January 27th, 2005

Need heeelp ;_;

Waaaaah I need help!! I need the lyric of "Tsuki No Uragawa" of the Roy Mustang Song Files because I made the fanlisting of that song ._.U thanks a lot TOT
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Go Go Gan Gan!

So I finally got my hands on a copy of Gan Gan, the manga magazine that carries the FMA manga, at the New York Asahiya.

First impression: Damn, that thing is BIG! It's one of the thickest manga magazines I've ever seen. It's really deserving of the term "phonebook." I did like that it devoted a lot of pages to Hagaren, though, not only with the manga itself but with game previews, movie preview, etc. -- plus some fanart!

But the best thing was the extra that came with it! Inside the pages was a *box* which turned out to contain a chibi Roy keychain! It's adorable! And they're going to be giving away a chibi Ed (a redundancy, I know ~_^) in their next issue.

I usually don't pick up phonebook mangas anymore -- they take up a lot of space, especially when they begin to pile up, and the material is only going to come out in a tankubon eventually anyway -- but this one is definitely worth getting in the future. (If only for the chibi keychains! Wonder if they're going to do the whole cast?)
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[recasted!sins] Cheryll = crossdressing!Roy ?

There was a debate with a friend about Colonel Cheryll Mustang (EDIT: the series' version of Lust) of the recasted!Sins series on whether she looks like crossdressing!Roy or not. I tried to prove my point by drawing a Roy, tracing it, and adding Cheryll's hair and clothes. Sadly I was proven wrong, but at least the images resulting from that still amuse me.

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Looking for an mp3...

Does anyone have a copy of "Kimi ga ita kara" by yeLLOW generation? It was coupled with the single for "Tobira no Mukou he", but I can't find it anywhere. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
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Alchemy and chemistry

A few people have asked me for this, so I thought I should post it here as well. :3 It's a copy of an alchemy experiment I did in my high school chemistry class last semester.

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If you do opt to perform this experiment at home (which you really, really shouldn't unless your dad is like Hoho-papa and has a lab in the house XD), I hold no responsibility for singed cats, burned drapery, rooms filled with toxic vapors, burns, disgruntled parents, or other misfortunes. >>;
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Roy x Ed Fic "Hands Clean::Supposed Crimes"

Important stuff: Fullmetal Alchemist Fic, Roy X Ed and that means yaoi, Rated R mostly to cover my own tush, written by me: Tenshi no Korin, OMG my gay is pastede on yay, The Surgeon General has stated that letting Roy try and light your cigarettes while they are in your mouth may be hazardous to your health, don't try this at home, etc, etc.

contains some spoilers for Roy's past.

xposted to my tenshi_no_korin journal.

I bought my lj cut in hong kong, it's probably a bootleg.

Hands Clean:: Supposed Crimes
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I need to get more sleep...

It's really annoying that the time I draw the best is between Midnight and 3 AM. And if I don't draw something, I wake up in the middle of the night with my fingers fiddling for a pencil. Or I don't get to sleep at all.

It is very inconvenient.

Anyway, here's what I did last night (it didn't scan very well):

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All I really have to say about this one is "Kiss me, Ed. Kiss me NOW."
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Royal -->RoyAl

Some day during this week, I was walked by a poster that said "Royal Art Lodge," and I nearly crashed into a stop signal pole.


I guess no one got it. I didn't either, until my subconscious mind began to rear its ugly, perverted head.

"Royal Art"

"RoyAl Art"

"RoyxAl Art"

And what have I been smokin'? XD

Don't ask me how I got that out of "Royal". I'm a bit disturbed myself. And the mental images that ensued didn't help all that much either.

Have you ever had these crack FMA thoughts out of knowhere? As random as this? I'm sure I had more, but just slipped me.
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One Million Candle Power. A GreedxKimblee cartoon.

And don't ask about the title, because it's way too random to be explained.
Warning: This has a lot of swearing, mild yaoi undertones (becoming severe in a few strips coming up later... >_>), and is waay too cute for its own good. If you are offended by, do not like, or flat out hate (etc etc) any of those, do not click the link below. I don't feel like hearing nagging. (Just had to say that to cover my butt.)

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