February 6th, 2005

Niall - sunglasses
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Torrent link for the PVs

Because YouSendIt is mean and only allows so many downloads of a file...

Here is a torrent

It's the same files as posted in this post, except that they're now renamed. That's the only difference. =)

Thanks to amikitty for initially uploading these. :)

Edit: Sorry, didn't even realize I had it locked.
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Programming note

The Saturday broadcast will be one half hour earlier starting next week. FMA moves to 11:30pm (and the repeat at 2:30am) ET/PT. The Thursday broadcasts will remain at the same times for now.
tomorrow never knows
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Episode 13 reaction post

...All episode 13 dubbed reactions here. Rants/Crack/Congratulations/etc... plzkthx. This may be early, or late, either way I'm posting this before bed-time. ^_~ Enjoy kiddies!
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Nanase Aikawa


My first fic to this fandom, and my first full fic since two years ago. Was meant to be Hawkeye/Ross, because that pairing does not get the love it deserves, but writing romance currently escapes me. Un-beta'd.

Title: Coffee
Type: One-shot
Rating: G
Pairings: None really, but feel free to read in as much Hawkeye/Ross and Roy/Ed as you like.
Wordcount: 828
Summary: Hawkeye and Ross have a chat in the officer's lounge.

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I bring icons!

I can finally post, as I finally have something to offer up! ^^; So... hi! My name's Rowan. First time FMA viewer, and I'm also randomly reading the manga... (Which kind of leads to a headache, with the different time lines and everything. x_x)

Anyways... My first serious attempt at making icons... they're nothing spectacular, as I only have GIMP and I'm still not entirely sure how to work it, but... here they are anyways. ^^;

Edward x 3
Roy x 1
Envy x 1

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Please make sure to comment and credit. Uhm... several of these images were taken from winter_ruins... there's one or two, though, that I can't remember where I got them from... so, if you know, please tell me so I can credit them as well. ^^;

Anyways, hope you enjoy! <3
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Kagene Rui

The Alchemist

I wrote this for English. And read it in front of the class. I don't think anyone picked up what "The Alchemist" was making >___>

FMA-inspired, obviously. Sorry if there's anything inaccurate about it (then again, it doesn't really matter for English class because no one even knows what an alchemical array is...). If you do find some wrong information, though, feel free to tell me anyway ^___^

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Note: I had to use "Trade of Equivalence" instead of "Principle of Equivalent Trade" because I couldn't get the number of syllables right =P (there's 7 syllables per line)


This...is a photoedit of doom.

It all started when I was telling Met about this time when I said at school "I'd blow the whole place to hell if I could! And if it wasn't a federal offense..." and they took it as a bomb threat....so I said "Yeah, they call me the Anibomber" as in anime bomber, like the Unabomber....

Then I imagined somebody calling themselves the Anibomber...dressed like Kimbley...and yelling "SPLODEY!"...


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Shoot me...@_@;;
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Ed Sketches

Some femme!Ed sketches, because I'm simply obsessed with Ed in drag + pigtails. :DD

(Ed Sketches)

If anyone would like to join a "Ed in Drag/Pigtails" art relay with me, could you please leave a comment? I know there's a "Ed in a Dress" site, but we can perhaps supplement that. XD

Fangirl pride!
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Kuroshitsuji - Ciel

Curiousity is more like it...

All righty...

I had found a post that was rather recent about the anime cons everyone is said to be going to...but that list isn't updated anymore (and I've even commented in it). I want to meet some new friends at the con I'm going to, and I'm hunting for FMA fans X3

If you're going to Animazment 2005 May 27-29 post a comment here please. ^^

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(no subject)

That poem down there reminded me of the freeform poem I did for english that I based off of FMA. I always imagined this as something Al would think. It's not that great, seeing as I'm not really poetically inclined.
Enjoy anyways :P
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allen . ♥♥

Imageless icons~!

Yes. So everybody prefers icons with images. Bah. I can't believe I actually spend half my life scanning pictures and in the end not even using them
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Yes. So everybody prefers icons with images. Bah. I can't believe I actually spend half my life scanning pictures and in the end not even using them <_<;. [insert advertisement for niwa_scans here]

<s>Strip</s>Teaser:<img src="http://img210.exs.cx/img210/3966/lust6ht.gif" alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us" />

<lj-cut text="For once, I'm a real LJ-cut.">
I said 1.<img src="http://img210.exs.cx/img210/3966/lust6ht.gif" alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us" />, 2.<img src="http://img210.exs.cx/img210/9840/glutt3pb.gif" alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us" />,3.<img src="http://img210.exs.cx/img210/6831/psi7ox.gif" width="80" alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us" /> take my hand and come with me!'Cause you look so fine and I really wanna make you mine~! Tum tum tum!

Comment if you snatch?
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Pensive Bones

(no subject)

I come bearing fandom things...


Title: Keep This Kingdom Free of Hassle
Author: Wiremess
Type: Post-Series Fic
Rating: PG-14
Pairings: RoyAi, AlxWinry, RosexMason
Summary: Post-Series Fic centered around Alphonse, his family, and the confict in Drachma.

Address: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2238936/1/


Title: Flame Alchemists Are Useless When Wet...
Artist: Wiremess
Type: Comedy, Crap
Note: I don't draw. This is the first thing I have actually really drawn ever. But an entire day without the computer the day after Episode 13... what can you expect? XD

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Coulson heroes

(no subject)

Well, a few other people have been doing this, and I've been meaning to anyway, so... I'm considering going to Anime North in Toronto this May (cosplaying as Hawkeye, probably!), and I'm curious who else is going. Plus, I'm coming from Vancouver and probably alone, so if there's anyone else coming alone would they possibly be interested in rooming with me? I know I don't post/comment much on here but, uh, I'm nice! ^_- I'd really love to meet up with other FMA fans there, since it's no fun being at a convention alone... And I don't know anyone personally online who's going.

So yeah, if you're going to Anime North drop a comment here! Thanks!
The Alphonse Diet (Fullmetal Alchemist)

FMA Typing Game

I was browsing Anime Jungle and I found a Fullmetal Alchemist Typing Game. Yes. You read that right! A TYPING GAME! I did a bit of googling and I found out that it was made by a company called Spinnaker who also sell a series of FMA desktop collection products.

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Essay: "Useless in the Rain"

So, while I was preparing my rice for dinner, an interesting random thought struck me, comparing the way Roy's alchemy is made useless in a downpour with how his personality works. After mentioning this to some friends I was forced encouraged to write it all down in something of an essay, and so I did.

Warning: Spoilers/references through the end of the series!

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(no subject)

Title: After the Fire
Author: Zalia
Pairings: RoyxRiza
Spoilers: The entire series
Notes: I haven't written a het fic in absolutely ages but one scene in the last episode just made me go 'awww... that's so romantic!!' and Hawkeye is so damn cool ^^

Hope you enjoy!

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