February 26th, 2005


A discussion of fancrack?

Well I've enjoyed seeing the insanity and crack here. And thanks to you folks, I started a separate thread on it.

I moderate a community called fanthropology, the ressurection of an old mailing list group, dedicated to discussing fandom and fan culture. After seeing all the crack here, I decided for our usual "Friday Fun Time" to start a thread JUST on weird stuff seen in fan culture:


Thought you folks may provide some . . . interesting insights. I already mentioned the Cookies there ;)

Just more crossover crack: FMA/Bleach

In the series Bleach, one of the main characters, Rukia, is an ancient Shinigami (death god) in the body of a 15-year-old girl. And this 15-year-old girl's body she's in happens to be very, very short. So short that she'd almost make a certain other character we all know and love look... tall.

So I got to speculating with one of my friends about this on AIM tonight, and ended up with a little Photoshop paint crack doodle:

OMG their love is so chibi. <3 (Link to my journal.)

Questioning of the brain

Ok, I actually have a music/band question:

If anyone on here watches Naruto also, doesn't the band Asian Kung-Fu Generation who sings Rewrite sound exactly like a band that is used for one of the opening songs for Naruto O.o!?!

Pairing system

So, I was reading this post earlier today (by thorne_scratch, I think) about naming pairings with psudochemistry instead of, say, AlxWinry or the old namesmoosh of Alwinry or Alry (or the japanese Ed/Winry being 503), for example. It would be like a chemical bond of AlWi. Except that in this fandom it can be taken one step further. Elricest could be AuAg. ^_^

But what would others be? Ed's gold (Au), Al's silver (Ag)- would Roy be oxygen (O) (because for a combustion reaction that has to be there)? I strongly suspect Envy would be mercury (Hg). Lust could be arsenic (As), Greed could be carbon (C) for obvious reasons, Gluttony could be... Some kind of acid. NaOH? HCl? Basque Gran is obviously iron (Fe). Kimberley can be potassium (K). Fits his name and his... Er, reactivity. Scar can be strontium (Sr) just because of the name.

:) I have too much time on my hands.
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Did you KNOW-

There's a movie called "Tucker"?

It's about this man by the same name who made cars by the same name. Less than fifty of the cars were made.

Anyway, the point is, Tucker = Shou Tucker? XD I spazzed when I heard the name. And the famous Airplane maker, Howard Hughes showed up, too.

Anyway- Tucker is a good movie, but is not actually FMA related. *sob*

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My fabulous new roy mustang figure!!!

It came in peices so i had to assemble him myself (much groping was involved.)

after i finished putting him together i was looking at it (my mom and I were in the car) and i said:

Me: Look how much detail there is!! There's even a bulge where his hand is in his pants!

Mom: ...o_O

Me: ...POCKET. yes pocket. >>;

Mom: *laughing like crazy*
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