February 23rd, 2005

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Okay, remember how in the past I talked about the packs of FMA collector's cards I bought at Waldenbooks? (Others have reported getting them from Borders.)

These are the cards that come only 3 to a pack, and they are roughly the size of index cards (larger than regular cards, but smaller than a post card).

Well, I cleaned out Waldens and still didn't complete the set, and they don't seem to be getting any more in.

So my request is: Anyone have some extras they want to trade?

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If people want, I can even tell you what character are on the cards...
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Last post of the day

It seems I post here in bulk O_o Things just seem to build themselves up overnight for me and this comm ^^;;

So, I was thinkin. I have a robe. I could very easily turn it into Ed's jacket for crosplay purposes. But, seeing as I'm a lazy bitch, do I really want to go into the work? I have posted under the cut a photo with whatever changes would have to be made (the fact I need to take the bottom of the thing up about 4 inches isn't shown). Just wanting an opinion.

And yes, that is me. It's the only picture you'll ever see of me. So savor it.

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FMA Movie Wallpaper Attempt

I took the FMA movie scans someone posted yeterday and decided they should be a wallpaper <3!! Pardon the suxyness but yeah....my compy is on the fritz and I am at a lack of good editing software. If anyone...*coughcough* teklaofmidgardr *coughcough* can help with the annoying side text that would be great!! Neways..hope u enjoy it!!

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Link to a bigger version if u accually wanna use/edit it!
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I have a very important question.... I have been an anime fan for going on 6 years now. I was wondering why people try to pair up two guys together that would not even make sense to be together. I just want to know why the obsession is there to pair up Ed with Roy when there are two perfectly good looking women to pair him up with? Why not with Winry or Roze? They are perfectly good characters. I will not accept Roy and Ed or Ed and Al together because in my opinion it is just not right. There are some yaoi couples out there that work, but in FMA's case I do not believe there to be any way to pair Ed up with a guy. I just don't understand. Can someone please tell me why?

FMA Animals

Ok here's another Idea that popped into my head: I know everyone has been drawing the FMA characters as various animals.... But the question is what kind of animal do you think best represents each character in FMA (and not a cat/dog/whatever because that is what that character likes, etc....).

I guess what I'm trying to ask is based on the personallitly of (insert character's name here), what animal do you think fits them best?
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(no subject)

Hey guys! I know I should post hear more often... but I don't really ever have much to say about FMA that... HASN'T already been said....

Well, ANYWAY... I would frickin' give someone my first BORN if they could do this for me...

There's this song Called "Bloodsport" by the Sneaker pimps... and I want to use it for a FST that I'm gonna try to do for this community...


Thanks, y'all!
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Shit! This is the third time I typed this out!!!

Okay so I was watching FMA DVDs yadda yadda yadda (I don't want to retype the entire thing again...) And my Dad comes to pick me up

Dad: Is that a robot?
Me: No, he's a suit of armor.
Dad: What's this show about anyways?
Me: Let's just say they are looking for the Philosopher's Stone.
Dad: Oh, like in Harry Potter?
Me: No, not really.
Dad: It's amazing how Japan can take American fiction and incorperate it into their cartoons.
Me: Well no, it's not from Harry Potter...
Dad: (Keeps babbling and walks out of the room)

Sometimes I think he is deaf...

Harry Potter.... ::dies a little inside::
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FMAkitty Fashion Contest

Got Edkitty and Winrykitty sketches in some rather unconventional thread. XD. More to come before the crack in my brain implodes. People! Draw for the fasion contest!

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I have Roy, Havoc, Scar, but I misplaced the sketches somewhere. ^^;; All of my male kitty!clothing have to do with crossdressing...XD
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More than Just wallpapers this time X3

Ok I actually made some wallpapers ANNNDDD.... I made some icons ^_^ (I was bored aheh). New list goes as follows (And I'm gonna need a new place to host everything because I'm slowly reaching my bandwidth limit on Angelfire):


Mustang Dream
It's all fun and games until somebody cheats
The Last Step towards Freedom


Faded Memories (There are two versons of this, one with words and one without)
That Last Step....
Ever wanted too...

Please enjoy and do give credit if you take any of the icons ^_^ (I now can make 'real' screen captures thanks to muh friend Cryingstar, so more icons and even BETTER wallpapers to come aheh)
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Request for Help

Hi, I just joined this community recently. ^^ This is actually my first post here, though I've been commenting on things.

Anyway, my first post is a request. I know, bad Aki. *lowers head in shame* I've been looking for the picture that has Ed in the military uniform and it's far too large on him. If someone could give me the image I'd be so very, very grateful.

Thank you in advance. <3
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Edo goes to Fashion School

I'm known as Edo in our little FullMetal Crack: Otaku no Renkinjutsushi 'group' I'm also kinda short....all my friends are taller than me and most everyone at school is too. I made myself the coat too just so I could wear it everyday and I have. Only problem is, the pattern was too big and made for giants apparently....Curse you tall people!!! so....

Today when talking to a friend in the halls we got to talking about my coat and she wanted to see it....so I put it on and she is like 'Isn't that kinda big on you?' Me....I've apparently been playing Edo too long with Taisa.....I turn on her and go 'Who's so short they're SHRINKING?!' I clamp my hands over my mouth while she procceeds to pass out laughing....

So there you have it... ^_______^*
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