February 9th, 2005

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Brothers can be Love

I want to talk about what I saw in my room when I woke up today. I'm sure it was put there yesterday while I was at classes. But when I don't go in my room during the day much, and there's only my window lighting my basement bedroom room (I really should buy some lightbulbs), I just didn't see it until I got out of bed today.

I saw THIS:
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And here I thought I only had to thank my brother for allowing me to purchase there DVD+artBox through his employee discount....
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KAMINA ✰ All the things that you never

You should fight crime!


FMA dvd 1 came to stores yesterday. I've been saving for several months (and mum knows it) to buy the dvd. I get there. I pick up the dvd. But, just as I'm walking to checkout, I turn, and my eyes catch a glimpse of the box. The BOX. O_O I spent every penny I have to buy it. And that was with several certificates provided by my good friend who works there (who I'm, consequently, having to bribe for the gigantic FMA display stand). I'm so glad I have friends who work everywhere. It's tin and it came with the soundtrack. Which is very pretty. The box is big enough to hold the entire first season (four dvds). I'm such an addict >.< And I am now broke.

however! Hail to me (or give me cookies at least) for I have gotten yet another person addicted to FMA! Moo haha! maybe she'll be joining us >.> <.
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[seal] I&#39;m an egg

Two things.

First, this dancing icon:

Not sure where it came from, I didn't make it, and I found it on a Chinese Hagaren BBS I belong to.

Second, a pic drabble called "Phonecall," linked to my LJ.

I've started doing a different artstyle that I'm hoping will be softer and not as in-your-face as my last one, so critique away.

Pic drabble is:

Rated PG
Contains Elricest.

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korra, avatar


^_^ I don't claim to be a great artist or anything but I thought I'd just share a fanart piece of mine for FMA that I like! It's at deviantART Linkage!!! hehe! So yah...if your a fellow deviant leave a comment *puppy eyes* or somat if you like it! Nehow...enjoy ^_^! Oh and take a gander at teh rest of meh gallery too if ya want!
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(no subject)

I made a Fullmetal Alchemist  layout if anyone wants to use it. You can preview it at at testify123 and the codes an such are in an entry. It's not that good, but comment and credit if you do take it.
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Wall-E &amp; Eve [1]
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Because FMA rawks.

We all know Travis, right? He's the voice actor for Roy Mustang on dubbed FMA, and he always seem to claim himself as the pimp.

But well...

Pimp rhyhmes with shrimp and blimp!

The end! <3
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Havoc/Hawkeye Fic

Hi, new here. FMA sub junky, if it matters. I bring you a story about how Havoc gets over the devastation of episode 37 and why Mustang’s Miniskirt Agenda might be a really bad idea…

Mr. Brightside (Not a songfic, I just like the title)
Vital stats: Havoc/Hawkeye, takes place just after episode 37, PG-13ish for sexual situations and naughtiness.
Spoilers: ep. 37
Length: 14 pages

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