February 18th, 2005

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Can somebody provide me with a summary of this week's episode? I missed it on Saturday because of the time change and I can't stay up late enough to watch it tonight because I have work tomorrow morning!
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Interesting Thing: Post 1

So, I was flipping tv last night, and came upon the History channel-my second most favourite. I came into the middle of something and this is what I heard--

"--Fuhrer's bunkers. Hitler hid in his bunkers..."

It just made me think. Turns out, there was a two hour thing last night on WWII. Wish I'd caught it from the beginning. Just a little something.

I've got another post coming on a cracked theory.
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KAMINA ✰ All the things that you never

Gluttony/Major Theory

Now, I'm not a big fan of crossovers, but the idea hit me last night while I was watching the WWII special on the History channel. "Gluttony/Major?" you ask? Meh. just hear me out. I don't have enough information to make a *decent* idea, it's mostly just speculation. But maybe some of you can help me.

It's not meant to be taken seriously, and meant honestly for amusement. So please, don't comment like you're commenting on a real FMA theory. Just...think and imagine for a little while.

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Crazy Bum

I just had to post this story my brother told me, because it's just insane and it involves alchemists. XD

My brother and his friend were outside of a grocery store drinking some Dr. Peppper and then this druggie bum walks up to my brother and starts talking to him about all sorts of weird stuff. He started to tell my brother about god and how Jesus was actually an alchemist. Not only that, but Jesus' REAL name is "Jesse" because they had translated his name wrong. He stated nothing happens when you die and he knows this because he's died before. Oh, oh, and the sign on the cross above Jesus when he died actually read "Lord Jesse" XD He went on to say that all of the miracles Jesus did were really alchemy tricks, and he wants to learn alchemy too since he knows a group of alchemists that he can learn from. LOL! But just to express how high this dude was, he also said he was there looking for hot chicks, he listed off all of the cds he owns to my brother four times, and he said "oh damn, it's too late now to go get some pot." Let's not forget about his stories of beating people up. Heh heh. My hometown is full of crack heads. I'm so glad I moved. |D
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When I couldn't find my school yearbook in an attempt to prove the existance of Mr.Hughes, a teacher who used to teach at our school, I decided to go through the phonebook in Burlington, Ontario for FMA names. It seems Hughes is a common one. Lookit the M(aes?) Hughes' here!
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Not only were there M Hughes, but there were a couple of G Hughes' too. Awww.

No Mustangs, Havocs, Hawkeyes, Furys, Falmans, Elrics or Tringhams, though. I would have looked for more, but I couldn't think of any other names that could possibly be real XP
Heart of glass

And now... for something positive!

Yes, this pertains to FMA. ^_^ If you read Something Positive, you're familiar with the character Aubrey. You may already be aware that Randy (the artist) bases a good number of the characters off real people -- real-life friends of his -- but up until now, has not given their actual names out in any form.

"Aubrey" is a voice actress in Fullmetal Alchemist. Her real name is Clarine Harp.

As Randy said on the S*P site:
However, one of the cast members has been doing anime voice dubbing for a year or so now and is going to be a guest at Kamikazecon in Houston the weekend of March 25 through 27 because of it. I was given permission to "out" them.

This is your chance to meet Aubrey, or as I know her, Clarine Harp. Go by and say hi. Despite what you think (or fear) she's pretty nice. She saves up the special treatment for her good friends like me.

How cool is that?
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[Manga] Anime-Source will delete it

It's been annonced than Viz got the rights for the manga, right? So Anime-source will delete the scalation they have done soon: if you want to read/download the previous chapters, it's your last chance to do it!


(Is too lazy to check if it's been said already >.<)