February 2nd, 2005

Is there a mechanical engineer in the house?

Warning: spoilers in this post for episodes 51.

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But I don't know. So here are the two questions I'm asking.
1) How much electricity does the average human body produce, and what manner of electricity is it? -Question for a bio major.
2) About how much electricity would it take to run a motor sufficiently powerful to accomplish the sort of tasks we see automail routinely accomplish? I mean, we see Ed lift a chimera (which I'd estimate to weigh oh, 500 pounds at the least) with that arm alone, and crush metal in his bare hand. That's a question for a mechanical engineer if you've got one.

[edit] Someone in the comments estimates that Ed displays at least 2,200 watts of force using his arm. This link, kindly provided by Google, estimates that "a sleeping person can produce 81 watts, a soldier standing at ease can produce 121 watts."

I'm seeing a bit of an energy gap here...

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Here's the coloured version of that sketch I posted a couple days ago. I inked it (putting in the little skirt thing they have on their pants that I forgot) but decided I liked the sketch better. So I used it instead, and faked the skirt XD
Let me say now- I have a new hatred for the multiply tool ;-;
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Also let me say that tight chest binding and warm rootbeer do NOT mix. plzkthx.
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Episode 13 party!

In honor of episode 13 and all it's Glory several of my friends are getting together to have an ep 13 party.

Is anyone else planning the same? And if so any good ideas on what to do? We were planning on doing the cookie thing again (the really awesome cookies that were posted from the dub premiere are not mine but I did steal her idea and we made our own later) Also probably planning on playing Broken Angel for quite a while, the dialog in that game is so cracktacular.

What do you think? Mini-skirt contest?

Looking forward to feedback and hopefully other people are inspired to have their own ep 13 parties! I'll post pics if we manage to take any.
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Kagene Rui

Alchemy help?

I may be wrong, but the seven-pointed star signifies planets, among other things. What I want to know is- why?

Also: for math this semester, we're supposed to make up a project about anything as long as we relate it back to math. So...any alchemy suggestions? =D

I got the question about the planets answered ^__^

New question: What does the seven-pointed star have to do with disciples?