January 29th, 2005

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Blonde vs. Brunette DEATHMATCH (Finni mix)

After seeing this post (spoilers for Fullmetal Alchemist anime until just about the end) by art_de_cerise, I just had to draw them and their outfits in pixelly videogame style. Unfortunately I am horrible at using solids so this took like.... 4 hours to do. Yes.

I plan to make more because those stats were awesome, but no promises until I figure out how to conquer this solids stuff.

( Follow the fake LJ-cut to Round one: FIGHT! )

Enjoy :'3

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Woahkay, here's some things I doodled yesterday while I was grounded and had no access to the computer.
I'm rather proud of these, seeing how the FMA characters rarely seem to want to let me draw them. I also did them without any referances, which is why Scar's or the military outfits might seem off :3
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Don't mind me having no art skills :P

I may have a couple fics to post later on (RoyxRiza and RoyxHughes) if I decide to finish typing them up.
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>_< people suck.

Someone's trying to sell a CD of scanlated FMA manga, vol. 1-11, through Ebay. What do you want to bet it's just the Toriyama's world and anime-source stuff stuck onto a cd? As if that wasn't enough, someone's gone and bid on it. Argh. Some people... It's worse than bootlegging. (And there's a hell of a lot of bootlegging. Every watch isn't the official one, and looks nothing like it. ;_;)


EDIT: What the...? It's listed under Collectibles>Animation Art>Characters>Japanese Anime>Naruto.... O_o

w00t for crack-filled fanfics! :D

Title: For Cat Lovers Everywhere.
Author: Zeppelin/terrierlee
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: AlxKitty/AlxScar(Don't ask)
Summary: Al finds a book on kitties! :D
Diclaimer: I don't own a thing.

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Please note I call Aru many things in this fic. >>;; And I wrote this during my history class, though I came up with the idea while I should of been working. ^_^;;

:Goes off to get ready for Hagaren:
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guessing game?

I bring you two drabbles and a guessing game. rinnychan bribed me with het, so blame her if you need a scapegoat. XD;

pairing: RoyxGlove.
warning: er, R? NC-17? Not worksafe, I'm guessing.

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rinnychan wants you to guess which one of us crazy bints wrote the left glove and which one wrote right glove.
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Drabble request!

I'm not the best of writers, but I absolutely love writing drabbles about incredibly odd pairings. So if you want one written about your OTP, no matter HOW crack-filled it is (I'm serious, I'll write anything,) just comment and I'll post/reply with it. You can specify which if you want.

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