February 19th, 2005


Wallpaper Update

Ok, seeing as how my time today was taken up with Destruction of Pants today (I hope everyone had a good laugh at my ugly little chibis, or maybe they are cute and I just don't know it O.o), I was only able to get one wallpaper done. Let me present Kick Butt (not sure as to the rules on language usage on the board, so I censored the title a bit ^_^. Someone please let me know for future knowledge)

Have a nice night everyone, and as always, please enjoy ^_^.
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Squee moment!

Thanks to kit_karamak, who knows about my FMA obsession, I'm the proud owner of an FMA messenger bag purse thing! It's black, with "Fullmetal" in metallic trim and "alchemist" as a red patch. Very simple, but FMA goodness, and my first peice of FMA goodness at that!

Nightly Wallpaper Check in

Alrighty, I was able to get two of the requested 5 wallpapers finished (It doesn't mean I won't do more of those characters) and an additional one that I used a personal quote on that came to me as I was working on the wallpaper.

Currently the new wallpapers are as follows:

Wrath is so Kawaii
Kimbley Love
Enigma - Featuring the one and only Edward Elric (lol Can you NOT tell I am a big Ed fan X3)

The toss up tonight on my fave wallpapers so far are the Ed one and the Wrath one (Mousey!!)

As always, please enjoy ^_^
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Desktop themes?

I just got a new FullMetal wallpaper with the flamel on the back and that got me wondering....does anybody know where to get an alchemy related desktop theme? I'm not sure I want a fullmetal one, though one of the arrays would be cool.....I keep coming across ones with wizards and dragons ¬.¬ so if anybody can point me to a fullmetl or alchemy theme I'd appreciate it ^__^ sankyu!
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Apparently, there's room for one more crack...

And boy have I been making a lot of 'em.

Well, yesterday, I got home and got into the FMAdub chat and somehow we all started talking about Phantom of the Opera. Of course...I turned it into some more canon fodder XDDD

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If you click the fake-LJ cut, there will be more randomness and ideas to go with the start of it all *snerk* Enjoy! *goes off a la Phantom of the Opera*
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(no subject)

Here, as per request, I've dug up a few more FMA names living in my Burlington area.
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[EDIT] Not only have I found the third female member of the military, I have found PROOF that Wrath's name is Moofy.

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Hi, newbie coming in bearing a slightly odd request...

I managed to tear through my new collection of FMA episodes in something like a week, and I really really like the beginning and ending songs (all eight of them). But I don't have any movie editing software, so I'm asking anyone who does... can you help me get clips of just the beginning and ending songs, and the accompanying images? (If so, I will give you my undying gratitude fangirlism optional.)

My e-mail is gilrandir at gmail dot com, if you're sending the clips directly, but I check my other e-mail (huntressgoddess at hotmail dot com) more often. ^^;;

Domo arigatou!

More South Park....

Here are the Sins. Gluttony wouldn't have looked right so, I didn't do him, they didn't have the "Canadian" eyes or a fatter body so....It wouldn't have worked...But I did do Lust, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Greed!

I really hope this wasn't done before.....

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