February 4th, 2005

Sir Riza // Rewritten_Icons

Art Contest

While most of you who go into the FMA_Dub chatroom on AIM every Saturday have already added Travis (Roy's VA for you newbies), and probably know about the art contest, I just wanted to be sure that everybody knows. I should have done this a week ago to give the new contestants as much time as the others. I apologize.

Anyway, I have completely covered all of the rules for any who missed it in my journal entry. Please click that link if you wish to know. A couple new rules have been added, and others have been adjusted.

Please go there even if you've already looked.

And yes, I made a new LJ, specifically for this community and whatnot. If you want to know why, visit the User-Info. Feel free to spam me with questions there, since that's what the whole bloody thing is for. If you add me there, I will add you back.

X-Posted to fm_alchemist, miniskirt_army, and roys_harem.

--Sir Riza--
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Why go to class when you can make icons!!

Well I haven't really been skipping class much but that was for other reasons. I've been skipping sleep to make icons. I've used a few of them already because I couldn't hold back but there are some brand new ones here too. Hope you like!


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**Edit** tweaked a couple of them by suggestion

Some of these have been x-posted to crack_icons come join us, or at least visit for a while!

Credit not required but it's always nice, just don't claim it to be yours. Comments are always helpful and they make me feel all warm and happy inside.
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Evil Genius

Alchemist Names List - a call for artists who feel exceptionally weird

Well in this thread people used the Alchemist Title Generator to produce both serious and silly names for themsleves.

There was some talk of doing art for these names, and so I present this list to tickle the muse of artists, to inspire, to lead people to greater vistas of creativity . . .or to just get people to draw insane crack.

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Until then I remain . . .
Sniper Mitten Alchemist/Heavenly Silver Alchemist
[seal] I'm an egg

New community!

As requested by YOU, I have created heaven_love, a community dedicated to the love of Hoju/Nina.

Please read the warning in the user info before joining! Since this is a community dedicated to them, their adventures, and who they meet THERE, it'll be full of spoilers!
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MaLoki - Hel Default

Fullmetal Alchemist Game crack!Sketch

I was having *way* too much fun playing the Fullmetal Alchemist PS2 game... I was constantly transmuting things into katanas for Ed to use. And as I was doing that I was singing, "Ka~tana, I want a Ka~TANA!", and driving my friend up a wall. Tee-hee.

Anywho, this inspired me to do a really quick crack!sketch of Ed with a katana. ^_^;;; I also found the dialog in the game hilarious, so that's why you also see "Howitzer" and "Peon" on the side too. Heh.

Ed with a Katana!

Cross posted to my journal as well.
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Just a few things, nothing big.

Animefringe reviews Full Metal Alchemist -- spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen some of the show or manga.
I'd also like to add that this is possibly HughesRoy in mid-life crisis? I think I spot a female R2-D2 in the back Just kidding -any of you guys go to Anime-Expo 2004 dressed in FMA? I don't think I remember seeing any posts referring to this specific con.

I haven't felt the need to post for a while until now, just pretty much letting everyone know I'm alive and I'm also the new mod for this community.
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hxh // kiru // the internet is for it

[Art] Envy sketches. With color scribbled in.

[insert default introduction]

I was bored in class, had a piece of paper, and started doodling. It's a whole page of Envy sketches all squished together...because it's Envy and such.

Everybody loves Envy, right? [wibbles]


( Click cause it's Envy! And then click the image to full-view it. Which is highly recommended. )

Since Envy isn't a black and white character, I decided to give him some color. And since...I don't really like cging and other excuses that you don't need or want to hear...I just scribbled in the color. I couldn't remember the color of his eyes, though, although there are dull purple eyes floating around in my memory.

And...yeah...My Envy is way too effeminate. [grumblegrumble]

Criticism is appreciated. I can't draw anatomy. Just...er...keep in mind that these are little doodles..?
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Fullmetal Alchemist NYC Photoshoot

"Join the crack! Central Park, NYC, May!"

Hey everybody. I would like to announce the plannings of a Fullmetal Alchemist Photoshoot and mini-picnic to be held in NYC’s Central Park in the end of May 2005. The exact date has yet to be determined. This event will be held either on Saturday May 21, or Sunday May 22. A poll will be taken on which day is best.

We would like to try to keep the cast as varied as possible, but all FMA cosplayers are welcomed to come join the fun. Just try to keep the Ed’s and Roy’s to a minimum ^-^; We would LOVE to have a full Military and Homunculus cast, as well as some of the more over looked secondary characters. We’re also in need of volunteer photographers that would like to come as well. We’re always strapped for picture ideas.

If you would like to join us or have any comments, questions or ideas, you can email either essenceofmalice or myself or just reply here. Or you can message me on AIM at ChibiGenkiCloud.

We’ll provide more information as we get closer to the date such as time, exact location and hopefully a complete cast list. Hope to you see there!
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