February 16th, 2005

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New Writing Community

I finally got around to putting together a general fic-writing community, after searching for one on LJ and coming up with nothing (I also vaguely remember a post a long while ago asking the same sort of question). So, I bring you fma_writers, an all-purpose bunny-killing/nurturing idea-throwing ficwriting community. Don't mind my rambling in the profile and first entry - the community is there to use in whichever way will help you write your fics. For now, I'm also foolishly offering to act as an all-purpose beta there because I am insane practice is good for me. So, if you're into writing FMA fanfics or want to start, come on over and join, hopefully we'll be able to get a good group of people together.

To everyone else: sorry to spam your friends pages! ^_^
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Image songs

Hi I'm new to this community. I was wondering if anybody knows where I can find Ed and Al's image song to download? I'd really appreciate it. Domo! ^_^
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DVD question

Does anyone know the difference between the DVD Starter Set and the Special Edition Tin Box? I know all what the tin box includes, but I can't find anything about the content of the "Starter Set". Except that it's more expensive ><;. Thank you ^^
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FMA OST and Game OST

Ok I've been trying to find a Torrent out there for both the Anime OST and the Game OST. Anybody know where I can find them? (And Yes, I'm making more FMA wallpapers ^_^. Any requests?)
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korra, avatar


Howdie folks! I'm here with a lil fan-ficlet for ya! ^_^ It's a slighly spoilerish song fic I guess...if you don't know who Hohenhiem is. Nehow! Enjoy the fic!

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OH! And here are some fun ASCII charatcer thingys....(some look better with different text ^_^;;)

Ed: /^_^\ooo<
Al: =*w*=
Scar: X[
LightBulb!Envy????: //?\\ *shot for lameness* I swear it looked better on AIM!
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I got Icon Happy

SIX of these icons were done TODAY
I had little do to you see... heh
I would have made more, but I lacked the images I required


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and I thought I'd also take the time to let you all know about my Icon Archive
so all the icons I've done that are up for grabs are now there, easy to access.

So enjoy!
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