February 10th, 2005

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Hi i'm new to this community and just wanted to say hello and submit my first post
the other day i got into a conversation with one of my friends about if we could be an alchemist what type we would be like if would be something like the flame alchemist who specializes in fire and so on so i thought that it would not be a bad question for my first post i really could not think of anything else to post without sounding stupid so i hope this is ok
so to whoever might want to answer: If you could be an alchemist what kind of alchemist would you be?
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Some Chp 44 Scans

Pensive Bones

May 3rd - Viz Release Date?


Okay, so, that says that is the release date for the first volume of the manga by Viz. I dunno if anyone has posted this yet nor how reliable this information is as opposed to the other sites that have been speculating but... well, here it is for anyone who wants to take a look at it.

If someone posted this before, just tell me and I'll delete it.
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Longer than a drabble and shorter than a short story...

All this new information about the FullMetal Alchemist movie got my bad wonderful writing gears moving. But... it had to be during lunch hour. I think I did this whole thing (planning, typing, editing, ect.) in about fifteen minutes- I still ended up late for my next class. x__x

Title: Forgotten Memories
Fandom: FullMetal Alchemist
Rating: PG
Warnings: SPOILERS FOR THE ENTIRE SERIES. So that means no clicky for you new fans unless you want to ruin the ending for yourself. XP
Disclaimer: I no own. Wish I did. But I don't.

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Roy would be very happy in the ROTC? Alot of the girls wear a skirt with the higher ranked uniforms... I think Hawkeye's status would definately be able to wear one...

Poor Roy, the skirts aren't mandatory, though. XD

They even look a bit like the Military uniforms...just barely, though :D;;;

I mean, here's a fic idea:

Mustang and Hawkeye in highschool as ROTC members... XD;;;
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FMA on Day to Day

Professional animation critic Charles Solomon reviews Fullmetal Alchemist (along with Samurai Champloo and Paranoia Agent) on National Public Radio's Day to Day show on Wednesday. You can find it HERE!

I was having problems playing this on my Windows Media Player at home. I changed it to play on Real Player and it worked fine. However, on my laptop I can get it to play on the Windows Media Player. So if you are having trouble playing it on WMP, go into the audio help and change the players. Also, if people want me to, I can transcribe it. However, it has more of an impact if you actually listen to the clip.
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Azalea - Standart

art post... omg XD

Yeah, Komi comes again, and again with fanart.
This time it's Lust and this time colored in cel-style.

Femme Fatale
(liked to dA 'cause my arts are mostly a bit too hughe to put 'em under a cut XD)
Done for an Art-Trade.

(yesh... should do some more Orphen-stuff soon... _'_)
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Someone mentioned a ways back in the community where to find the dubbed episodes on IRC? I thought I'd memoried them, but aparently not. Could I get that again? Thankies ^.^
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I thought this was an amusing Idea. My mom bought me some of those sheets of different colored foam and I decided the best thing to do was make a foam roy mustang out of it. I have bits and peices of him, his uniform is taking a really long time though, so many details! I promise i'll post pics when I finish him! Maybe I'll make and Edward later :D
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A couple of updates

New piece I'm 95% sure I haven't told anyone on this comm specifically about.

"[No title as yet]"
Rating: PG-13 for suggestiveness
Status: Incomplete (and don't know if it's good enough to continue)
Spoilers: Early part of series (who characters are, etc)
Pairings: Ed/Winry, Ed+Psiren, and Al/Psiren (fanboy crushing of course!)
Notes: No true connection to canon. (AKA the false set up that brought Psiren into the picture) Just felt like doing the traditional yenta-type fic.


I also *think* I told this comm about an end of series Angst-fest I wrote back in October. Still don't quite approve of it but it's finally posted at FFnet, in a slightly expanded form.

"Denial, Hope, and Forgiveness"
Rating: PG for non-interpersonal violence
Status: One-shot
Spoilers: End of Anime series
Pairings: (not nessesarily romantic love)
Characters: Al, Winry, and references to Ed


(Update: Forgot to beg for review. So please review. Thank you.)
The Last Goodbye

Howdy Ho!

Hey peoples I'm a complete utter hatchling here!
I'djust like to get this out and say i LOVE FMA. Love it. I havnt been this into an anime in such a long time. Its so refreshing.
Info on myself.. MY name is Erin and im 18.
MY fav character in FMA is Roy Mustang. I dont favor a couple tho.. Cause i like them all!
Roy/Riza Ed/Winry! I even like.. well.. lets say love the Roy/Ed pairning! WHO DOESNT? Hahaha. That whole Elricest thing bothersme tho..brothers kissing brothers.. err... I think ed and al have a brother love. And thats all. Im a big fanartperson so expect me to post some! ^___^
But i do have a request! For those who'd like to help me.. Im really into all kinds of doujinshi's and i hear this one about Roy and Ed is completely beautiful1! I think it's called Blue Flame? And I heard it has two sequals? I've only seen icons made from them and I've been lookin around. Ill draw a pic for some one if they wanna trade! Lol Nice meeting you all!
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Who here has seen G.I. Jane? I saw it when I was really young, but I remembered a certain scene...

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Consider it my "Shot Heard Around the World".
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Intro with a dash of CRACK! ^.^**

Hey! I'm Greenlion! ::waves:: I've lurked around here for a while, but this is my first post! So, I figured an appropriate offering would be my crack comic. Please comment, I'm pretty self-conscious about posting my stuff! ^.^****** Hope you guys like it.


While anticipating episode 13, I was watching Iron Chef...

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