February 14th, 2005

a soldier who comes marching home again

Valentine's Fic: My Alchemical Romance

Fic: My Alchemical Romance
by: Tenshi no Korin ( tenshi@kekkai.org )
archive: bishonenink
Rating: PG-13
State Army et al: Roy "Homewrecker" Mustang and cohorts attempt to change Hawkeye's opinion on the world's worst holiday. Frankly, I think they'd be safer juggling lit sticks of dynamite, but nobody asked me.
Warnings: Exceeds daily reccomended amounts of chocolate. Do not concentrate and inhale. It is way past the author's bedtime.

(Drag another cliche howling from the vaults)

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small batch of icons

I was on an icon making binge tonight. Reworked two of my first FMA icons into slightly better ones, plus a brand new one. Up for grabs, credit is nice but not necessary, yada yada, enjoy! ^_^

(If I stop being lazy there'll be animated icons later. Just not right now. Need sleep.)

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Chapter 44 Discussion

Well, it's been a few days since the chapter got out, and there hasn't been much discussion. I was very surprised and slightly confused at a couple of the new theories that were presented, and I wanted to hear what everyone thought of the new chapter. So, I wanted to get the ball rolling for a good discussion, to see what the reactions were. Discuss away!
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Happy Valentine's!

In the spirit of Valentine's, another free-users layout; care_chan_test4.
If you would like a specific anime character pairing in the header (well, all pairings but Roy/Ed cause that one's specially taken and non-shareable), just leave a comment and I'll be happy to do it. :D
If you are interested in this layout (or a variation with your special pairing), please leave a comment with your e-mail address and I will send you the graphics, the overrides and information about how to use it.


Characters available:

Lust, Ed, Armor!Al (sorry, no human version), Armstrong, Scar, Winry, Hawkeye, Roy, Gluttony, Izumi, Bradley, the top of Pinako's head, the number brothers and Barry, Envy, Havoc and Hughes.

[edit 2]

I'm glad you're all so enthusiastic about this one, but I'm not taking any more requests for specific pairings at the moment. school = kills me dead. x____x
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I come bearing fanfiction. The angst of my latest piece killed me, so in the celebration of Valentine's Day, I come bearing gen!fluff. Read below.

Title:Raining Cats and Dogs
Author:Sei Mei Sen Productions
Genre:Pure, unadulterated fluff. Fear teh cute.
Pairing:None, though the infamous Mustang/Elric sandwich is hinted at here. XD
Summary:Written in response to kawaiimae, who's started this whole 'sandwich' thing with me. The whole Mustang/Elric sandwich thing? Well, I tried to make it happen PHYSICALLY, not just figuratively. Ph34r. Takes place between eps 13 and 14, so it's even safe for the AS n00bs. <3
For:kalikamaxwell, though I know it's really not her thing. She asked for some canon Roy/Al, so I'm trying - feebly - to deliver. Be wary of kyoudai fluff and niceguy!Roy.

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The Most Recent Travis Sighting...

[04:02] Tsuki: anyone still alive out there?
[04:02] Tsuki has left the chat.
[04:04] Tsuki has joined the chat.
[04:05] Tsuki has left the chat.
[04:25] Travis has joined the chat.
[04:25] Travis has left the chat.

Sil passed this on to me from when she left her chatroom window open all night.

Look at the time!! LOL.

I wish I had been up. That alone would have been worth not being awake at all during school today.

*gives Travis a cookie and sleeping pills*
Sir Riza // Rewritten_Icons

Art Contest Winners

Since some people may not feel like searching through Travis' comments to find the winners, I have listed them in a simple manner on my LJ. Please click that link if you wish to go view the winners and whatnot.

As I said so there, I wasn't aware there would be runner-ups. Still, I'll try to finish the banners as quickly as possible. Winners, or runner-ups, please comment and say so if you have a special nickname you want me to put on your banner. Otherwise, I'll simply put the name you gave in your art entry.

--Sir Riza--

X-posted in fm_alchemist, miniskirt_army, and roys_harem.
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shove-- thanks zeo :3

omg random vday stuff

I MADE IT IN TIME!!! >__> ;; O_O;

Anyway, I bring you.... random FMA Vday EdRoy Whatever. ...!!!1

Random comic which maes no sense. Drawn entirely for the sake of watching Ed climb Roy's table.

And an edited/closeup of the top right which i used my icon for, etc. X_X;; (Why do i like it so much? *cough Ed cough Roy*)

And some random Ed picture.

(Those in the fmadub probably saw these already today..)

And some random ed-miniskirt thing i didnt color yet X_X;
EdRoy edit O_O;

FEAR!!! Oh and happy Valentines day ^o^

...Lastly, Finally I found out how to join AIM chatrooms...from a previous post today *is shot* (My AIM is kajiryuu3 btw~ XD)


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Hi I`m new to the community,I`ve started to love FMA,also I love InuYasha ^_^.I just made a comunnity FMA_chorus.Itz like an icon awards but I give ppl lyrics and you try your best to make a icon with the given lyrics like the inu_chorus community.Sorry if I`m not suppose to post my comunnity,just looking for members to start the first icontest this week.
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