January 28th, 2005

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Erm...Interesting Thought I had whilst watching FMA.

Allo! Salut! First off I'm new here *waves* Nice to finally be a part of this loverly community! I <3 FMA (must have seen teh whole series like...8 times by now...^_^) and have an odd Armor fetish =*w*= ! Anyhoo..now on to the reeeal reason I posted! Me and a friend were wathing FMA U.S. style...twas the episode with Fletcher and Russel <3...and thought...HEY! They should have switched Al and Fletcher's voice actors! My friend was like..."Fletcher's voice sounds older and a bit more like 14", and after further observation, I couldn't help but agree! Although Fletcher's v.a. would have to be a bit more lively I must say...cute voice but no emotion! Gahh this concept is going to haunt me for the rest of the fandom >.
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"Goodnight, Moon" Chapters 1-12

There, I just finished my fic "Goodnight, Moon." It ended at Chapter 12, so if anyone wants to read it, you can follow the links found on my fic directory for it.

Title: Goodnight, Moon
Chapters: 12, but total is actually 16, with all those 0.5 chapters in there.
Author: YoukoFujima
Rating: PG-13 (with some hints of R in some chapters, so I should slap it with an R-rating)
Genre: Yaoi
Pairing: Ed/Al<--Roy

Fic Directory.
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Merchandise at Waldenbooks

I know this was mentioned once before--someone here found FMA collectors cards at Waldenbooks (a sub-branch of Borders, located in the local mall for me). Well, my local Waldens didn't have it at the time that person mentioned it, but they have them now!

And I've bought 7 packs (at $3 a piece T_T at least I have a 10% off card for Waldens...) since yesterday. (Hey, I got paid today, I figured I could spend a little--more--of my paycheck on myself! =D *3 packs yesterday, 4 today*) Ack, I'm rambling.

Anyways, the are $3US a pack, and there's only 3 cards in a pack. They're about the size of standard index cards.

And I scanned a couple of the cards, and the outer picture.

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Ethics in FMA Fanart

Hello everyone! I've been a member of this community for a few weeks now, but this is my first post.

I'm sorry to bring forth a touchy subject such as this as a first post, but I felt it had it be done in the light of a few recent posts. I am not condemning any of the people who made these posts, I'm merely pointing a few things out and asking what the people here think about it.

Recently, the following link to a post was made by one of the mods (billypilgrim) in this community:


Just today, the following post was made:


These posts contain images from quite a popular Japanese artist by the name of Haruka Sena. In the first post, I asked the mod to post a link to the artist's website because originally no credit was given to the artist behind the base used for icons 2. and 3.

The reason I'm making a post to point this out is simply because I feel that the matter of using artists' works for public purposes e.g Icons, livejournal layouts, website layouts, mood icons, etc witout their permission needed to be discussed in a friendly manner.

You don't have the permission of this artist to make public use of their work and I, personally, think that if you want to keep her work in your HD or have a wallpaper in your computer that's perfectly fine. I do, however, think it's unfair to this artist (or any other artist for that matter) to alter their works and then have them on display where people can see them (such as in the instances mentioned above) knowing fully well that on her website - even if you can't understand it - it says clearly that her work is copyrighted and you may not reproduce it in any shape or form under what I believe are Japanese laws of copyright (although I may be wrong about that last bit).

You could argue that it's not doing the artist any damage and that Hagaren is not her property to begin with, and I might be inclined to agree with you. Hagaren's original artwork is also copyrighted and yet I see no problem in using it in any of the public ways mentioned above. I would, however, ask you this:

Would you take (and perhaps alter) and use ART from sakkiarte, ponderosa121, art_de_cerise or, indeed, any of the other great artists that post here without their specific permission?

Art is a personal way of expression and these artists work very hard to make their work and websites unique, so that they can give visitors an original experience when viewing their work. Next time you think about using someone's art just because you don't know them personally or you think they'll never find out, I urge you to think twice. If you were the owner of such art, would YOU be happy people took it, used it and altered it without your permission?

I would like to hear what you guys, artists and non-artist alike, think of this.

Feel free to post away ^_^
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More on fanfic roundrobin

Just an announcement in case some people forgot about being in the fanfic roundrobin XD;;;; And I just randomly decided on a "theme", since otherwise we'll probably never get anything done...so...the theme is "JOURNEYS". There, it's broad enough...

First story (with lukita) will start on 2/7, and then each writer gets two weeks from there ^__^
lukita - Serendipity
laney_y - Occasion
darkazriel - Wager
ravenbell - Shuffle
tressock - Divorce
melts - Burrow
xkesshoux - Indispensible
ladymetaka - Kafkaesque
holly_san - Juxtapose
evilhippo - Lament
riyuen - Route
nzmongoose - Campaign
wabisuke - Marmalade
shido - Effervescent
random_prophet - Ensconce
wiccat - Pique
darkenedsakura - Succulent
hellangelss - Eventuate
arisato - Hydromancy
sekido - Fidelity
sailormac - Oration
tasha_mac - Seven
lost_zeppo - Enervate
lanerose - Respondent
celira - Serpentine
kill_me_faster - Epitaph
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i made the roy mustang wallpaper/ backround what ever u wanna call it!! Thanks to whoever gave me the picture i saw it on Google but didnt think it'd work but it did!! Take a look... it has lots of fire.....

figures its roy!! but yea contact me if u wanna take it or something gunna make a Ed one soon.. hopefully....

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