February 7th, 2005

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Who is attending Katsucon? Are we still having our Hell-con? :) Everybody who is going, post!

Edit: I'll be running around dressed as Ed in his disguise from episode 39, when he goes back to Liore. You know, the one with the scarf and the purple coat? Just look for long brown hair and a really bright yellow scarf!! ^^ On Saturday, anyway. On Friday I'll be Toboe.
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Quick Survey

This is a quick survey. If you could say three words or less to Arakawa-sensei about the FMA manga, what would they be? They can either be a statement or a question.

Thanks! ^.^
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Some opinions, please

So. I've been talking to my boyfriend about when we *possibly* go to cons, and he now realizes that I really REALLY want to cosplay as Ed and can get away with it. (I'm short and have a guy-ish voice....for a girl that's weird O_o ) But, he doesn't understand why I always want to cosplay as a guy. (I've also explained to him I'd want to cosplay as Duo-cha and a few other anime guys and the Phantom >.>) I can't exactly give him a good reason because I don't have one. The best I could come up with is that the series I want to cosplay as guys from, I feel the girls suck badly (Except Hawkeye...Hawkeye's cool). But he won't take that answer and won't let me crosplay.

Any opinions on what other reasons I should give? C'mon..I know a bunch of you girls crosplay as Ed too..
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My turn! Anime Central...

So... Who's going to anime Central and what/who are you planning to cosplay (if you're cosplaying)?

I'm going to be at Anime Central from the Thursday before hand, til some point on Sunday (not sure if I'll stay for closing ceremonies or not). Why? Cuz I managed to get on Registration staff. So many many many people won't have much choice is glimpsing an Ed working around that area. >.> Unless they make me work something in some back room hidden. ;_;

So, yes, I'm cosplay. I have my Ed cosplay, and I have an Envy cosplay. (And I have Nuriko form Fushigi Yuugi for Fri night, and maybe Sexy no Jutsu Chouji for a SnJ gathering, and maybe my Ino costume, both from Naruto, but with my various version of Ed I want to do, it's doubtful I'll brink the Naruto stuff.)

So.. who else?
There's teh Acen website.

Needing Help

I hate to make this my first post, but . . .

I'm needing some help finding some resources for this research project I'm doing. See, in order to graduate from my school, we have to pick a research topic and come up with a paper. Mine is going to be comparing the literal Japanese translation to the dub's translation and seeing how accurate it is or isn't. So, I need to get transcripts of the dub and (if possible) the romanji of the original so that I can actually translate/compare. I'm trying to make a transcript set of the original, but seeing as how I just starting learning Japanese a few weeks ago . . . yeah, it's not going so good.

If anybody knows of any resources I could use, please comment! You'll get a nice credit wherever I can fit it in my logbook and research paper. Though I don't know if I can fit it in the paper itself. ;_;

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Can some one be so kind and help make an S1 style...thingy...for my LJ? I'm completely confused and fed up with it.

Drop a comment if you'd like to help, and I'll give you the information that you'll need. Of course...I'd like the thing to be FMA related...

Thanks, I'd really apreciate it.
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Ed - fangirls attack [by nalavashi]


I was bored this morning so I made a few new icons. ^_^ Warning - some of them are crack-ish. And, uh... I guess spoilers for later characters.

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Help, please?

Does anyone have pictures of the various Transmutation circles? I'm writing a paper on the princibles and history of alchemy through ficticious media. :D So, of course, Fullmetal Alchemist is at the TOP of the list. I thought it would be good to give some extra examples of transmutation circles.

But I can't find any images. .-.

Help, please?
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Fandom Cookies

I was joking around with some people and came up with the idea of Fandom Cookies. (Special ingredient: CRACKIFUL LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!!!!!!!!!)

I'm asking the opinions of the experts here...how could I transform ordinary Snickerdoodles into Fandom Cookies?
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I'm back again~

Odd. I have noticed something, and those who have seen Bleach might have noticed it too:

"Big brothers...you know why they're born first?! To protect the little ones who come after them!!"

Doesn't that really, really sound like something Ed would say?

*slaute Ichigo*
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allen . ♥♥

Fanlisting Spoilerrific for ep.+29

That's right, after slacking off for months, finally it's up (yey!), the fanlisting to the mother/son love between Wrath( well, looking at Wrath, we could even say oedipial complex sometimes @_@;) and Izumi Curtis. Well, "love"...one can understand why the fanlisting is called "Love You, Love you Not" --;. Anyways! Please join (Harassment~)! And if anyone desires to affiliate, we're open!

Love you, love you Not. The Wrath x Izumi Curtis fanlisting.

EDIT: Was screwed up. Fixed now!
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Teh obligatory fanart post. ^^

I realized I haven't posted anything for a while, so I decided to share some fanart. ^_~ hagaren Ed/Roy yaoi, to be precise.

A collaborative piece between myself and the wonderful yam-sama (who'se site I will provide the link to once it is working again.)

Title: Strange Bedfellows
Artists: Foreground art = Yam-sama + background art and colour = Sekido
Pairing: Ed/Roy
Rating: Not entirely worksafe, but it honestly depends how you look at it.

(Strange Bedfellows :: follow the fake LJ-cut)
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Introduction + ficcage

Hi, name's Kawa, am Adult Swim dubbie who knows too many spoilers; you may have seen me as Kawaii Dragoness on the FMAdub2 chat last Saturday.

For a friend of mine who gave me a Hagaren poster, I wrote this 1000 word fic. It's a sad excuse for meta, and it makes no sense, and it refers far too much to King Lear, and it proves that even though I'm a dubbie I'm also a Japanese phrasing freak, but that's okay. Title links to FFN, if you'd rather comment that way.

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At the Hagaren festival you could buy a special book with info on the voice actors, lyrics (jap) for the songs and lots of mercendise and ads. I don't remember anyone scanning something from it and since I have it. ^_^

All pictures are 72 dpi, but are quite large. Have patience downloading them.

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Hope you guys enjoy my scans! ^___^
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