawkeye_

Feedback is always greatly appreciated. Oh, the fic isn't beta-ed, squint at the mistakes.
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Iron Man // i am

Attempt at Iconage

A single icon inspired by the recently-linked Fullmetal Bean (spoilers for episode 25). I've been planning on making a batch of icons sometime soon, but this one caught my interest and I had to do it right away. I'm not at all experienced at iconing, but I like the idea of this one.

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Bring in the crack

And finally I have FMA chibi comic #3 entitled "Ed-In-The-Box" completed and ready for your viewing pleasure ^_^

And even though I do crack on Ed's height once again in this comic, I actually love him for the size that he is....The CUDDLE size X3!! *cuddles Edward*

I ish a crazy fangirl

Next comics to be drawn will be:

"Sin-Mixes" and "Lost and Found"
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