March 2nd, 2005


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Well, ladies and gents, it's that time of year again. Time for- you guessed yet- yet another Full Metal Alchemist RPG.


At current, we only have three players; Roy/Envy, Ed, and Al. Information about the game itself is available at the community, and I would love to see some of you there.

Parents say the darnedest things.....

Me: *Shows him the Chibi group picture*
Dad: Oh, it's Full Metal Aspirin!
Me: Well at least you didn't say Full Metal Dentist... (Referring to dragonscholar's Crack idea post)
Dad: Well then wouldn't that be Full Metal Orthodontist then?
Me: *Sarcastic* HaHa...

Well the other's were shareing their parent's comments, so why not....I really don't know how to take that comment though. I mean it sounds like he doesn't like it. But then again...this is coming from the guy who called Gojyo (From Saiyuki) Axl Rose. So who knows what he ment...I just thought I'd share....
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Ed Fanart

I really don't like doing fanart. Mainly because I have a hard time drawing characters that don't belong to me. But this image jumped at me last night about 3 in the morning and I had to do it. It's crap-tastic and I know it. So don't remind me.

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The mechanics of Alchemy.

I have only seen four first eps of FMA, and read fanfiction, so forgive me if this has been explained elsewhere.

The actual laws of alchemy have been driving me insane:

1. While an alchemist usually has to touch the circle, I have seen Al perfrom at least one transmutation without doing that. So, does that mean that it is possible to learn to activate it without touching it? (I am not talking about Ed, who is a special case.)

2. Ed has to touch his hands together to activate his alchemy. Does it have to be hands? Would a touch to his, say, leg do as well?

3. When an alchemist touches the circle, does he have to touch it with his hands?

4. The change of water into wine, or lead into gold does not impress Ed much, probably meaning it's an easy transmutation. Still, that's actually a change at a molecular level. Does it mean that Ed is actually capable to figure out what materials his target consists of? And if he can change materials at a molecular level, why does he have to have certain materials for a transmutation, for instance the *exact* chemical composition in order to create a human body?

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^^ Okay, I have a question. I know a lot of the members in this community probably has a mobile phone (who doesn't nowadays? <.< >.>), but I wanted to know, had anyone ever looked up and/or found any ringtone websites that actually had anime songs on it?

I thought about it early yesterday while I was having my new Sprint phone activated, and was like "man, I'd like some anime ringtones."

So anyone know anything about finding them?

Thanks so much. ^__^

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I had to post this X3

Ok if anyone is interested in knowing how long an FMA marathon would be, it is a total of 17 strait hours of nothing but FMA (That's 3 eps an hour if you don't count the intros and endings). And for anyone who wants to know WHY I know this, it's because I shall be doing my own little FMA marathon this weekend with 5-7 other people who have never seen the series besides 1 or 2 eps of the dub on Cartoon Network (Hai, hai, we shall be enjoying the Fansub for all that it is worth!!) I'm gonna turn 5-7 other humans into obssesed FMA freaks like the rest of us on the board XD!!!!!
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I know this is going to sound very stupid but o well, i was wondering if anyone could help a very non artist try to draw fma characters like if anyone has any tips.I tried and i was proud but it did not look very good so I'm just wondering if anyone could help me out thanks in advance
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Does anyone know where I could find screencap(s) from whatever episode the picture in this icon came from?

Whoever has this icon -- I only take icons because they're cool/make me laugh/etc., not to use myself. I don't even remember which FMA community I found this one in. I'm sure someone here knows...

Anyway, I got all the screencaps I could from Devil's Nest, but nothing like that was in there. In fact, any screencaps that aren't there would be appreciated, especially of Greed and company (and Kimberly). I'm a whore for screencaps. :D

Also, I know people have seen the whole series, while the rest of us are stuck watching one episode a week on Adult Swim. Where else can you find it? I thought only one of the DVDs was out...
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Interrogations, ah, I know...

Greetings FMA obsessed people, I only managed to get up until the episode after Envy causes the demise of a rather important character and then FMA got licensed and the only places where I managed to find the episodes able for download took quite a bit too long for my horrid computer. [Which crashed awhile ago thus I lost every episode and manga download I had...] Now that the first DVD is out I’ve watched the foremost episodes again and I’ve come across a few questions that either A) are explained later, B) I apparently missed due to my horrid memory, or C) Are to be guessed upon?

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I know, this is probably an irritating first entry and I apologize for that and if these have been inquired before. I would like to add that Fullmetal Alchemist is probably one of, if not the most thought-out anime I’ve ever seen within my entire short life, though… just for a positive note, heh.
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FMA Photoshoot. May 21, 2005 Central Park NYC

Hey guys!! It's me again. Just a quick update for those of you who want to come to the photoshoot that's being planned. We have a deffinet date and time now. The event will be held on Saturday May 21, 2005. Meeting time will be at 11 am at the 7th Ave entrance to the park. All the information can be found here FMA Photoshoot website For those of you that are coming or wish to come or are just curious, hop on over to the website and drop us a line. I would like to start getting a confirmed attendee list going so if you want to join us, just drop me a line with your name and who you'll be attending as. Also we are looking for a few volunteers who would want to help with picnic setup, and random minial tasks (yay gophers!). anywho, a link to the website has been added to the sidebar of the community thank to Arex-kun, so if you want to pimp out the info, go for it. ok that's all for now. Hope to see alot of you in May! BYE!
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Automail question

Alrighty, for any out there who have made the actual automail, has anyone tried to do it out of aluminum sheets? I really want to know how HARD it is going to be to fashion the arm (and leg) out of aluminum..... Many thanks in advance ^_^

P.S: I already know about making it out of foam, but I REALLY want some nice automail for my cosplay costume (I have until September to make the automail and the rest of my outfit)
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Kunicon STL is in three days! Well, two but my friends and I can only go up on Saturday. And, because I'm such a great slacker, I've waited until tonite to put together all my stuff for the convention.

I made a Hagaren hoodie and painted the flamel on two little glass jars. The jars are for Chris and Vic, and I'm putting candy in them and I'm gonna try to bride Chris into telling me what his role his. He said he wouldn't tell be... we shall see >D

Sadly, I dont have any pictures of them yet. My camera is on the fritz and sending off the flash all the time. So, pictures tomorrow.

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No, I didn't draw this. I made a stencil! =D

I <3 my Stencil. I did toss it though... so I guess I didn't love it that much. It was nasty. And not worth saving. But I <3 my new hoodie!

I'll go away now.


Heya guys Iam new to this FMA Community and Iam also new to the FMA Series.. Ive only seen 4 episodes because I bought vol.1 for DVD and waiting for Vol.2. this Community already looks cool and bright. And I have one question. Does FMA realy only have 51 episodes. and if so just tell me, but dont ruin the series for me. Well, thanks guys and wish me luck and I hope we all become good friends ^_^;
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