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25 February 2005 @ 10:20 am
I've only got one icon, but consider it a preview of a songset I'm working on.

Spoilers for Ep. 25Collapse )
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Yuuki Hikari
25 February 2005 @ 12:34 pm
Eh, I haven't plugged my fic in a while ^^

Fic Title: He Who Searches For Himself
Chapter Title: An Omnipresent Void
Chapter#: Chapter 62 (11th installment in the series)
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG
Spoilers: A whole lot o_ó. No fanfiction for you if you haven't seen epi 51!
Summary: ... mmm... tastes like spoilers >_>. Though you do need to read the rest of the fic to know what's happening.
Previous Chapters: ...Chapter 60 (Ch. 9), Chapter 61 (Ch. 10). I started numbering at Chapter 52 (episode # that would be after FMA ended).

( fake LJ cut! )

*runs to work*
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25 February 2005 @ 01:56 pm
I have seen something in the "Suncoast" store today. It sort of looked like booster pack for cards with FMA pictures on the packages. Unfortunately all the writing was in Japanese, so I have no clue what they are. Anybody here knows what I am talking about?
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25 February 2005 @ 03:57 pm


sorry for this, but i'm too excited... and its my b'day too!! x_x
Yeah, sorry it's WAY late, but you'll get another one to have fun with tomorrow!


Caption THIS:Collapse )
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Imagination at it's finest
25 February 2005 @ 05:46 pm
Ok I found some FMA flash stuff on DivinatArt, and I know people will love XD:

Another crack about Ed's Height... Did he grow!?!

Mooo..... XD

It's all crack-tastic!!
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25 February 2005 @ 07:23 pm

Who's seen "Sakura Wars"/"Sakura Tasien"?

You know the Dandy gang? Yeah, what if our own Colonel Roy Mustang was in the Dandy Gang?

BOOOOOM! :D That's what!!

No, seriously, you know the dance number they do patrolling their borders? X3 They like, snap in rythym through the whole thing? XD
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25 February 2005 @ 07:30 pm

Spoilers for last week's episode!

sorry for the lined paper and sorry it's so sketchy and crap (did it in math class)



SHOUNEN-AI EDxROY I like them together and yet at the same time i really cant picture it o_O this is also a quick crappy sketch done in school.

Hey....has anyone noticed that Ed and Dark Mousy (DNAngel) have the same fashion sense? *shot*
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25 February 2005 @ 08:03 pm

I came bearing gift:

Title: Period
Character focus: Martel
Gen drabble

Link to my journal

x-posted to fma_100 and fma_fiction and fm_alchemist
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25 February 2005 @ 08:16 pm
sweetyandlucky1 (Akemi/Coffee Can, if you go to the chat) and I decided to write down all the FMA characters we could think of, cut out each name individually and pull two names out of a hat to make a pairing. Crack ensued. <3

XDCollapse )
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I watched the stars crash in the sea.
25 February 2005 @ 10:06 pm
YES this is related. Trust me.

(Fake LJ-cut!)

Hopefully, more to come.
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Imagination at it's finest
25 February 2005 @ 10:46 pm
Raise your hands HIGH!!!

And no, no wallpapers tonight because I was drawing crack X3!! (You either get wallpapers and icons, or crack.... Not both lol)

Edit: Ok I do have a wallpaper that is made from the chibi Ed and Al ^_^ (colored and everything!!)... But keep in mind I stayed up until 2:30am to color it lol XD

As always, Please enjoy
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Bringing Order into your Chaos
25 February 2005 @ 10:49 pm
Other people do this as well, so... Check out this: fma_mercenaries

Come in, take a look around - you won't regret if you choose to stay! ^^
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deus ex moe
25 February 2005 @ 10:53 pm
Hi! 8D; Uh, I don't know if this has been asked before, but I was wondering - does anyone know what that 'Whoa-oh-oh' song was called? And er, does anyone know where I can get it? 8D;; Thanks in advance!
run-on sentence
25 February 2005 @ 11:48 pm
Hello, my name is Shan, and I'm an Edward Elric cosplayer.

And well... there's a certain coffee shop at my community college that always screams to me that "EDWARD ELRIC SHOULD WORK HERE" because of its lovely, cracktacular name.

Because of a con I'm attending this weekend, I had to attend my classes in my Edward costume today. PERFECT OPPORTUNITY.

Thus, this HAD to be done...Collapse )

That is all. X333
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