February 5th, 2005

Combat alchemy!

Here's a fun way to pass the time, if you're stuck at work or in school and looking for something to do!

We all know that Ed is very adept at integrating alchemy with fighting. He can make weapons, build shields, destroy a floor or bring down a ceiling, call missiles out of the wall, and even make decoys. Other alchemists carry array-imbued items with them, or mark it permanently on their skin, but their capability, while it may be destructive, tends to be very limited. Ed, with his no-array technique, has a much wider range of flexibility.

But is he using all he's got? We see near the end of the series Collapse )

Ed, in contrast, seems to be a very concrete-minded boy; he thinks in terms of solid objects and direct motions. He can't transmute an object unless he's touching it, and even when he does, his transmutations are usually very simple and overwhelming. "Make a wall here," "make a door here," "floor rise up and hit them," "give me something to fight with." Most likely, there's nothing inferior about Ed's alchemical technique; the only limitations are his own expectations.

If he studied and trained himself out of these expectations, so that he no longer needed direct contact with an object to transmute it, and he could make anything so long as the elements were there, what sorts of handy tricks could he do? How would he be able to manipulate the environment to his advantage? What new techniques would he adopt?

So yeah! If you can think of something interesting, post it here! The more arcane, the better! :)
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Sir Riza // Rewritten_Icons

Chat Competition

I wanted to inform everybody that the competition tonight (Saturday) in FMA_Dub is official. I am holding it with Celira's help.

It will be a trivia competition, and will include trivia about the anime, and maybe something about the manga. There may be some 'crack' questions as well, so don't hold back any of your knowledge.

Unfortunately we will only be able to have four against four--that's eight people in all. Otherwise it would get too chaotic. The sides will be Travis against Vic, but those two won't be participating. They're just representing the sides.

Celira and I will be selecting the participants randomly so that nobody's feelings will get hurt. If you don't get included this time around, don't fret. We may hold another one when the later episodes come around, so we can include spoilers about episode thirty and on, and such.

So far, the questions do include some spoilers, so don't ask to participate if you have only seen the dub, or are only just now downloading the subs and don't even know who Envy is.

Also, since we know the room can't stay quiet this whole time, we'll be hosting this quiz in a separate room. If you want to know what is happening while it is happening, then I will allow somebody not participating to join, if they remain quiet, and copy and paste everything that goes on. Either or, afterwards I can send the transcript to all of you.

I have not fully decided on the prize, although you will get a banner from me for sure.

If you want to be included in this, then please be present tonight between 9 PM and 10 PM, EST. That's 6 and 7 for those of you on the west coast. We will be picking the participants then.

Then the actual competition will be held a couple hours later.

If you have any inquiries, feel free to ask.

--Sir Riza--

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Spread the love!//D.Gray-Man

(no subject)

made a nice AIM theme for people who use AIM 5.5 and for all the others... well... too bad...lol
i used some pictures i found on Google and one were Ed was.. oh ull see it and if its someones fanart just tell me cause i saw it in a earlier post and decided to use it... i was just too lazy to go back to the post and find out who did it... so ya enjoy...

Click for FullMetal Alchemist AIM Expression

Oh and is it me or was the box set suppose to be on sale on the 8th of Feburary??

FMA NYC photoshoot, part 2

Ok, so for those of you who wish to or are attending the photoshoot planned for May in NYC, email me with who you plan to cosplay as, any ideas you have for the day, and what day you think it should be. Saturday the 21st, or Sunday the 22nd. My email address is Inutsuzuki@comcast.net ^-^ For those of you that missed it, here's the original post

[AMV] - Tainted Love

It's finally complete!! This thing nearly gave me a heart attack last night when my laptop refused to save it...so it's a smaller resolution than I had previously intended it to be. ^-^; I just hope it's not too horrible.

Title: Tainted Love
Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist
Song: "Tainted Love" by Marilyn Manson
Subject: Greed x Kimblee <3!

As before, I've uploaded it onto animemusicvideos.org, so you can access it here. If you don't have access to amv.org, I've also uploaded it onto my server and you can fetch it here. Please try the latter link as a last resort. If my bandwidth goes through the roof, I'll have to take it down. ^-^;

But yus...enjoy!!

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(no subject)

I'm curious, when and where does the FMA Dub chat start tonight?
Thanks :3

OOH, and could someone point me to where I can get a hold of the FMA sound files?

FMA Chiclit Ficlet Challenge: Winner!

The winner of the First FMA Chiclit Ficlet Contest is miss_arel for her piece, "Pretty Maids All in a Row," a charming look at life in Riesenbuehl -- particularly Winry -- through Roze's eyes. As promised, miss_arel wins a theme song to her piece and universal acclaim. The theme song is "Love Will Come to You," from the Indigo Girls' Rites of Passage, which she will receive from me if she does not already have it.

Extraordinary mention goes to sockren for his piece, "Healthy Addiction," an unflinching and detailled account of Jane Havoc and Rachel Mustang's torrid relationship. This piece is three times the contest word-limit and truly in a category all its own. A must-read, especially for its overtones of 1950s lesbian potboilers.

Thanks to everyone who submitted! Don't forget, Touka Koukan is now archiving yuri!
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Ed  // me
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The movie

If you know Hagane No Renkinjutsushi the movie? A bad guy name is Huskinson, he is mask on his face in the movie only. People who made himself fan =3 I'm glad to see them. ^_^ Who you are fan of HNR the movie? =3

I drew Huskinon is going crazy in my animation. Hmm.. I can draw something =_=.... I'm HNR the movie fan XDDD!! (Hangane No Renkinjutsushi) Hope you like it >w<;;

Collapse )

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Awwww // Rewritten_Icons

Competition Results

If anybody would like a transcript of the trivia competition that went on tonight, please comment here with your email address, and it will be sent.

While Celira and I messed up a couple questions due to poor planning and not enough time, I understand that it created some new Hamlet crack, and everybody enjoyed themselves. Understand that next time, the competition will be better.

And Vic's side won. But everybody tried hard, and I enjoyed myself, even though I'm not feeling up to par.

To everybody who was a good sport in this, thank you very much. If you have any ideas for next time, please feel free to express them here or on my journal.

Do you think the pairing idea was a good one? I don't think they actually discussed it amongst themselves. Perhaps next time we won't do pairs.

--Sir Riza--

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One without a name

Art request!

I posted this question over at fma_yuri, but I figured there would be more of a chance to find someone interested in drawing this if it was crossposted.

I was roped into writing a Hawkeye/Winry/Schezcka yuri smut fic for icedark_elf's birthday. While writing it, the image of a sexed up Winry in nothing but her nightgown stuck in my head.

I've been told that my art skills are... lacking. So. Are there any artists out there willing to draw it?