February 20th, 2005

Bullrider Liu

So, watching the latest episode...

Now, having seen the series already, this is something that's been bugging me for a while, but seeing the scene in episode 15 again brought it to mind.

Why on earth does Hawkeye miss when she's shooting at Scar?? She's an expert marksman, this was already made clear with the Black Hayate incident in episode 13, firing that many shots how could she *not* manage to hit him?

The only plausible theory I can think of is that for some reason she wasn't intending on shooting him, just forcing him to back off. But considering that she ordered the soldiers to shoot moments later when he was escaping, this still doesn't make all that much sense. Especially since Hawkeye could easily have just shot Scar in the leg or something to prevent him from escaping. And she really doesn't strike me as being at all nervous or anything in that scene that would throw off her aim that much...

Really, can anyone else explain this? It just makes no sense... o_O
envy (nagisathesis)

Dub info

For thous of you who have played through or is currently playing "Broken Angel" may find it interesting that the voice actress who did Camilla is doing Envy's dubbed voice. I haven't gotten to Camilla yet in the game, so I don't know what she sounds like.

Her name is Wendy Powell.
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(no subject)

Here's a little drabble I wrote a few weeks ago and just got around to typing up. I wrote a Roy x Riza fic too, but it's 6 pages on paper and really is a giant piece of crap which none of you will ever see. So, here's a lovely MaesxRoy to tide you over.

Title: Rainy Day
Rating: PG-13
Couple: MaesxRoy
Spoilers!!: Episode 25

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hagaren calendar scans

i've recently received my Hagaren Comic Special Calendar, the one that was posted here about two months ago. The scans posted then weren't full so i decided to scan this calendar myself and share. it's quite big so i had to scan each page in two parts and join them. i tried my best to match the colours v.v' hope it looks ok for you. credit when use, please (it took me 4h to scan it properly >_<')

ok, there you go: http://hagaren.ultramaryna.net/calendar.rar (stationery scans included :o!)

if you prefer downloading page-by-page go there http://hagaren.ultramaryna.net/gall.html 

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(no subject)

I post again, this time with icons made from manga pages I read yesterday. I don't THINK there's any spoilers, but I'd tread lightly :3
[1]Roy and Havoc
[2]Young Elric brothers
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Hagaren tarot: The Hanged Man

Okay, okay, I know I took my time on this, but I've been weighed down with work, commissions and my own projects. No, I did not somehow come up with ten other cards and not tell anyone...the set will be done in order after this.

So...yay, it's done! I took veritable weeks on this and two more hours today to fine-tune the details. Unlike the others, this is not purely a manip...I drew and CG-ed the entire background scene, and my hands are trembling. >_<;;

There won't be any lengthy explanations this time round because I am literally sick and tired...if I feel better, I may add in an edit or two. But for now this is it. Thanks for waiting, everyone. ^_^;


(Fallen in Flame. Fake LJ-cut.)
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I have a request for all of you..

can anyone get me a super-large picture of the human transmutation circle (either version)? I know this will probably be difficult, but my friends and me have decided that we're going to make a transmutation circle out of one of the circles on campus one night, and see how many people get it the next day. and try to resist the urge to kneel, clap, and attempt activating it.

help? the symbols are pretty easy to make out, but there's text on it too and since we're doing this rather large (20' diameter) we do need to know what the text is rather than just scribbling.
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The Bet

No new wallpapers from me tonight, but I did however make another FMA chibi fancomic. This one is entitled "The Bet" featuring Ed, Al, and Roy.

Please enjoy and have a good laugh ^_^
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(no subject)

Wow, Katsucon was a lot of fun. Though I'm a bit disapointed at how much fewer FMA cosplayers there were than previous cons. Pics to come soon :) For those who were there, I was the guy dressed as Envy all 3 days. Who else went, and did you get any good photos? I'd like to see some of the costumes I missed.
[seal] I&#39;m an egg

Presenting, a cracked-up doujin!

For those of you who don't know Doraemon, he's this blue (originally yellow) robotic cat from the 23rd century. He has no ears (chewed off by rats when he was napping one day) and owns a fourth dimensional pocket.

What if he stumbled into the FMA world...?

Find out here

Done in oekaki, linked to my own LJ.
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