February 8th, 2005

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Real Life Hughes! Well, Kinda

When I arrived at work this morning, one of my co-workers was looking at a Web site an ex-co-worker had set up for his newborn son. On it, he posted pictures. Lots and *lots* of pictures. Week-by-week pictures. Oh, and the sonograms from when the child was in utero.

All I could think of was Hughes. Couldn't you just see him having a Web site like that, if they had that technology in Amestris?
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Slightly demented thing I came up with recently. It bounces all over the place and makes very little sense. I hope you like it anyway!
Edit: argh. spoiler warning >_< forgot to put this up before fleeing to class. End of Series spoilers and a bunch of crap I made up.

(Birthday part 1)
(Birthday part 2)

please don't spork meeeee! **throws herself on the mercy of the crowd**
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Employee Ed

I gots a shiny~~! ^____^

Okay, since I'm sure that many of you have also just gotten ahold of your very own shiney new FMA DVD (and box), I figured, why not make a post for reaction/comments/critique/general obsession?

Personally, I think the whole box deal is excellent. The box itself is just pretty (and shiny), my only complaint is those dumb Adult Swim stickers stuck on it (might've been forgivable with just one, but nooo). But that's probably not really Funi's fault, and they can be pried off with a little effort.

When I pulled out the OST to take a look, my first reaction was seriously "O_O it's the same cover!" As in, as far as I can tell, it's almost exactly the same as the Japanese (unless someone who actually has it can correct me?) But it even has the original Japanese logo on it and all. Which was an extremely pleasent surprise- often OSTs end up being tweaked a bit when translated and released here.

As for the DVD, I already knew about the reversible cover, but it's still quite nice that Funi did that. Also much love for the transmutation circle disc. The booklet is nice, I'm assuming that it's the same as the "Alchemist to the Backbone" that I've heard about being with the original Japanese release? I haven't gotten around to watching the DVD itself yet, but I've heard that that too is quite satisfactory.

So.... what does everyone else think? ^_^
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Wait... What?

I ordered the starter set from amazon.com a while ago. I went to check on the site just to see what was happening with it, if they'd started shipping them out yet, and then I noticed something.

It says "Release date: March 8 2005." See?

What the hell...? But it was released today...
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A fic and a game!

Yes. A while ago, kaltia, mikkeneko and little me combined our crack power to write what is lovingly called The Amazing STD Saga. Now, we're wondering if people can tell our styles apart. The parts are clearly separated so your job, if you decide to play, is to guess who wrote what parts. If you don't know our styles well enough to use names, you may use something like 'person 1', 'person 2' and 'person 3'. Those who already know the answers, kindly shut up or I shall eat you alive. XD

Hint: There is no pattern and nobody wrote two parts in a row. Twelve parts, four for each of us.

Title: The Amazing Saga of the STD
Authors: mikkeneko, kalikamaxwell and kaltia.
Genre: Crack and humour.
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Elricest, Roy/Ed, and more...?

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dub party goodness and pictures!

I know this is a bit late, but the PS2 with broken angel in it ate my soul and I'm just recently reclaiming bits of it.

Anyway... So some friends and I got together and threw a little shindig and I've got pictures!!

So we're lame and didn't do a miniskirt contest (no willing participants *arg*) but we did have shrimp sushi and played the PS2 game for a while (pogo stick=funny as hell and a surprisingly effective weapon) Then we proceeded to make cookies and watched hellboy. I was the only one to dress up but oh well. Fun was had all around and much laughing and crack.

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x-posted pictures to crack_sins
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