January 30th, 2005

Kagene Rui

Because I love you all...

I'm working on scanning the doujinshi Too Little, Too Late. And maybe translate it...

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The larger version is here.

More updates on that later ^^.

**if you've already seen scans/translations of this online, tell me so i don't have to bother >_>"

[Edit] Oops, put the wrong link to the larger version...it's fixed now, so if you want the bigger picture, clicky up there ^__^
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So, I don't think I've ever posted here besides my little introduction post a month or so again but I'm always around, I comment... hehe. Anyways, I decided I'd post up my first attempt at Hagaren fanfiction and see what everyone through. Cheers! ^.^


Title: Keep This Kingdom Free of Hassle
Author: Wiremess
Rating: PG-14
Pairings: AlxWinry, RoyxRiza
Summary: Post-Series Fic.
Diclaimer: I don't own a thing.
Completion: 3/??
A/N: Forgive the randomness you may find and the multiple spelling errors. I write in word so I dont have a spell check option and I can be semi-illiterate at times. Hehe.

(Links to fic...)

Phoenix Wright - Edge

Question about the different Alchemy Seals

I was looking at Fullmetal Alchemist clothing and I came across this: http://lalabitmarket.channel.or.jp/img/300_400_goods/fashion/100060.jpg

I tried to copy and paste the picture in pain to get a better picture of thes seals, but alas I cannot get a clear version.

So what Im asking for is: Does anybody know what these different seals do? And if you have any pictures of them, id love to see some.
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Starting in february, Fullmetal Alchemist shirts will begin being sold at... Hot topic. that's right, hot topic. So says Funimation. Why hot topic and not, say, anime stores? No one knows.

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...Isn't hot topic the store notorious for really badly made goth/punk clothing...?
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  • togekid

Important message:

After watching episode 23, I can draw the conclusion that a Ferrari GT looks a lot better than a Mustang GT.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

And remember to put a flamel on your clothing. :) It's very important.
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